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  • mBrow29 March 2013
    The Booty Hunter, on The Movie Channel, morning 7-March-2013, was a terrible issue of cable soft-porn. Maybe TMC is trying to lower the bar. Though the plot was the usual lightweight fare, the acting was weak and the actresses were far below the beauty level seen in the films from Marc Greene, the Bikini series, and similar major soft-porn studios. There is the usual load of sex: MF, FF, & MFF, with a string of plot to hold together the story.

    The lighting and sets looked fair, and sound was decent, but the severe pulchritude deficit diminished my interest, and I saw no value in watching more than a speedy Fast Forward of my recording.

    Then the sparse credits at the end were a joke, only listing six actors, a producer, editor, director, and the notice "Brought to You by The Good Folks at Eros Filmz." No other personnel were listed in the credits, at start or finish. No copyright notice or date was shown either, though the required "18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75 Compliance Statement ended the movie.

    Don't waste your time!