• WARNING: Spoilers

    The opening credits begin to show on a bright white screen. A female voice suggests they 'do this' on their holiday instead of all the mountain climbing her partner has planned. As the camera zooms out, the white becomes recognizable as the creased sheets of a bed. A young couple are having sex under a fluffy duvet. Only their heads are visible. The man is on top. Alicia, a beautiful blonde woman, giggles. Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) smiles and asks her if he should stop. Alicia mentions the time. It is six fifteen. Will gets up to get ready for the office. When he goes into the bathroom, he looks back at Alicia and promises to cook dinner that night. He takes a shower. He is a fit man of around thirty and his body is muscular and well toned. He runs his hands through his wet hair. We see his hands putting an electric toothbrush down by the bathroom basin. He gets dressed and the screen is filled by the image of his hands buttoning up his crisp white shirt, then tying the laces of a pair of highly polished leather shoes. Wearing a business suit, he bends over Alicia, who is still in bed, and kisses her goodbye. Energetically he walks across the spaceous and very bright apartment which is minimalistically furnished almost entirely white. He stops at a long counter and his hand reaches for a motorcycle helmet. Alicia's voice is heard from the bedroom. She tells him to not even think about it because it's raining. He leaves the house on foot, emerging into teeming rain. Already on his mobile phone and talking business, he rushes across the street. A bicycle narrowly misses him. He sees a black London taxi a little way up the street and hails it, then dashes across the road without looking, still talking on the phone, giving instructions to his office mate Freddy. The lights of a speeding motorcycle appear behind him. Will walks straight into path of the oncoming vehicle. Somebody screams. He turns and freezes, his eyes widening in surprise. The screen fades to black and the title of the film appears in white letters.

    In a cafe in a quaint small town with an imposing ruined castle Louisa 'Lou' Clark (Emilia Clarke) is serving customers. She is wearing a rather childlike outfit in bright colors, with polka dots and bows on her shoes, her legs are encased in canary yellow tights and her hair is tied in two pigtails which are twisted into buns on either side of her neck. She is endearingly sweet and chatty, trying to please everybody with her witty banter. When the last customer has left the cafe, the owner puts a closed sign on the door, tells her that he is sorry, and hands her a small brown envelope containing a month's wages.

    Lou walks home to the small terraced house where she lives with her parents, her sister Treena (Jenna Coleman), Treena's young son and her grandfather. The small kitchen is crowded. The family is depending on the income of the two girls because father Bernard (Brendan Coyle) is out of work, and it hits them hard that with the cafe closing down Lou is losing her job. They talk about how hard it is to find work.

    Lou, wearing another brightly colored outfit, is sitting by the track in an athletics stadium. A runner comes along the track. It is Patrick, Lou's steady boyfriend of six years. The jersey he is wearing reads "Young Entrepreneur of the Year". He talks to her about getting a job. Throughout the conversation he keeps running, at times backwards, facing her.

    Lou is sitting at a desk in the empoyment agency. The kindly clerk tells her that he is running out of options for her, but he consults his computer and finds a fixed-term six months position for a caregiver and companion to a disabled man, with chores like assisting, driving and feeding, but without requirement for special skills. He hints that she might have to change her style of dressing, but tells her that it is close to her home and that the money is very good. He also mentions that it is the fifth time this particular job is being offered.

    Lou is getting ready for the job interview. Her mother helps her dress in what she considers smart clothes, visibly in the style of the 1980s, which she mentions served herself well in the past. They are a tight fit on Lou, but she smiles bravely and takes the bus to the other side of the castle. Through a door in a high stone wall Lou enters a large gravelled courtyard where several expensive looking cars are parked. She walks across the gravel expanse towards the imposing old stone building with arched windows. A professional looking person in nurse's uniform is walking away from the house, and Camilla Traynor (Janet McTeer) is awaiting Lou by the entrance to the grand house. She greets Lou and asks her in.

