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  • I'm somewhat speechless with this soundtrack video for Luca Guadagnino's film "Bones and All" with the duo Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross presenting a magnificent soft ballad that echoes sentiments from the main characters, the cannibal couple Lee and Maren (Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell). The film director selected clips from his film and also some bits that didn't make into the final cut, but rather than picking all the highlights from the movie he composes this video by only using moments of love and peace between the couple and some solitary moments of theirs or the emptiness and loneliness of the small towns they cross during their journey.

    Images and sound are a perfect match here and this is a winner clip by all accounts. Hands down the best soundtrack video in recent years, it shows true excellence not only in the selected images which resonates a feeling of peace and quiet just like those characters try to achieve whenever they are in each other's company, but also the melancholy brought on by the sound of Reznor & Ross. It's a fell-good moment from everybody involved. On the flip side, for those who haven't seen "Bones and All" it might be a deceit of sorts because the film is also a horror film about cannibalism and it goes a little further than just a romantic couple having a good time with each other. There's a lot more going on and it's all great, one of the best experiences I've seen in recent years, Timmy nailed it again.

    As said it will look something completely when you watch the movie and the basis presented here it gives the feeling of seeing a non-official film trailer so, to this one you gotta have an open mind. But if you had seen the movie (and liked it) then you'll fall in love with this short. It's beautiful all the way, very unique. 10/10.