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  • Girlfriends Films' LESBIAN LOVE CONNECTIONS is high quality, and should have generated an on-going series for the label. My guess is that they opted to pursue NET SKIRTS franchise instead, merely because it is nominally more up-to-date.

    LLC is based on a previous dating model, with videotapes of the girls made and shown to prospective clients to find a match. It has a more personal touch than the strictly on-line arrangements (of NET SKIRTS for example), and I preferred the slightly old-fashioned format. Just as the internet has put most travel agents out of business, I guess modernity makes the once-modern-seeming dating services antiquated.

    Credited on the DVD box but not on screen is Beverly Paige, a bubbly and mega- busty manager of the operation, whose interaction with clients in her office is part of the video's charm. She almost has sex with one of them, but gets ill and is replaced for the last half of the show by roommate, also bosomy Alex Chance.

    Big breasts are a recurring theme of the video, and it unveils a woman who I suspect has the largest chest ever to appear in the label's 500 plus features, Samantha 38G. Character names for these porn assignments are generally identical with the actress's stage names, but Samantha uses Samantha Anderson when identifying herself in her videotape for dating purposes, typical of what happens to oddball stage names for the transition.

    She is a very large woman who one would presume was a stripper, and has a pleasant personality including a fun propensity for being ticklish, helpful in livening up the video as she gets into ticklish situations with Alex. Chance not only substitutes for roomie Bev at work but also in bed, and it was fascinating watching how her extremely large breasts were cut down to size visually when matched against the smothering 38Gs of Samantha.

    The real star named Samantha of the feature is all-time great Samantha Ryan, whose ability to improvise and create a carefully artificial yet fun character on the spot is showcased here -yet another reason why she should have crossed over to mainstream cinema long ago (had there not been the ongoing prejudice against giving Adult stars such opportunities beyond mere stunt casting).

    Ryan's segment is unusual in that we get to see a rejection - part of the dating process but only shown here because these lesbian marathon videos apparently are made without normal time restrictions (LLC runs nearly 3 hours). Star Allie Haze visits Beverly and is shown two hot prospects, Ryan as well as Mandy Lou, a normal-looking blonde (Ryan is a brunette in this incarnation), and she inexplicably chooses Mandy.

    As the reject, Mandy has no sex scene, but is in the feature acting (and doing a fine job) for about 10 minutes, yet she is uncredited and as far as I know my IMDb contribution here is the only recognition she's received to date for this assignment. I hope someday pornographers will give credit where it is due.

    When she meets with Allie on an outdoor bench, their chit-chat unfolds as almost a satire on the requisite small talk that separates the sex scenes not only in serious features like this one, but even in most gonzo vignette porn. Mandy is simply too disagreeable to constitute prime date bait, not agreeing to any of Allie's innocent, friendly suggestions, like meeting her friends or going for a walk.

    So it's back to Bev, and a hook-up with Ryan is arranged, with outstanding results as the two superstars really connect in bed.

    Next up is the debut of Samantha G, memorable in my book. At first, Bev flirts with the massive blonde in her office, and they go out for drinks after work. When they later head for Bev's apartment, it is Bev who is surprisingly written out of the script -all we hear are Mel Brooks low humor style sound effects representing her flatulence, ill in the bathroom, a rather cruel way of killing off a character (maybe that's why the series didn't continue?).

    Suddenly roommate Alex appears, topless, in the bedroom, and soon after the bed hosts a battle between the 34DDD girl and Ms. 38G (or GG depending on what billing she chooses). This is a delightfully offbeat sex scene and obviously pandering to the big-bust brigade, a durable audience component of Adult Entertainment.

    Next encounter is quite different, as Slovakian bombshell Diana Doll does an older/younger number on cute Dani Jensen. Alex has taken over as our host running the dating service during Bev's infirmity and it is amusing to see how the camera person inserts pointed closeups of Alex's chest or legs from time to time - a cute touch.

    Finale has Alex fixing up bosomy Aleksa Nicole with Jaslene Jade in a segment relying upon the supposed inexperience of Jade's character, now getting Sapphic action she won't soon forget.

    Feature ends with a grace note, of Samantha Ryan singing pleasantly as part of her video dating short. I had just watched her heartfelt vocal that ended ELEXIS AND HER GIRLFRIENDS 2 for the label, and am duly impressed with Ryan's versatility and talents.