    Lou is nervous. When she sits down, her tight short skirt rips along the side of her leg. She tries to cover it with her jacket while she awkwardly stutters her way through the interview, making a few ill timed attempts at friendly banter. Camilla asks her if she has any experience with quadriplegia, mentioning complete loss of legs and very limited use of arms and hands. Lou admits that she has no experience, but is quick to add that she is a quick learner and will take good care of Mrs. Traynor's husband. Camilla looks at her, then, in a surprisingly soft voice, tells her that it is her son who needs care after being injured in a road accident two years prior. Lou is dumbfounded. Despite the disastrous course of the interview, a reference from Lou's previous employer describing her as chatty, warm and life enhancing has struck a chord with Camilla and she offers Lou the job. Lou is visibly surprised, but delighted, and eagerly agrees to start immediately.

    Leading Lou across the hallway of the grand house, Camilla explains that Will is not to be left alone for more than fifteen minutes. She opens a door leading into an annex which has been adapted for Will's needs. The spaceous apartment is modern and stylish, but rather dark and sterile, furished in tones of dark grey with natural wood. Camilla slides open the door to the bathroom and Lou stares at a bathroom wheelchair which takes up much of the floor space. Camilla walks across the kitchen towards a frosted glass partition with sliding doors. She knocks on the doors and a male voice with a marked Australian accent answers that Will 'is decent'.

    Lou enters the room behind Camilla, who introduces her to Will. A young man in nurse's overalls rights himself and stands beside the electric wheelchair Will is sitting in. Will has long hair and an untrimmed beard. He sits in his chair, upright and motionless, his lifeless arms resting on the arm rests, his hand by the controls of the chair. Lou smiles broadly and says hello. Will contorts his face and makes loud inarticulate noises. His mother reprimands him sharply. Lou is horrified. Will's face relaxes and he looks at her, introducing himself in flawless tones. He then makes a pointed remark about her torn skirt. Nathan (Stephen Peacocke), the good looking Australian nurse, gently berates Will, then smiles at Lou and shakes hands with her. Camilla asks Nathan to talk Lou through Will's care regime and equipment. Will aims a biting remark at his mother before she leaves them. Despite Will levelling yet another unkindly comment at her, Lou puts on a brave smile and offers to make tea.

    Lou's family are delighted, if somewhat surprised, when they hear that she got the job with the fabulously wealthy Traynors.

    Lou arrives at work the next moring. She is dressed in yet another colorful outfit, her hair tied in two childlike pigtails. Nathan, professional but friendly, is expecting her. He shows her a large file containing Will's care schedule. Lou is overwhelmed by the amount of medication she will have to administer, but visibly relieved when Nathan explains that he will be doing all heavy lifting and attend to delicate physical matters. He assures her that though he has to attend to other patients during the day he will never be far away if she needs to call him. Lou asks him just exactly what is her job. He smiles and suggests it might be to cheer up Will.

    Lou's efforts to entertain Will are met with sarcasm and bitterness. Eventually he suggests that she be 'very un-chatty' in his presence. Lou swallows, then agrees, saying she will be in the kitchen in case she is needed. She spends the morning reading through the file, familiarizing herself with Will's care requirements. Nathan arrives at lunch time. He greets her and asks how Will is and if he has treated her to his Stephen Hawking impression or if he has stuck with 'My Left Foot'. Then he suggests Lou take lunch while he attends to his patient.

    That evening, Lou and Treena have a chat in her bedroom. Lou hates the job and is thinking about quitting. Treena intends to go back to college and won't be able to work and help with the family finances. She implores Lou to stick it out for her sake, and kind hearted Lou promises that she will try.

    Without much enthusiasm Lou keeps going to work, wearing a different crazy outfit every new day, each one eliciting a tortured wince from Will. He mostly ignores her, only occasionally makes unkindly and hurtful remarks, once suggesting she is snooping when, while tidying his bedroom, she picks up one of the framed photos displayed on a console to look at it closely.

    One morning Will has visitors: Alicia and his best friend Rupert have come to see him. The meeting is an uneasy one. Both visitors try to make excuses why they haven't been to see Will in some time. Then they tell him that they are getting married.

    The visitors have left and Lou is in the kitchen clearing away the coffee tray. She hears something clattering to the floor and the noise of glass breaking. Terrified, she follows the sound and finds Will in his bedroom, the photos from the console scattered on the floor around the wheels of his chair. She rushes to clean up the broken glass of the frames before it can damage the tires.

