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  • I was eagerly waiting for this film and I was not disappointed.

    Baahubali is one of the most visually impressive films that have come from India. Everything about this film is good - Story, direction, beautiful cinematography, haunting score and amazing visuals (though they lack some details at some places).

    I didn't know who Rajamouli was, basically because I am from North India and I don't follow south Indian cinema. But I am sure he is someone you should know about. SS Rajamouli is amazing. He has made something that we can be proud of. I was sure that the VFX would be good however I had a doubt about the story. Rajamouli proved me wrong with this film. The story and the execution is really good. Story takes elements from Indian mythologies (specially from the life of Lord Krishna) . You can not expect more. He took a big risk and made it big. This is what we need, good quality cinema. Salman fans should learn something from it.

    All the actors are good and perform their part really well(except Tamanna. She tries too hard but fails miserably). In fact, Tamanna has been used as a plot device (A MacGuffin as Alfred Hitchcock used to call it). Prabhas is okay in the beginning but transforms into a behemoth during the second half. This guy is a natural. He doesn't act exceptionaly but his presence is enough to give you the feels.

    The background score needs special mention because it is amazing. It is different from anything you have ever heard in India. The score that plays during war is haunting. (Clearly inspired from the LotR)

    I would be lying if I didn't say that Rajamouli spent a lot of time watching The Lord of The Rings. Yes, some scenes will remind you of 300 and the Lord of The Rings but believe me it is completely different. He doesn't copy anything, he uses it as a source of inspiration. There is only one scene that I remember from LotR which has been used in Baahubali. But denying that he was influenced by Peter Jackson would be a big lie. Its a great thing that he was influenced by such a great film otherwise we wouldn't have Baahubali.

    The quality of graphics work is very good. In fact its insane for such a cheap price given that Hollywood uses big budget for the same. The battle sequence is SPECTACULAR and reminded me of Battle of Helm's Deep and Pelennor fields from LotR.

    But the movie is not without some minor problems. There are unnecessary songs which ruin the experience (I laughed so hard when Prabhas started dancing randomly. Everyone was looking at me.) and some parts are dragged (specially the first half) . Also there are continuity problems and some actors are over-the-top. Cut down the songs and edit the movie and voilà we will have a SPECTACULAR film.

    Baahubali is not the answer to 300, Gladiator or The Lord of The Rings because saying so would be foolish. Don't compare this movie to the Hollywood ones because we still have a long way to go. It's not the Indian 300, its Indian "Baahubali".

    So in the end, I would like to say - Go and watch it instead of watching the crap that Bollywood has been producing lately. Its something to be proud of. Book your tickets and watch this Indian grand spectacle. You wont regret it. P.S: I want to see Rajamouli doing "Mahabharata" next.
  • I'm a big fan of Rajamouli, but this is not a biased review. The rating I gave is not just for Rajamouli but the entire unit of Baahubali. Right from the story which reminded me of all the beautiful Indian stories that were part of my childhood,(I'm getting back to reading Amar Chitra Katha now!!!) to every guy who says "Baahubali" in the movie. There were several scenes that gave me goosebumps, not scary ones but like those that put you in awe.

    It should just get better from here for Indian Cinema. This should be the benchmark for story telling, direction, script, visuals, sets, screenplay etc.(but not for acting!!!)

    The story keeps you hooked to the movie. I wouldn't say too many good things about the movie as they may contain spoilers. But I could compare the movie to a good mythological comic that you would like to read again and again.(So I'm watching the movie again tomorrow!!!)

    But I would like to mention why I reduced the two stars 1. The make up was not at all good. Especially Anushka's

    2. The costumes could be better, probably more realistic(if you compare costumes in Troy or even Hercules, they were more relevant)

    3. At times people in the background were not true to the scene, my concentration was distracted due to some idiots who didn't match the scene. A few villagers, few priests, few classical dancers, few tribal guys. The Kalakeya warriors were amazing though.

    4. WHO THE HELL CHOSE TO PUT AN ITEM SONG. There were many uufffs in the theatre at that time. How the hell did probably an eastern European end up in that.

