This is the second time Robbie Amell and Alexa Vega have played each other's love interest, the first being TV Movie The Hunters (2013)

The 3 main characters all went on to act in Superhero Tv shows Robbie Amell (The Flash) Peyton List (The Flash) Luke Mitchell (Marvels Agents of Shield).

Roger Price (Stephen's father) is also the name of the creator (Roger Damon Price) of the first Tomorrow People TV show (The Tomorrow People (1973)).

In this show Stephen says to Jedikiah "You don't know the first thing about being human" and Jedikiah played Bishop in the show Being human.

The television show was cancelled after its first season

Young John play by actor name "Mitchell Kummen", and adult John play by "Luke Mitchell".

In the pilot episode Stephens father said he had hoped Stephen had taken after his mom and been human but in season 1 episode 13 Things Fall Apart we find out that she has powers like Stephen and his dad.