    Lou is sitting outside a pub with Patrick. He tells her the destintion he has picked for their holiday. Lou is underwhelmed at the mention of Norway, but manages to feign some enthusiasm. When she learns that he is going to participate in the Viking Triathlon along with his mates she expresses disappointment. Patrick sees no problem with his choice and condescendingly suggest they can do some sightseeing after his race.

    Back at work, Lou is trying to mend the broken frames of Will's pictures, also offering to get new ones or bring Will so he can choose his own. He explains that the broken pictures were not an accident and tells her in so many words to stay away from him. Lou loses her patience and good humor for the first time and tells him off for treating her like this when all she does is trying to do her job. She makes it clear that she does not like him or particularly wants to be around him, but is there because this is what his mother is employing her to do, and that she is staying because she badly needs the money. Will quietly asks her to put the photos into a drawer, then withdraws to his lounge, the doors sliding shut behind him.

    Another morning Will asks Lou to put on a DVD of a foreign film, Des hommes et des dieux. Lou is non-plussed by the French title, guessing it must be something to do with men. Dripping with sarcasm, Will tells her it's French gay porn. Lou refuses to rise to the bait and remains sweet and polite. Will, realizing that she has never watched a foreign film with subtitles and is prejudiced against them, orders her, not unkindly, to sit down and watch it with him. He shoots her intermittent glances out of the corner of his eye as she stares at the screen, utterly transfixed. When the film is over, they have their first friendly conversation, with Lou readily admitting that she absolutely loved the film. Later that day Nathan, passing Lou in the kitchen, comments that Will is in a good mood, having laughed about one of Lou's naive blunders, but is quick to put her at ease that it is all good because it's is the first time in a very long time that Will has laughed about anything. Lou happily smiles to herself.

    Will has a routine check up in the hospital. Nathan and Lou are waiting outside the consulting room. Nathan, realizing that Lou has not yet grasped the full implications of Will's injuries, explains that his condition is final and he will never be able to move more than his head and a few fingers, having worked very hard for the first year after his accident to achieve the latter, before additional health problems like repeated bouts of pneumonia started to affect him in the wake of the initial spinal cord injury. Lou is stunned.

    Patrick takes Lou to the cinema. She sees a poster for a foreign film and suggests they watch it. Patrick sneers at the idea and buys tickets for the Will Ferrell film without further consulting her.

    It is snowing when Lou arrives at the Traynor residence the next morning. In the annex, Will's father Stephen (Charles Dance) emerges from the bedroom, explaining that Will has a slight chill. He mentions that his wife is away and that he has contacted Nathan, then leaves, saying he is on his mobile if he is needed. When Lou checks on Will, he asks her to right his head on the pillows. Lou nervously leans over the bed and gently slides her hands under his head and neck, following his instructions. Will gasps. Lou freezes apprehensively, then smiles with relief when he explains that her hands are cold. Will is pale and looks ill. Lou nervously scans the pages of the care manual. By the time Nathan arrives, delayed by the snow, she is very concerned. Nathan takes one look at Will and jumps into action, pulling back the covers and stripping Will so he can place wet towels on his chest to help reduce his temperature. Lou watches and listens to his instructions, then, with horror, notices the large, recent looking scar on the inside of Will's wrist. When Nathan is satisfied that all will be well, he leaves Lou to look after Will, having to see to another of his patients.

    Lou sits with the sleeping Will, reading a book. Then she reaches for a laptop, opens the lid and clicks on a video icon. The preview shows a picture of a fit and healthy looking Will, barechested, muscular and tanned. She plugs in earphones and opens the video. Set to the theme tune of the Bond films, there is footage of Will doing various daring action stunts. He wakes and sees her smiling at the laptop. He gently teases her, saying he hopes she is watching French gay porn. Lou closes the lid on the laptop with a gentle repartee and smiles at him. Will asks her why she is still there at this late hour. Lou explains that nobody else is around and that he is stuck with her. She offers him a drink, then tentatively asks him about his accident. He tells her. Lou remembers that he is very weak and apologizes for being chatty, again, and promises to leave him to rest. Will asks her to stay and tell him something good. Lou laughs and tells him that whenever she said this to her father, he would sing her the Molahonkey song. Will asks her to sing it, which she does, badly. He is amused and tells her affectionately that she is insane. Then he asks her to tell him something else which doesn't involve singing. Lou tells him about her favorite glitter wellingtons and a pair of yellow and black stried bumble bee tights she loved above anything when she was little, and how she was heartbroken when she outgrew them and could never find another pair to fit a grown woman. Eventually Will falls asleep and Lou spends the night, curled up in a blanket, reading a book at the foot of his bed.

