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Chris Nashawaty Entertainment Weekly
The film will feel familiar to anyone who’s sniffled through "Love Story" or "The Fault in Our Stars." It’s better than both.
Kate Lloyd Time Out London
The movie manages to shift sensitively from laugh-out-loud moments to tear-jerking scenes, discussing euthanasia on the way. It’s not perfect, but the novel’s five million readers have nothing to worry about: it’s totally loyal to the book (unsurprisingly since Moyes wrote the script).
Joe Dziemianowicz New York Daily News
The film belongs to Clarke. Her warm and winning star turn lifts this checklist chick flick.
Charles Gant Screen International
Resistance to this delirious romantic tragedy is futile, save for that nagging voice in our head wondering if it really has to be this way.
Sheri Linden The Hollywood Reporter
The chemistry between the leads and a few finely etched supporting turns provide welcome counterweight to the movie’s formulaic progression, welcome especially for those who have seen their fair share of entries in the love-story-with-medical-complication subgenre.
Roger Moore Movie Nation
Me Before You is a goofy, giddy doomed romance and female wish-fulfillment fantasy.
Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune
Clarke has loads of talent, but in Me Before You she's undermined by director Sharrock's technique, and an endless slew of overeager reaction shots (She's clumsy! She's twinkling!) exacerbated by editor John Wilson.
Andrew Barker Variety
A melodrama with soft-rock ballads where its beating heart should be.
Alonso Duralde TheWrap
Forget art, or even craft: This is the kind of movie that can’t even get its shameless audience-pandering in order.
Eric Henderson Slant Magazine
It punks its impressionable audience into believing a lie, then punishes them for their foolishness.

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