Before she was even a household name, author Stephen King said of Flynn's first book "Sharp Objects" in 2006, "I found myself dreading the last thirty pages or so, but was helpless to stop turning them."

Australian actress Eliza Scanlen makes her American debut as Amma, the half-sister of Camille (Amy Adams). Eliza who'd provided an audition tape from her hometown Sydney, was later flown to the U.S. to screen test with Amy for director Jean-Marc Vallée. Of Amy's kindness to her on set Eliza has said that, "She really took me under her wing," this being her first major role in a foreign country.

Amy Adams lowered her voice timbre for her character Camille as she did not want to sound like an earlier character Giselle with a drinking problem.

Gillian Flynn's book "Sharp Objects", on which this series is based, was written before "Gone Girl" and took 12 long years to reach the screen. The author has said of her debut novel that it's the book most of her readers ask her about at book meetings and on social media.

In nearly every shot, there is at least one green object.

When Camille leaves work, she plugs in her smart phone and precedes to listen to Led Zeppelin, this makes the show a rarity as Led Zeppelin rarely allow their catalog to be played, most expensive to get rights to use makes it a rarity.

Shot in 90 days, having to film Amy Adams' role first due to a scheduling problems, so she worked on the show for 65 days.

Sophia Lillis, that plays the young Amy Adams, is the young Beverly Marsh in the film adaptations of Stephen King's "IT" by Andy Muschietti. Amy Adams was one of the most-wanted actress picked by fans to play the adult Beverly Marsh, which will be portrayed by Jessica Chastain.

It is filmed in Barnesville, Georgia in the theme of Wind Gap, Missouri.

Amy Adams was previously set to star in Dark Places (2015), but dropped out. This then marks her first collaboration with Gillian Flynn.

Amy Adams and Chris Messina previously starred together in Julie & Julia (2009), where they played husband and wife. Adams suggested Messina for this role, because they remained friends after the movie.

The opening theme song is featured in the film "A Place in the Sun" (1951).

The music of Led Zeppelin features quite symbolically in Camille Amy Adams' life throughout the series. Coincidentally, the band's "Good Times Bad Times" also featured on the soundtracks of both The Fighter (2010) and American Hustle (2013) in which Adams also starred.

Although Patricia Clarkson plays Amy Adams's mother, the age gap between them is less than 15 years.

Amy Adams is closer in age to the actress who plays her mother (Patricia Clarkson, 15-year age gap) than the actress who plays her sister (Eliza Scanlen, 25-year age gap).

The mother's name, "Adora", means "adore" in spanish and her daughter's, "Amma", is phonetically the word for "love" in spanish.

It was filmed in Mendocino and Lake Counties, northern California.

Sophia Lillis's first television role.

Based on the book, Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn.

Chris Messina and Patricia Clarkson previously starred together in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008).

Chris Messina and Matt Craven previously starred together in Devil (2010).

On February 19, 2016, Variety reported that Amy Adams had joined the project as its lead.

Elizabeth Perkins and Matt Craven previously starred together in Indian Summer (1993).

Henry Czerny and Miguel Sandoval both appeared in "Clear and Present Danger".

Chris Messina and David Sullivan previously starred together in Argo (2012).

Chris Messina and Madison Davenport previously starred together in Humboldt County (2008).

The titles of each episode are words that Camille has carved into her skin.

In episode 'Closer' the residents celebrate Calhoun Day. As the play commences they hoist a painted banner which says 'Calhoun Day'. If you watch slowly just before the banner drops, the text changes to say 'Shallow Day'.

The words that appear on objects on screen are meant to represent Camille's thoughts and feelings. They echo the words she has carved on her skin.

The victims' ages in the book are different than the show. Ann, 9, is the first victim, and Natalie, 10, is the second.

In the novel, the word "Vanish" is carved on the back of Camille's neck. In the show, it is carved on her right forearm.

Adora is revealed to have been poisoning her otherwise-healthy daughters to make it appear that they were sick and ultimately dying. As is mentioned in the series, this means she has a mental condition called "Munchausen syndrome by proxy," in which a parent or other caregiver fakes a the illness of a child or other patient to benefit from the societal prestige of being a selfless and dedicated caregiver to a critically ill person. While this is a real mental condition, it is arguably much more represented as a plot contrivance in fiction than in real life. Munchausen syndrome by proxy has been a popular plot twist on many TV shows, including The X-Files, ER, Body of Proof, The Practice, House, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, JAG, Elementary, and Supernatural; in the horror or mystery novels It and Misery (both by Stephen King), The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell, and the source for this series, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn; and in the movie The Sixth Sense.

In the episode Falling, in the scene where Camille calls her boss while having an emotional breakdown, there is a sign over a store in black letters on white background ahead of her that says Queasy. When she ends the call and starts to drive off, the sign has changed to say Engli- (rest of the word hidden).

"Amma" contains the same letters as "Mama".

This is the second series by director Jean- Marc Vallée that uses a song from Danish musician Agnes Obel's " Aventine" album . Vallée had previously directed " Big Little Lies" on the HBO network with Obel's " September Song". Sharp Objects used a song from the same album in the premiere called " Chord Left".