    Lou and Will are in the garden of the Traynor estate. He asks her about herself and her crazy clothes. Her innocence and complacency with her station in life irritate him. He encourages her to get out there and expand her horizon, telling her it is her duty to live life to the fullest. Lou changes the topic and mentions that he badly needs a shave, quickly adding a witty remark to lighten the situation. Will looks at her levelly and surprises her by saying that he will let her shave him.

    In the bathroom, Lou has covered Will's face in shaving cream. He closes his eyes firmly as she starts shaving him with great care. She smiles and gazes at him in wonder as she removes more and more of his beard. When she is finished, Will opens his eyes and a wide grin spreads over his handsome face.

    Lou goes into the hall of the main residence and leafs through some papers. Through an open door she overhears a heated discussion between Will's parents. Camilla mentions a letter from Switzerland and says to her husband that she cannot believe that he is willing to help their son end his life. He reminds her that they have made a deal with Will that he give them six months, but that she knows it is his wish, and in how much pain he is, adding that he would rather this (referring to assisted suicide) than have him try again, alone. Lou is stunned. Then she leaves the annex without a word, not even responding to Will's cheerful goodbye. Behind her, Will's father can be seen sitting in the lounge with his son.

    Lou rings her sister and tells her that she needs her. When they meet, she tells Treena what she has overheard and says that she cannot go back to there, now that she knows that she was basically hired as suicide watch. Treena looks at it from another angle.She suggests that with all the money the Traynors have, Lou should show Will a good time and make his last days happy. To make him laugh. Slowly Lou comes around to her way of thinking. She even goes a step further, suggesting she might be able to change Will's mind during the time she has left.

    Lou goes to the library and does research to find activities she can do with Will, then discusses her plans to take Will out with his parents. They are happy for her to go ahead and try.

    The next morning Lou bounces into the annex, and through the open door right into Will's bedroom, just when Nathan is lifting him into his wheelchair. She is so excited about her plans for the day that she only comments in passing on the fact that he had his straggly long hair cut short. Lou tells them that they are going to the races.

    The outing doesn't get off to a good start. She parks the car in a wet field and Will's wheelchair gets stuck in deep, soft mud almost immediately. He quietly endures the indignity of being pushed onto firmer ground by a group of passing lads whom Lou has cheerfully recruited to help them. They watch a couple of races, with Lou being the only one really enjoying herself. Later Lou makes an embarrassing scene when they are refused admission to a restaurant on the grounds that they have the wrong color badges. Lou ignores Will's quiet hints that he would rather not eat in public. Only when Nathan steps in and tells Lou straight out that Will wants to go home, does she give in.

    Back at home, Will is sitting in his wheelchair in the middle of the lounge, deafening rock music filling the room. Lou comes in. She is quick to admit that the outing to the races was not a good idea, but bravely goes ahead with her next plan. She invites Will to go with her to a concert with music by Mozart, this time giving him the option to decline. Will, after eliciting that she has never been to a classical concert, initially sniggers at the idea of Mozart, then, seemingly begrudgingly agrees to go. When Lou has left the room, a happy grin spreads over his face.

    Over a webcam Lou discusses dresses for the concert with her sister. Treena is quick to point out that Lou is going on a date with Will Traynor. She tells her to wear her red dress.

    On the night of the concert Lou arrives at the annex just as Nathan is putting the finishing touches on Will's outfit for the night. When he sees Lou, attired in a flamboyant red dress, with black shoes and her hair loose, a soft pink scarf draped around her neck, an exclamation of admiration excapes him. Will spins around his wheelchair. He is immaculately dressed in tuxedo and black tie. He looks at Lou and tells her to lose the scarf. He is smiling broadly when Lou slowly takes off the scarf and reveals her decolletage.

    At the concert venue, Lou discreetly directs Will as he carefully maneuvers his wheelchair into the space beside her seat. Despite her efforts to behave like a lady, Lou attracts the attention of onlookers when, not having a scissors to hand, she uses her teeth to remove a tag which is digging into the back of Will's collar. When the music starts, she listens in quiet rapture, Will watching her out of corner of his eye.

