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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Elexis Monroe, but this stab at directing is a very lousy effort. Even the title (as well as its fake tag line) is misleading, unethical marketing by Girlfriends Films.

    There's only one mommy here, in the overabundant (and overage) form of Cala Craves, whose character is her more familiar name Cindy but Girlfriends elected to credit the actress as Cala Craves after using her Cindy moniker on screen in dozens of earlier releases. Once I straightened out this lapse of consistency, I was stuck with over 2 and a half hours of poorly acted and mindlessly conceived (by writer- director Elexis) nonsense.

    Cindy and her two nubile daughters travel to a big city (a night drive montage failed to identify the location, perhaps Las Vegas or more likely just L.A.), where our Earth Mother contacts an old acquaintance Veronica Avluv. She's taking advantage of Avluv's contacts in the world of lesbian escorts, and for a couple of minutes the show stands as a forerunner of Gamma's big-deal miniseries (one I didn't care for) "The Business of Women" that Girlfriends distributed for the Canadian outfit in 2015.

    But old friends in a Lesbian Video means Sapphic rekindling is on deck, and the two busty actresses intertwine for an endless scene, punctuated only by Avluv's inevitable squirt when fingered - closer to a real- looking female secretion than the usual Veronica fountain of urine (or Poland Spring water stored up in her nether region) fans have come to expect.


    Instead of another mommy sauntering onto the set (Avluv can hardly be considered such in her business-like guest shot) what transpires is a criminal brood with mean old taskmaster Cindy pushing around her jail- bait kids Ashlynn Leigh and Chastity Lynn, who along with mom are con- ladies stealing their female marks blind after having sex with them. Lynn's acting is the best of this show, as she shyly impersonates a virgin (she'd made over 100 Adult features prior to this one) for kinky client Dana DeArmond. Dana being kinky is ho-hum given her previous (asn subsequent) far-out roles, and Elexis the auteur unforgivably teases the loyal viewer by ending the scene with Dana about to deflower Chastity's anus but having second thoughts and promising to do it "next time". Such a baiting sequilitis move is unconscionable, and we're damn lucky Girlfriends never made a sequel.

    Leigh, who has a baby-fat unusual body type for her underage role, is okay but hardly in a league with the otherwise superstar cast. My favorite was Roxanne Hall, reduced to lesser assignments at the end of her illustrious career, but at least bringing some gravitas to the role of a cougar hoodwinked by our scammers.

    Cheap plugs for the company include frequent mention of Thornhill (fictional location for the Girlfriends Films universe) as Cindy's ultimate destination for her brood, and even Ashlynn mentioning Net Skirts website as a Thornhill website she consults, connecting with that on-going hit series from Girlfriends.

    The incest theme here is muddled by Elexis, who has Ashlynn talking to Lynn at one point say "your father", from which I could infer that the have two different daddies ("Two Daddies" would have been a video title that could have been honest and cleared up that step issue), but otherwise their sex scene together can be taken as the real deal. Improvised dialog is poor throughout, from the usual incest genre crap like "Mommy's so proud", to the final line in a note that ingrate Cindy leaves for her betrayed benefactor Veronica: "Sorry but we got to do what we got to do". Sounds like Elexis Monroe copping out.