Sivagami: My word is my regime!

Sivagami: A warrior can become HERO by killing ten people in a battlefield

Sivagami: But by saving one life, a warrior becomes the GOD

Kattappa: Devasena! There's still time for the 3rd shift watchers to join. Let me free you from here, Please agree.

Kattappa: I am pleading here and why are you still collecting those trash of sticks?

[Devasena turns to Kattappa in anger]

Devasena: Do you think I am mad to collect this trash of sticks,Kattappa? I am arranging death-bed for that Bhallaladeva. My son will come. He will kill Bhallaladeva.

Bhalladeva: You, waiting to see him at-least once before you die, I, passionately waiting to kill him once again with these hands, both of these are unfulfillable wishes.

Baahubhali: When I become the king, you would be my Army Chief.

Devasena: Maahishmati, breathe peacefully. My son has come! Baahubali has returned!

Sivagami: If you kill a hundred men you will be called a great warrior, but if you save one life, you will be called God!

Sivagami: The merits of a King are evaluated not by the number of enemies he has killed but by the number of his own people he has saved. During the battle Bhallaladeva's focus was only in vanquishing the enemy. Baahubali, while killing the enemy also managed to save his subjects. That is the difference between a soldier and a king.