    Lou backs up the car into its parking space outside the Traynor residence. Will gently teases her, saying that she hated the concert. Lou goes along with the banter, then suddenly is honest and admits that she loved it. Will says that he did too. He begs her to wait in the car for another little moment, wanting to feel like a man who has been to a concert with a woman in a red dress for a little longer.

    Lou and Will are having a picnic. She is sitting on a blanket in the grass, getting up intermittently to feed Will and give him something to drink. She tells him that Patrick wants to meet him. Then adds that so do her parents, and that they have suggested she ask him to her birthday dinner that week. She is quick to add that she has declined, knowing that he dislikes meeting strangers and eating in public. Will surprises her by saying he will come if she wants him to.

    Nathan is dropping Will off at Lou's home. Her parents, Bernard and Josie, are welcoming him warmly. Will is charming and reacts with grace and wit whenever a situation or topic of conversation threatens to become embarrassing. When Lou's father asks him if he knows the man whose deals caused him to lose his job, Will admits that he has trained him. There is an uneasy silence, but again Will is quick to tide over it, complimenting Josie on the delicious food. Patrick arrives late and is, as usual, preoccupied with himself and his running. He is the only one who stares when Lou is discreetly feeding Will at the table and who insensitively ploughs on when a conversation takes an uncomfortable direction. Later there is cake and presents for Lou. The family have made her a cheap and cheerful photo album with pictures of her throughout her life. She thanks them warmly and shows them how much she loves it. Then Patrick proudly presents her with a piece of jewellery he had specially made for her. Lou is visibly disappointed when she sees it's a necklace with a silver heart inset with the letters of his name, but she does her best to feign enthusiasm. Will observes Patrick stealing a kiss from an unwilling Lou. Then he quietly says that he too has a present for her. He tells her it is in his bag, and she squeezes into the corner behind his wheelchair to take it out. It is a stylish gift box. She opens the lid and is deliriously happy when she sees that it contains a pair of full size yellow and black striped tights. Patrick looks on as gloomily as Lou is insanely excited about the crazy tights and Will looks exceedingly handsome as he is laughing with her.

    When Nathan comes to drive Will home, all come out to say goodbye. Will thanks them graceously and Lou's mother gives him an affectionate peck on the cheek. Before he leaves, Will makes a pointed remark at Patrick who rises to the bait and answers back. Will delivers a knockout parting shot, telling him he is a lucky guy, having a girlfriend who gives a great bed bath. Patrick is dumbfounded and stares at him while Lou's father can be heard complimenting Will's wit.

    When Lou arrives in the annex the next day, reading out various events they could attend from a brochure, Will shows her an invitation to Alicia and Rupert's wedding that has arrived in the post. She stops talking. Quietly he asks her if he can take her somewhere.

    They have gone over to the ruined castle, which is part of the huge Traynor estate. Will leads the way through the ruins and up the ramparts. He tells Lou about his first kiss, which he had in this spot. Then he accelerates up a steep ramp in his wheelchair. Lou follows him, out of breath and worried because of the height and his speed. He tells her about playing in the castle as a child and how it had been his favorite place in the world. Lou says it would still be her favorite place today. Will argues that is because she has not been anywhere. When she asks him where his favorite place is, he tells her about a street cafe in Paris, describing the place in minute detail. Lou suggests they could go there, but he firmly declines. He explains, with sadness, that he only wants to be there as his old fit and healthy self, not as a man in a wheelchair. He mentions various indignities he would rather not endure and which he'd rather not have spoil the memory. Then he says that he will go to Alicia's wedding and asks her if she will come with him. Lou answers that she will if he wants her to.

    When Lou comes home, she finds her mother dressed to the nines, ready to go out. Her father bursts into the room, excitedly telling her that he has got a job. He has been offered a position as head of the maintenance crew at the castle by Will's father. He stresses that the money is good and Lou's mother proudly adds that he will also be getting his own van. Lou's parents go out to celebrate. Lou is on the phone to Will, knowing he is behind her father's new job, afraid it could make for an awkward relation between them. Will does not see a problem, he argues that it seems perfect, his father needing a maintenance man and her father needing a job and being eminently suitable for the position. Then he adds that it will also give her the chance to spread her wings when her job with him is finished, because her family won't have to rely on her income any longer.

