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  • Starship Apocalypse attempts to be a part of a low budget rip-off of the Star Wars trilogy. It is the sequel of Starship: Rising, which currently has an IMDb rating of 2.1. This is not a good sign.

    The plot is a mish-mosh of pieces taken from other movies. The evil emperor in a black robe wants to turn everyone into mindless zombies by infecting them with an evil virus and of course the noble rebel alliance tries to stop him.

    The production values remind me of nothing so much as a Star Trek fan video made using little but green screen and CGI. The props and costumes are adequate. The acting was hardly stellar.

    Their failing is the confusing, chaotic script. If the authors had a clear and imaginative vision. Unfortunately the whole movie rather resembled the confused, hemming and hawing reflection by the star at the beginning. It mumbled without ever really saying anything.

    I rated this movie as a three and I will always rate any movie that is science fiction as a good point higher than if it were another genre just because I like Science Fiction.
  • That about summarized what's going on in the two movies, I still can't believe I sat through 4 hours of it.

    The movies started without any sort of set up at all, you only know people are fighting people, just not who and why. It's only till the end you sorta figure out the premises. Then for the next 4 hours, it's just a collection of seemingly disconnected short scenes, making you thinking "wait, what?" and "what the heck just happened?". Two people would meet suspicious and dislike each other, and 5 minutes later they are all over each other like their lips are made of super magnets.

    The acting is not the worst, but not much better. Effects are pretty laughable, but for a low budget movie I suppose it's passable. The props and ship design are straight from the 50's, despite the technology is supposedly able to destroy planets with a single missile. And I couldn't help but to laugh out loud when I see what they used for safety goggles.

    I guess if you are really bored and have absolutely nothing else to do, you can watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the sequel to the equally bad "Starship Rising" which gives us a few flashbacks to the film so luckily we don't have to watch it again. It seems the Vader styled Overseer wants to infect humanity with the same mutant virus he was so he can control them. John Worthy (Darren Jacobs) wants to stop him and has the help of a robot and friends. He commands a ship whose controls are holograms which he really doesn't touch, he just barks orders at it. The plot combines STAR WARS with PROMETHEUS in a very bad way with a lack of dialogue and acting.

    The film attempts to have a message at the end, I can't imagine anyone else making it that far. Good for one punch on the hacker card if you do.

    Guide: shouted F-bombs. No sex or nudity. Rajia Baroudi high beams
  • movius3 February 2018
    Some people need to pay more attention to the matter of which films are intended to be taken seriously, and which films are not. This one is just a ton of fun and many great laughs if you simply get the popcorn, relax and kick back. For what it's intended to be it's really quite good.