    5. There were a few glitches in the VFX, like whenever the hero is jumping around... it made it look unnatural. That's poor graphics. I'm not an expert on this but few of those jumping sequences could be avoided. You don't see them in Hollywood mythological except for superhero movies which are more convincing.

    But not too many complaints about that as I understand there are certain budget constraints for VFX but Makeup, there is no excuse for that.

    All said and done, it was a fantastic movie and worth the wait and ends with a nice climax which keeps you guessing the 2nd half story.

    My favourite characters were Sivagami and Kattappa. I am in love with Ramya Krishna again. I'm watching it again tomorrow.
  • If a person is bit of into movies, I am sure that person heard about Baahubali couple of years back. It took almost four years to complete the first part. Hero Prabhas had completely dedicated his time to this movie and no movie after his super successful movie Mirchi. Same is true from S.S Rajamouly, after his last non-conventional movie Eega. So obviously there are high expectations.

    I was eagerly waiting for this movie and within no time I booked the tickets and went with my family. The results are out now, history books are being rewritten. An excellent movie, every frame is a mega scale. I couldn't remember a single scene which I felt bored. This movie will redefine Indian movie standards. Nothing less than The Lord of the Rings or in fact, can easily compete with any Hollywood movie.

    Each and every character superbly framed. Every actor has done a decent job and Prabhas and Raana are over the sky, earned more than 100% credit. Can't wait for part 2.

    Overall It's a superb visual treat.
  • 3 years of sheer hard-work of many people who have worked their hearts out for this Visual Wonder has paid off well? Not exactly though, since the answer is simple and straight, you just have to wait for the 'Conclusion' till 2016 and that would decide the fate of this franchise on a whole. The story is paced slowly in the first half giving way and screen space to our Mother Nature's beauty and CGI's magic and one might find it a little too draggy if one considers 'Baahubali' to solely be a hero and since that's not possible, Shivudu has a love life and heroic nature and scenes of his own.Abrupt cuts and unconvincing CGI at certain places in first half are the only flaws with the whole film. Coming to the second half, one is told what he'd expect to be told, as the trailer tells the same. War sequences are really well shot and makes it hard to believe that they were actually made by Indians! One has to just bow down to Srinivas Mohan and his team for excellent CGI and Senthil Kumar for superb visuals. Our captain gives us a bang, as his trademark style known as 'Interval Bang' only at the end this time because technically this movies' end is the interval for the 2 parts taken as a whole. Art work in this Epic is just out of the world, kudos to Sabu Cyril sir and thousands of technicians who worked on this aspect.BGM is soothing for the first half which is apt for what we get on screen and the second half war episodes get the best of the lot BGMs to elevate the scenes. Songs are places really well except for 'Manohari' song.Dolby Atmos effect is an added attraction and I highly recommend people to watch this flick in theatres with this specific sound system, it will surely remain as a great experience for you. The sound effects are haunting, pleasing and give you goosebumps at the same time. Anushka had an extended cameo but did perform commendably well, special applause to her expressions. Special mention to Ramya Krishna madame, she was at her best! Katappa will blow your mind with his characteristics and Sathya Raj Sir does 100% justice to it. Though Prabhas and Rana Daggubati did well only their attitude in their respective roles stands out as the best because more of them is yet to come in the sequel. All you need to do is to watch the movie as it comes because expectations lead to disappointment. If you miss this movie, you've just lost a once in life-time 'Indian' movie experience on a big screen.
  • I would simply say.. Get away from anyone giving review. Go and watch this movie. You will be surprised by it. Not everyday are we going to get movies like this. Don't keep high expectations about the movie, unless you have seen previous Rajamouli films ;) (like Magadheera, Eega). I would definitely say watch on bigger screens like imax or xd. Background score is simply awesome and as usual rajamouli makes best use of the music for his sets.

    Visuals are good. All characters did their part. Cannot name anyone particularly. I liked the main character most. I will be watching the movie at least two more times :). Hope y'all njoy it.
  • Great cinematography with concept and story in it . Nice directorial work by S. S. Rajamouli and the budget reflects in a heavy content of the film . I thoroughly enjoyed the paid preview . Its a first real tribute from film industry to the greatest epics of all time "The Mahabharata" .

