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  • I saw this film at it's Canadian premiere at the Montreal World Film festival, not knowing very much about it other than it was only one of five Canadian films at the festival. I came out of the theatre with a smile on my face and some watery eyes.

    The story was a very raw, genuine, and real account of the differences three brothers must overcome and sort out, as they hike a trail in order to receive their inheritance after their parents passed away. There was a stipulation in the will stating they all must go on the hike together, or none of them will receive any money. Much to the dismay of their older brother Dan (Phillip Thomas), Tyler (Spencer Foley) and Jordan (Aren Buchholz) and Dan end up on a journey filled with reminiscing and jabs through a beautiful temperate rainforest, led by a tour-guide they hired in town-played hilariously by Terry Field.

    The cinematography in this film is stunning. The hiking sequences show the vastness of the greenest and most lush forest I've ever seen. The soundtrack and score also perfectly enhanced the tone and feel of the film. It's definitely a film to give you goosebumps by the time it ends.

    This is a movie that I feel everyone can relate to in some way or another, and maybe make you evaluate your own relationships in your own life. Hope these young actors and filmmakers make another film soon.
  • brittney-b27 September 2014
    Just seen this film at the Calgary International Film Festival and WOW just in awe. This film has got to be the best I've seen in a very long time. It got me laughing, crying and heck it gave me goosebumps all over my body. I loved the fact that it was all filmed in our beautiful country and I even recognize a couple spots that I myself have visited. It was raw and just felt so much emotion. I will be recommended it to everyone I know! Amazing acting & writing & producing and all the other stuff that goes along with making, filming and releasing a masterpiece of a film. Good job guys! I really hope it gets distributed so everyone can get the chance to see the incredibleness of it all and so I can watch it again, he he.