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  • Evan Stone returns after the cliff-hanger ending of James Avalon's "Exchange Student 3" with a redeeming performance in this saga of male menopause.

    I was delighted to see Tiffany Doll in the lead role, imported to Chatsworth for a rare U.S. appearance, while performing so well in many a British or French production. She does a fine job, clearly enjoying the opportunity to play a baddie for a change.

    She seduces both daddy figures in the show, Evan Stone who foolishly succumbs even though his marriage was ruined by humping import Angell Summers in Episode 3, as well as Evan's buddy Alec Knight, who is putting him up at his home now that Stone has been thrown out of his own house.

    Dana DeArmond gives a delightful, lip-smacking performance as Knight's sarcastic wife, as Avalon uses her vaunted quirkiness and offbeat line delivery to best advantage. Despite the 2 and a half hour running time, it's a 4-character chamber drama with no extras or supporting cast at all.

    Work of a true craftsman, who just happened to become a porn director when clearly he has mainstream abilities, movie ends with title reading "Fin", the French way.