    Lou is at work in the annex. The doorbell rings and a man wearing a business suit introduces himself and asks for Mr. Traynor. Will asks him in and dismisses Lou in an untypically businesslike manner. Lou watches them talk and sees the man taking papers out of his briefcase. She googles his name and a picture of him comes up. Lou reads with horror that he is an attorney specializing in wills.

    Lou and Will are attending Alicia's wedding. Will looks on sadly as Alicia walks down the aisle towards Rupert. Later the best man, his former workmate Freddy, comes over to talk to him, while also casting an admiring glance at Lou. When he moves away, Will assures Lou that Freddy is a nice guy and tells her that he fancies her. He is irritated when Lou jokes that he needs to have his eyes checked and tells her quietly that she is beautiful. When the newly weds take to the dance floor, an improbably glamorous middle aged lady (Joanna Lumley) sits down beside Lou and introduces herself as the godmother of the bride, adding immediately that the bride is not somebody she is proud to be morally responsible for. She encourages Lou to get drunk because it is hard to endure the occasion when sober, and also to look after Will, because he is a keeper. Alicia has the good grace to come over and talk to Will, thanking him for coming and for his present, but she is visibly relieved when her duty is done and she can move away. Lou, rather tipsy by now, climbs onto Wills lap and asks him to give her a whirl on the dance floor. She suggests that this will give everybody something to talk about. He drives his chair onto the dance floor and they spin around slowly among the dancing couples. He asks her to move in closer to him. After some lighthearted banter, Will looks Lou into the eyes and tells her that most days she is the only reason that makes him want to get out of his bed. She suggests they go somewhere where they can be happy together.

    They leave the wedding reception, Lou still sitting on Will's knees, and are seen speeding along a the country lane in the wheelchair.

    They arrive back home the next morning, having spent the night in a hotel. Camilla reprimands Will for not contacting her to let her know, and Nathan also is worried. He sees at one glance that Will has picked up an infection. He reprimands him for having been drinking and not having made sure all his needs were being properly attended to the previous night. Will, though visibly exhausted, insists that it doesn't matter and that they had a good time.

    Patrick and Lou quarrel about her putting her work for Will before their own holiday plans. They part without making it up.

    Lou receives a message on her phone that Will is in hospital. When she arrives there, she sees Nathan and Will's father sitting in a small waiting area outside a private room in the ICU. Camilla is sitting with Will. Lou is stunned when she hears Will has pneumonia, saying all he had on the day of the wedding was a slight cough. Nathan explains that his system is so weak and that the slightest chill can lead to infection of his lungs. Will's father adds that this is his fourth bout of pneumonia and that the previous one had nearly killed him.

    After spending the night in the hospital and sitting with Will for a while in the morning, Lou is back in the annex, cancelling the reservations for a planned trip. Nathan comes in with a supply of medication. He sits down at the kitchen counter opposite Lou. She looks at him and asks him if he knows, referring to Will's plans to travel to Switzerland to end his life. Nathan says yes, he does, and tries to explain to her just how hard Will's life is, and how much pain he is constantly suffering, even though he hides it when Lou is around, doing everything he can to make her happy. Lou is desperate. She asks Nathan if he would accompany them on one last trip if the doctors agree to Will going. Nathan confirms that he would, telling her that he too wants Will to live, but only if he wants it himself.

    In Lou's home Patrick is waiting for her with a candle lit dinner. He wants to make up for their tiff on the day of Will's pneumonia. The food is healthy rather than delicious. When he sees a brochure for the trip Lou is planning for Will, he becomes jealous, saying it is not a holiday but a honeymoon. When Lou mentions that Nathan will be coming too, the idea of her on a holiday with two men infuriates him even more. Lou is firm that she is putting Will first and Patrick leaves. Lou is deeply unhappy about their acrimonious parting.

    Lou, Will and Nathan are travelling in a private jet. Will is much weakened after his recent illness. They arrive at a luxury beach resort in an exotic location. Lou is spending all of her time with Will. Nathan is amusing himself with a pretty blonde when he is not needed. Will and Lou encourage them to spend time together, assuring Nathan that they will be fine.

