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  • For convenience perhaps, IMDb lists this pair of videos, originally released by Girlfriends Films as separate VHS items in 2001 when the company was just getting started, under the heading of the combined on one DVD reissue in 2004. They represent high style and innovation that marked the emergence of this influential porn outfit, which has revolutionized the presentation of Lesbian Cinema.

    The two 90-minute programs present vignettes of beauties trying on sexy undergarments, mainly vintage costuming from the Pin-Up and Fetish eras of the '40s and '50s (corsets, girdles, nylons and garter belts abound), as well as the lavish gowns that set the visual look of early Girlfriends releases. Flowers and mirrors settings conform more to a large dressing room in someone's mansion, rather than the department store variety.

    Director Rena, a strong creative factor at Girlfriends Films' inception, has three main formats here for eroticiism: (1) Trying on a succession of garments, with highly tactile atmosphere generated; (2) Moody night scenes in bed with masturbation or lesbian coupling presented; and (3) Solo turns for narcissistic gazing at one's mirror image as well as masturbation. They use of the familiar vibrating dildo machine (I've forgotten its trade name) is also included in several vignettes.

    The gals make the show, and plenty of top talent from the turn of this century is on display. Notable is Mary Jane Green, the distinctive pale heroine with trademark black bangs hairdo who populates innumerable bondage/fetish videos, but here uncharacteristically goes XXX taking a strap-on dildo in her pussy. from unknown Peggy. Early Girlfriends superstar Nicole Moore is dominant opposite Nikki Steele.

    Library music of many familiar classical pieces provides a romantic atmosphere, including Beethoven, Pachelbel and especially Narciso Yepes' memorable guitar theme from Rene Clement's classic film "Jeux Interdits".

    And most satisfying for me was seeing one of the true '90s greats Jessica Wylde feeling her incomparably long nipples in a Solo that climaxes with her lactating - applause, please.