    Luring action sequence and VFX and one of the nicest delivered again from south .

    Making bollywood look bad again in India , its absolutely not catching up with the southern films .

    I am a north Indian and not a great fan of south but they really making bollywood run for its money spree .

    First I then Kanchana 2 and now the mighty Bahubali .

    Story - 9/10 Acting - 8/10 Visuals - 10/10

    Overall 9/10
  • I have to say one thing before I say anything about this movie. This is my first review in IMDb. I have created the account today to rate this movie so that I can say to the world that this is our Indian - Hollywood movie. Baahubali is an Indian movie but the standards are equal to Hollywood. I am really surprised by watching Baahubali. I am not rating this movie according to visual effects, actors, music nor even story. I am rating this movie by considering all the things. I am eagerly waiting for the second part now.

    Please do not add this movie into South Indian movie list. It is an Indian movie that stands on the top of the list. According to the story line everybody did their job well. I have to appreciate Rajamouli for his daring and dashing guts for doing a project like this one. He has set a new trend by directing this movie.
  • The SS Rajamouli's Bãhubali (The Beginning) INDIA'S BIGGEST MOTION PICTURE' got it's release in cinemas today. It is already released overseas on 9th of July and is even praised by the public. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamanna Bhatia the shining stars of Tamil & Telgu movies are the lead casts of this release. Ace director SS Rajamouli is getting appraisals for his mesmerizing envision & the execution which he has tried to bring to his audience! MM keervani's music, KK Senthil's camera handling, editing innovation by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. Rama Rajamouli's costumes added the VFX by V Srinivas Mohan has dragged every inch of attention of the viewers. It is surely going to be jaw- dropping for the ones who haven't caught the sight of the so called Baahubali yet.

    The story is based on Prabhas as Shivudu raised on tribal standards who fell by fate for Tamanna as Avanthika in the movie. Shivudu (Prabhas) is born with some skeptical & amaze worthy skills since his birth & joins hand with Avanthika's (Tamanna) tribe to deliver help to Anushka Shetty as Devasena in the movie in order to remove shelter from a crisis. It is when Shivudu enters the grand Mahishmati kingdom he realises about his past & the tale takes many surprising twists & turns. The movie is said to be a M-A-S-T-E-R-P- I-E-C-E filled with the epic- marvellous graphics. First half is mainly loved for #tamannaspeaks & the enigmetic beauty she has displayed over screen.

    The war scenes just leave you stunned & will make you wonder that you're witnessing Hollywood theatre in your own language! This shows that Indian cinematography has come out of its leap and it setting benchmark worldwide! Some called it rave but most of them who have watched it are calling it awe-inspiring & fancier than their imaginative thought. Those who haven't watched it yet must go and encounter this top notch & avail the ENTERTAINMENT from this applaudable flick.
  • Just watched it and feeling spectacular, really the entire team worked very hard and result is visible in the movie. S.S.Rajamouli congrats to you and your team. There are some minor VFX error like jumping over the buildings etc., which appeared unnatural i hope they are rectified in part-2. I heard someone saying about item song, but it seemed to me like part of plan by the hero and it is apt .

    Anushka makeup should have been better, Prabhas and Rana have done justice with their body and action.Not to be forget Ramya Krishna is terrific in her role as Satya Raj in his.The background score is terrific.Resemble 300 and Lord of the rings series, i would say this type of story line will definitely have similarity and which ever comes first will be praised. there are many goose-bumping moments. i enjoyed it through out the time.
  • Floored by the technical excellence and Visual effects. Standing ovation to the creator Rajamouli. Must watch movie and the best Indian movie till date. RamyaKrishna, Sathyaraj, Prabhas and Rana at their best. Eagerly waiting for Part 2. Background score is a plus for the movie. Art department, Cinematography, Stunts are the best technical departments to this film besides Visual Effects. In par with Hollywood style of making with no compromise on the quality. Costliest movie ever made in India. War Sequence, Idol erection are the best scenes to ever watch. Visuals of Waterfall, Kingdom are some of the magnificent brilliance to experience. Perfect movie to experience in Dolby ATMOS sound.
  • To be portrayed as the biggest Indian spectacle till date is a heavy accolade to hold, let alone achieve. And baahubali is definitely not up to the mark.

