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  • The transition of this series at Sweetheart Video from founder Nica Noelle to Dana Vespoli went oh-so smooth via the casting of lesbian/bondage icon Sinn Sage, who appears throughout the four vignettes of the video. Sweethearters hedged their bets by pairing her with some Sapphic legends.

    Opening segment is amusing, as Sinn talks her friend Celeste Star out of undergoing breast augmentation surgery, in a combination of clearly tongue-in-cheek dialog with the underlying social statement about body image issues. With just a squirt for the fans, Star's limberness makes this vignette quite arousing.

    Equally near the top of the lesbian pantheon is Dani Daniels, cast as a temporary but quite uppity co-worker who upbraids Sinn for her laziness on the job, getting to work late. They make a great pair in bed, but director Vespoli rather clumsily stages this scene with a handy, luxuriously decorated bedroom at the office, or were they somehow working at home doing a perfunctory filing/transcription job.

    Vespoli shows up for a non-sex role in a "watch out for the roommate" episode, in which Sinn foolishly searches the room of Dana's roommate Vicki Chase, only to be caught going through her drawers (my minimum pun per review). Chase's mock outrage turns to seductiveness, as the two girls go at it in a rousing finale. Each segment features Sinn doing her tribbing (grinding) thing, but all sorts of sexual positions are naturally integrated into the action.