    It is night. There is lightning. Lou, dressed in a long white shirt, walks across Will's room to close the French doors. He asks her to leave them open so he can see the lightning. She walks over to him, checking he is all right. He asks her not to go back to her own room. Lou gently lies down on his bed, close beside him, then moves her head over his, her lips close to his. As they kiss, there is more lightning and the electric light in the room goes out.

    Will has booked Lou on a scuba diving tour. He won't listen to her objections, and when she finally resurfaces after the dive she is ecstatic.

    At night Lou is slowly dancing on the beach under the stars. Will is sitting in his wheelchair, watching her from the end of a wooden boardwalk, impossibly handsome with a deeply tanned face, dressed in a white shirt and trousers. Lou walks towards him, then sits on his knees. Will say that he needs to tell her something. Lou answers that she knows about Switzerland. She suggests that she can make him happy, and he concedes that life can be good, but adds that he will never be able accept his life as it is now. He speaks of pain and exhaustion, and he insists that he would never want to be the cause of any regrets she might have later in life. He tells her that what she has done for him over the last weeks is the most wonderful thing anybody could have done for him, but firmly adds that this is where it must end for him. Then he asks her to travel to Switzerland and be with him until the end.

    Lou is distraught. She tells him that she loves him and that she needs him, that she is a new person since she has met him, but that now he is asking her the worst thing imaginable and that she wishes to never see him again, indeed, that she had never met him in the first place. She runs away from him, leaving him to call after her.

    On the trip home, the mood is subdued. Lou and Will are not talking, but when he is asleep in the jet, Lou gently covers his body with a blanket, then sits opposite him, gazing at him. At the airport back in England, Lou declines an invitation from the Traynors to eat with them and rushes out to catch a bus home. Stephen tries to stop her, but Will says to let her go. Camilla hurries after her. Lou turns and looks at Camilla before boarding the bus. She says she is sorry and that there is no need to pay her. Camilla collapses into the arms of her husband who has followed her.

    At home, Lou's mother is adamant that Lou did the right thing in declining to accompany Will to Switzerland and forbids her to have anything to do with what she considers to be no better than murder.

    The next day Lou hears from her father that the Traynors have left for Switzerland. She is distrought, realizes that she has made a huge mistake. Encouraged by her father, she rings the Traynors and travels to Switzerland. When she enters the building of the Swiss clinic, Will's wheelchair is standing abandoned in a corner outside his room. Lou makes a typically clumsy and noisy entrance, eliciting an affectionately sarcastic remark from Will. His parents greet her and seem happy to see her. They move into the adjoining room to give her some time with him. The tiny apartment is airy and furnished tastefully in crisp clean white. Will mischievously asks her if she has come to make his last cup of tea, Lou counters with the statement that she has come to abduct him to Rio. A short look of hope flashes across Camilla's face, but the mood turns sombre, and Will asks Lou to open the door to the garden. Then he asks her to come close. She lies down on the bed beside him. They kiss. She asks him to tell her something good. He starts softly singing the crazy Molahonkey song she has been singing for him on that night when he was ill and when they first started warming to each other. Will's voice grows weaker. He asks her to call in his parents.

    Then screen shows a close up of his hand, resting on his chest on top of Lou's, his good thumb gently caressing her.

    The camera shifts to the clean white of the sheets of the bed, which slowly dissolves into whispy clouds on a blue sky. A large leaf falls off a tree, floating gently to the ground beside a pair of lovers kissing on a park bench in Paris.

    Lou is sitting at a table outside a small coffee shop in Paris. She is reading a letter from Will, the text of which is heard as a voice over in his voice, suggesting that if she has followed instructions, she will be sitting in this particular spot when reading the letter and that hopefully the sun will still be shining. Then the letter informs her that she will be contacted by his solicitor and given access to an account that he has set up for her to help her start a new life away from the small town where they both grew up. He suggests she buy a certain perfume he always thought would suit her in a shop on the other side of the river. The letter ends with a declaration of his eternal love for her. Lou gets up from behind the small table. She is wearing the yellow and black striped tights. She walks across the bridge, goes into the shop mentioned in the letter, then emerges with a small bag in her hand.