    Let's look at the movie objectively:

    1) Starting with the most talked about aspect of the movie VFX/CGI. The CGI is so over the top that it felt like a badly edited video game at times. For instance, the scene in which Baahubali is running away from the guards in the fort.

    Loud and showy landscapes can not be termed as spectacular CGI. It should merge seamlessly with the movie and CGI stands out like a sore thumb in this one.

    2)Acting: Its loud and crass to say the least. The reactions of all characters after every dialogue reminds a bit of the daily soaps.

    3)StoryLine: Its old and repetitive from a 1000 other movies of the same genre. A messiah who comes to save the day. Yes, that's never been done before in Indian cinema.

    However, despite all the above points Baahubali puts in a valiant effort. But to compare it to the likes of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit with the sheer depth of Tolkien's work is sacrilege. No where near that league.

    Only recommended for the faithful.

    Rating: 2/5
  • I've seen most of the Bollywood movies and have also watched Tamil movies that have been dubbed in Hindi. But not anyone of them even comes near to this movie in terms of the visual effects. This movie has set a benchmark for many or the Indian directors who make movies with high budgets like the RAONE and Dhoom 3. I've never seen such an awesome war scene ever in any of the Hollywood movies even. That scene is a treat for our eyes and our mind.

    Bahubali:the beginning is truly the beginning of new and the real Indian cinema as a lot of such movies are on their way. I am eagerly waiting for Bahubali: the conclusion and I am sure that it will break many records of the Hollywood.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Blockbuster! !!climax is absolute interval!! what a movie man.. As it turns out, it is everything I expected it to be -- mega, ingenious and envelope pushing. There's never a dull moment in this 160-minutes long epic fantasy about a lost prince, rebellion, revenge, rivalry and a shocking betrayal to seize the throne. Be it the snow-clad mountains, palatial sets or stark battleground infested with CGI-enhanced cavalry and infantry, Bahubali is magnificent to look at (take a bow, cinematography-K K Senthil Kumar, production design-Sabu Cyril).The first part of the epic leaves behind dollops of rip-roaring entertainment to relish till it's back to finish what it started in perhaps even more jaw-dropping manner. Rajamouli incites such confidence.
  • I was fascinated by the rave reviews for the two Baahubali movies so I decided to give them both a try. (Any movie scoring 8 or above on IMDb has a solid chance of being a winner.)

    What I have learned is that IMDb scoring is subject to the social media phenomenon of being skewed by an ardent fan base. In the case of Baahubali, the movie has been a huge hit in an isolated market, continental India. A billion Indians can't be wrong, but they sure can skew an IMDb rating when they vote as a bloc.

    While Baahubali is astounding audiences in its native homeland (there are some great articles about the movie's importance to the industry and to the North and South regions of the country), American audiences with their highly sophisticated expectations will most likely agree with me that the overall result is an immature, incredibly predictable, poorly executed, soap opera that does not merit its hype or its two-part 5 and half hour running time.

    MY OBSERVATIONS: Baahubali's story is intriguing as it presents to us a legendary super hero who appears to come from a rich and ancient history/lore. The source material is every bit as promising as heroes from Western culture (Samson, Superman, Hercules, etc.). However, the execution of the story turns great drama (love, family, betrayal, support from the gods, fall from grace) into a soap opera complete with cheesy reaction shots accompanied by shock music more appropriate for 1970s TV sitcoms with their spit takes and laugh tracks.

    The highly applauded visual effects are mediocre by American standards. Other reviewers have detailed these issues adequately so I will only add my support to their criticisms.

