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  • lor_12 February 2021
    Filly Films is famous for releasing lesbian incest features involving characters as blood relatives, a rarity in 21st Century porn as its borderline subject to censorship. They have the actresses introduce their scenes personally with dumb verbal disclaimers stating the obvious: "we're not related; we're actresses".

    I was surprised to see the same disclaimers for this faux incest saga, in which they're portraying stepsisters just like all the other companies like Gamma and Sweetheart. So much for gutsiness.

    The four scenes are all lousy, with minimal to zero story set-ups or characterizations. It consists of actresses pawing and licking each other XXX style, with one scene featuring an unlikely trio of Raven Rockette, Lexi Gray & Riley Madison.

    Seems like shoot was done with a 1:1 shooting ratio, playing like amateur porn.