Raj Kiran replaced Raj Babbar in the film.

The song "Tu Kya Cheez Hain " from Champion was sampled from the song "Mere Aankhein Wich" from Sardar (1983).

The film was launched in 1980 after Karz. Raj Kiran was signed as he was riding high after Karz. He kept insisting a big heroine be signed opposite him. Reena Roy and Poonam Dhillon were the names he was pushing for . The producer Tejnath Zar threw Raj Kiran out of the film. Raj Kiran stated the story was false as he was already working with Kim in Bulundi. Raj Kiran had just signed O P Ralhan's Pyaas and was thrown out of that film as well. Ralhan was best friends with Tejnath and threw Raj Kiran out of the film due to his loyalty to Tejnath.. After a few months, Tejnath forgave Raj and brought him back into Sardaar. But O P Ralhan refused to take Raj Kiran back. There was a a story doing the rounds that Rishi tried helping Raj Kiran get back into Pyaas. Rishi told Ralhan that Raj Kiran was young and immature. Raj Kiran had a good heart he just was misguided. Raj was running his mouth because he did not know any better. Rishi told Ralhan that Raj Kiran stated that he only signed the film to work opposite Zeenat Aman. He did not care for O P Ralhan as a film maker. This made Raj Kiran's case worse and made Ralhan even more angry. Raj Kiran was replaced by Kanwaljit in Pyaas.