    The acting is hit or miss. Some scenes come across powerfully (love scenes, for example) while others (like those in the royal court) remind us of American TV sitcoms from the 1970s.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you are calibrated to fine cinema, are looking for a good epic, and are considering Baahubali, then do some research and enter into the viewing prepared to walk away. I, for one, wish I could get my 5 and half hours back.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bahubali - A Maha Mega mixture of a PS3 video game with Karan Arjun and prince of Persia and avatar and god knows how many more inspired Hollywood flicks all mixed into a cocktail of lavish wasted huge sets straight out of Amar Chitra Katha comic turned into a mega headache epic of melodrama and excessive ear shattering band Baaja drums blasting to create a Mahabharat like war zone of bygone era somewhere in Indian soil near a giant waterfall. If the impression was to create a magnum opus then it appears it did create for some 35 percent of the of the time..the story was basically clueless how to fit in along with dancing acrobatic songs. Rocks being torn literally into a sledge to avoid an avalanche and taking bull by its horns literally were seriously ridiculous work of a genius suffering from delusions of grandeur. Scary eyed mother of Karan Arjun aka Bahu Bali shouting about Shassan will scare me in my dreams for a month at least. Nice effort all in all to show me just the beginning and making me speculate how this mega conclusion will happen in 2016. Till then i will just have sleeping pills to cure my insomnia.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the ancient Kingdom of Mahishmati in India, Sivagami, the queen (Ramya Krishnan), emerges from a cave adjoining a big waterfall, carrying a baby. She kills the soldiers pursuing her and sacrifices herself to save the baby. Local tribal communities save the baby and tribal queen adopts him. She also gives him name 'Shiva'.

    Shiva (Prabhas) grows up to be a strong young man aspiring to hike the mountain and makes many unsuccessful attempts at it. He then finds a mask of a girl which falls from the waterfall. Driven to find out the identity of the girl, he climbs the mountain again and succeeds this time.

    On top of the waterfall, Shiva discovers that the mask belongs to Avanthika (Tamannaah), a rebellious warrior whose group has indulged in a guerilla warfare against king Bhallala Deva / Pallvalathevan (Rana Daggubati) of the Mahishmati Kingdom. The group intends to rescue their former queen Devasena (Anushka Shetty) who has been chained in the kingdom for the past 25 years. Avanthika is given the opportunity to rescue the queen.
  • Fight scenes copied from Hercules. The main gist of the film copied from Game of Thrones. I'm still trying to understand as to why a "copy" would cost so much. Some scenes are commendable, like the cliff hanging scene from MI-2, or the baby holding scene over water (most probably from Apocalypto). Nevertheless, the first half of the movie is utter crap and boring. The story does not really make sense as this guy wants to climb that waterfall mountain and thats it. But, hang on, there's actually a kingdom up there and people are being tortured as well (some work for the hero, after all)...!!!!!!!!!!! The best part of this film is, it lets you watch many movies/series without having to watch them all. Just watch this one and you're done. Still reeling because of the amount of $$$ spent for this. Definitely 1/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all I want to say truthfully that after watching this movie my brain was numb for a few minutes and after some time when the shellshock was over I started thinking of all the nonsense I witnessed in this movie and how I wasted my time watching this mess of a movie because my friends said that it was good and so I watched the movie little knowing I will be causing myself a migraine after two hours.Even though the movie somehow got good reviews I was wondering did no one see the foul play done in this movie. This movie has no logic whatsoever but still I was surprised by the fact that how many scenes of this movie are "COPIED" from other movies not only from Hollywood movies but also from other foreign movies and the director even didn't have shame to even not copy from games.Thats right many scenes were also copied from games I remember one scene which was literally copied from God of war game and that is one of the example in the amount of copying shown by the director.The CGI is completely waste but even then if they would have more concentrated on the story than on bland CGI this movie would have been appreciated even more by other countries.This is the reason why this movie became flop in many other parts of Asia and scored money less.
  • loga260417 May 2016
    Why is the rating for this movie 8.6.

    I really do not understand.

    I know Indians are patriotic and all, but there is a difference between patriotism and delusion.

    This movie seemed more like a parody than an actual movie. Many of the scenes were absolutely laughable. Like seriously. Absolutely cringeworthy. Some of the things in the movie makes no sense whatsoever. The guy has superhuman capabilities. The heroine in this movie has nothing to offer except bad acting and good looks.

