Based on the animated film "New Year's Journey" in 1964, the Moscow publishing house "Bureau of Propaganda of Soviet Cinema" in the series "Film-Tale" published the same book by L. Arkadiev and I. Bolgarin. The book is illustrated by artists I. Znamensky and P. Nosov. The circulation of the book is 500 000 copies.

In the animation there is one error: when Kolya is in Antarctica, the sky above it is dark. But in the New Year in Antarctica there is a polar day and south of the 67th parallel at this time, the sun does not set at all.

In 1962 the studio "Filmstrip" released the film "New Year's Journey".

In 1991, the animation was released in the cartoon collection "The New Year's Eve celebration" on VHS videocassettes by the cinema association "Close-up".

In the 2000s, the animation film was part of a cartoon collection on DVD: "The New Year's Eve Party", the distributor of "The Big Plan" (2004).