Background music of Aitbaar was used in the film.

Sangeeta Naik regretted signing the film, even calling it "C Grade". She said it was due to her revealing scenes that she got more C grade offers to reveal in other films.

The film ended up being a surprise hit. The media gave the credit to Sangeeta Naik. This angered Suresh to no end. He felt it was his performance that was holding the audiences attention in the film. Suresh challenged any actor in the film industry to give a performance on the level that he did . Suresh's argument was that if Sangeeta's sex appeal was like Bo Derek he would understand the audience coming in again and again. But to say that Sangeeta was the main the reason the film was a hit was wrong.

Poroducer A.V.Mohan wanted Om Puri for the film but later signed Suresh Oberoi.