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  • Asa Akira struts her stuff and tells it like it is in ASA LOVES GIRLS, something of a valentine to her from Sweetheart Video. There's no script credit as director James Avalon takes a pro documentary approach.

    Lots of the overlong running time consists of interviews with the cast, as this is one of those porn videos where the Behind the Scenes footage is integrated with the feature proper. Everybody has nice things to say about Asa and vice versa, so very little light is thrown on the subject.

    Actual lesbian sex scenes are well-executed, arousing if a bit perfunctory. Apart from gonzo porn (which this does not really resemble), the integration of narrative, character and sex is what makes quality XXX work, while here the driving force behind each scene is merely the girls' affection for Asa.

    Almost lookalike London Keyes is a good match for the star, and their scene is hot. Celeste Star's tryst is shot entirely in a shower with the water running, a novelty that helps break up the monotony of "next girl!" as Asa goes through her paces sequentially with the four beauties. I like Katsumi (or whatever you choose to call her) and she makes a neat fit with her American counterpart.