    If you are reading this review do yourself and humanity a favour by giving this horrid movie a rating of 1.
  • I watched this movie way after the release date. After hearing my friends discuss this movie in front of me, i thought it could be finally a better Telugu movie. But alas, my wish never came true. This movie sucks for those who enjoy something logical or at least true to itself. the heroine Tamannah is literally the worst actor of this movie. I was not at all in phase with this movie and i laughed a lot while watching various scenes which were intended to be dead serious. And i should say that conventional Telugu movie watchers will like this movie a lot. Just not the ones who have already watched a lot of English movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I usually don't watch Bollywood masala movies. They are mostly copied in their entirety from Hollywood, Hong Kong or other cinema industries or at least bit and pieces shamelessly plagiarized. This most expensive movie coming out of India is no different. I wonder where did they spend the money because CGI looked like 80s work. Scenes changing from hot tropical climate to snow laden ground yet people running around only in summer clothes, leaping unbelievable distances even for a fantasy movie. I was pressured into watching this waste of time and money from my Indian peers. And as usual I have sworn, I am never gonna listen to them again but I know it will happen. My advice stay away from this for the sake of your own sanity.
  • Sometimes a movie comes along that causes a revolution in film history. A movie that people aspire to copy from and is talked about for the better half of a century. A movie which gets embedded in cultural history, and influences a whole generation. It stands as a symbol of pure art and culture, portraying the beauty, that is cinema.

    This is not that movie. This is an ego-trip, following the need to present a spectacle to a spectacle-hungry audience which has never needed anything philosophical or intellectual. For such an audience, a simplistic plot and beautiful visuals are needed, which this film caters to. But beyond that, we cannot be persuaded to find any relevance of such an endeavor. The ideas and people get lost behind the purported veil of glamor and show. This leads to a disconnect from the characters themselves and we are left with a pot boiler which fizzles out before it even heats up. It'll leave you wanting, nay, craving to know the end and you will shell out even more of your money to follow it through. *sigh* The times we live in.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Test whether this movie was a cliché or not? 1. Pathetic romance where hero woos a beautiful actress by stalking and harassing her. And after one song they are in love. 2. A sad mother waiting for his son to take revenge. "Mere karan Arjun aayenge". 3. Hero has enormous superhuman like strength and intelligence without any battle training and can beat 20 people with weapons bare handed. 4. Physics is just ignored. 5. Plot copied from movies 300 (Trishul battle defence), Troy, Matrix trilogy (the chosen one concept, multiple fight scenes), Lord of the Rings etc.

    People said this was best VFX ever. Best VFX is the one where after watching the scene you say - I wonder where they shot this movie-this place is so beautiful. Which means although movie looks aesthetically pleasing but VFX is "undetectable". The moment you are able to VFX is being used, it becomes pathetic VFX.

    This movie highlights starvation and craving of us Indians for watching a half a decent movie, so much so, that a clichéd with non-existent plot is said to be the best Indian movie ever and is reinforced by the fact that everyone else likes it - Typical Herd Mentality. This movie is Andho mein Kaana Raja. (One eyed man is King among blind people). It is almost like religion, people have desire to give their life a bigger meaning even there isn't one, and they hold on to this meaning so dearly that all logic seems to become their enemy.
  • jigsvija1 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Its an awful movie. Made more awful by the hype. I could accept it if it was some local regional language production.

    I dunno how people can rate this movie so high. Its an actual embarrassment of pilferage of ideas and philosophies from other English movies, executed with utmost crassness.

    I have no clue how they got many to gush so much over this truly horrible horrible production. But this a an example is truly a shameful offering from Indian cinema, who do produce several excellent movies.

    I think much of the production costs went into marketing and PR to talk up this silly and absolutely horrible movie.

    They planning a sequel ... ? Horrors.
  • I won't go into the technical details but try a bit to express how I'm feeling after watching this movie thrice in four days. Well, firstly, I'm feeling broke. Apart from that, the excitement and the built up to the entrance of the auditorium in that multiplex, is just like one feels with first love. Baahubali has made me gone mad. I'm continuously listening to its music, the background score doesn't seem to get out of my head, and even for the third time in the cinema hall, a few of the scenes give me goosebumps.

    Yeah, yeah, you all would say I'm jumping quite high. I just need to settle down, and everything. But boy, oh boy, I'm in love again. And this time with a movie, which is weird... but hell!
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