Agent 47: We determine who we are by what we do.

John Smith: If you give me what I want, I'll leave your daughter in peace.

Litvenko: If I give you what you want, there will be no peace.

John Smith: I want you to know, I'm a big fan of your work, 47. It's an honor to meet a legend.

Agent 47: I thought you could only be a legend after you are dead.

John Smith: Oh, but you are. You just don't know it yet.

Sanders: [conducting interrogation] Now you listen to me very carefully, Mr. 47, or whatever the fuck your name is! There's a lot of ways that this can end and that's entirely up to you. But you can be goddamn certain that this thing is not gonna end the way that you thought it was, because the last time I checked, you're locked in here with me, and I'm the one with the gun!

Agent 47: No, Mr. Sanders. You are locked in here with me...

Agent 47: You can't fight who you are, Katia. You'll lose.

Katia: Was that what happened to you? You fought who you are, and you lost? People can change.

Agent 47: Don't put your faith in me. You'll be disappointed.

Litvenko: [being chased] What do they want?

Agent 47: More of me.

Katia: Why would anyone want more of you?

Litvenko: You're a bastard.

John Smith: I know.

Litvenko: No. you don't. You're a result of inferior technologies. A failed experiment. An Agent's advantage is not his body, John Smith. It's his mind. You will never be as good as him.

[first lines]

Diana: [narrating] The history of man is defined by war. And war by the men who fight it. What if we could create a better man? Someone did.

Diana: The Agent program was initiated in August of 1967 by a man named Peter Aaron Litvenko. It's purpose was to create the perfect killing machine. Human beings without emotion, or fear, or remorse. The resulting subjects were called, Agents. The Program was a success. But the price of creating men without humanity, was Litvenko's conscience.

Diana: Applying his brilliant mind to his flight, he vanished. Fearing that it would be exposed, the Govt shut down the Program, and surviving Agents drifted into shadows. Realizing it's potential, many tried to re-start the Program. All failed. So they focused their efforts on finding the one man who could.

Diana: The task fell to Dr. Albert Delriego. A ruthless, and efficient man. But Litvenko had disappeared and even he couldn't find him. Then, 6 years into his search, Delriego made an unexpected discovery. A single photograph, which would become the key to finding Litvenko.

Diana: No-one had ever imagined, that in the end, it would come down to one, little girl.

Agent 47: [goading his assailants over the intercom] So many choices, and only one right answer. What's it gonna be? Emotion or duty?

Agent 47: [about Katia's father] He did what any parent would. He died to save his children.

[last lines]

Agent 47: There is a building full of highly-trained operatives who will be on their way up here now.

Katia: You're wrong. There's just one.

[elevator door opens]

Agent 47: Diana says Hello...

Katia: You're a monster, you piece of shit you! I should've kill you!

Agent 47: Yes, you should but you won't because you're weak. You're nothing more than a scared little girl, who's only real gift is running.

Katia: Damn you!