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  • MR_Heraclius1 March 2020
    There seems to have been a great opportunity here to do something very Bourne-esque with the premise, but alas, it's just another average Hollywood action movie where everything is very silly, totally unbelievable and lacking depth. Still, if you just want to watch something with some action, then this is as good of a time-killer as anything else, maybe even more so if you're a fan of the video games that it's based on, although I suppose that would depend on just how faithful they've been to the source material. There's been better and there's been worse.
  • If you have played one of the video games for at least 45 minutes you know that Agent 47 is all about discretion. DISCRETION!

    It's all about how he blends in, how he hides in the shadows. If you have to physically engage guards or any other people except your target you feel like you did something wrong.

    This movie was just an action movie that tries to get some of the video-game franchise fans to pay for the ticket. Bu that's about it. So instead of discretion, finesse, elegance... you have speed, force, super-intelligence... Not bad but NOT AGENT 47.

    Looking forward for a real Hit-man movie.
  • Despite good casting, very good performances, more than a correct direction, camera work, sfx, editing and music, this movie is not excellent. It has no soul, as previous version (with Timothy Olyphant, 2007) did. Comparison is inevitable. This is only an action movie: a good bunch of action scenes and essentially a mindless fun. However, no character development or an explanation who, why, where, when and so on. Previous version had it all and if someone planned sequels (or a franchise), they should have done it eight years ago. Then it would make sense. Don't get me wrong here. This movie is not a bad one and the cast gave it all to make it entertaining. But for me that is just not enough, considering the template (video game) and possibilities to develop a good idea into a more complex and challenging story. This movie returns all to the level of the video game (maybe even below that). I think that these characters deserve more. So do we. Recommended for "set-brains-to-off" fun on a weekend afternoon.
  • wybe-212 November 2015
    I'm very much a fan of the Hit-man games and was (again) shocked by the sheer ignorance in this film. Obvious mistakes and plot holes were apparent from the first minute; things like reloading guns only when it looks cool, guards with their backs to the elevator, contradictions in speech. Lack of a credibility of the entire storyline can be forgiven, since it's still a dystopian video game and don't we all love a dame in distress. The disrespect director Bach shows in ignoring the very nature of the games (stealth) and treating the audience as idiots is culpable. Most of the shots seem to have been made just to look good. CGI was not too good but unlike the rest of the film, functional.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I never expected anything more of this film than run of the mill action with the Hit-man flavor. I was sorely disappointed. Firstly I felt like the first hour or so of the film was a take on "The Terminator" with a bit of a "Leon: The Professional" vibe too. There was even an antagonist who had rejuvenating body armour like a Terminator cyborg. He got shot plenty of times to kill him and even electrocuted but wouldn't die. Agent 47 was basically reduced to a supporting character and the "sixth sense" nonsense where the female protagonist learns to harness her own Hit-man skills is laughable. Throw in the old "you're brother and sister" and you've got your classic 1am made-for-TV b-movie. However my greatest disappointment was at the end when they take the HQ down and do all of this "in-sync" shooting with one another, crossing arms etc... it was so cringe worthy. The only cool part of the film for me was when I accepted she had a sixth sense of a sort and at the very end where the female protagonist anticipated a powerful army or special ops team of sorts coming up the stairs to get them, when in fact it was Agent 48. Then the film ended. It was kind of cool. I love Hit-man but was very disappointed although I do feel if they ever make another one they need to have an actor who is essentially a no-name because 47 is so blank in the face if you had a famous person playing the character I feel you would lose your suspension of disbelief. No disrespect to The Late Paul Walker who was in talks to play the iconic video game character. Lastly I feel that what the Hit-man games are about; stealth and creative ways to execute contracts is not what an action films wants which is full on shoot-outs. In the game Hit-man if you carried on the way they did in this film (or the last to be honest) then you would lose so many points for not being a "silent assassin" as he "goes loud" almost every time in this. The need to go Nolan-Batman, dark themed if they were to translate this into a successful film franchise.
  • This is not a bad action movie, but it is not a hitman movie. Its not about a sneaky hitman. And rupert does not get the part right... This is not living up to the first hitman movie that was awesome
  • I have been a fan of the Hit-man games for a long time, and this movie is absolutely awful.

    The actor who played Agent 47 is terrible. The story is awful. The character of Agent 47 was the complete opposite of the character in the games.

    In the games, Agent 47 is methodical, stealthy and calculated. In this movie, the character throws all of that out the window and turns the movie into a typical shoot 'em up. So much terribleness. The first Hit-man movie is much better.

    This movie is so bad that all comments on the Facebook page are positive, only because all negative comments get quickly deleted. Some people have even had the audacity to say that this movie stays true to the games. Other than the title and Agent 47's suit, nothing. Terrible! Save your money.
  • This is a great, big, steaming pile of tripe on your plate, so make of it what you will. If you like it, I won't hold it against you. Personally, I thought it was insultingly stupid at times, at least when it wasn't completely screwing the original character over. When they started harpooning cars, I just threw my hands up and said: "I give up!" Please, no more of this. It. Was. Awful.

    Mr. Friend, Mr. Kretschmann or Mr. Hinds aren't to blame. They delivered their parts with their usual professionalism. Mr. Quinto was okay too.

    If you want to see a decent movie about Agent 47, watch "Hitman", starring Timothy Olyphant. That movie is much better and much 'closer to home', so to speak.

    47 is an assassin, not a superhero, or even a hero, for that matter.

    Just an assassin.
  • So agent 47 the great, the fantastic the unhuman , what the hell is this, i had the impression of watching a movie about metal gear solid, agent 47 is silent, classy, a ninja et doesn't draw attention, in that movie you see him has a beast, gun blazing shooting people not giving a ... there's somehow a guy made out of metal god what a shame. i wasn't expecting a great movie either i'm not even surprised i was bored after an hour watching that fake hit-man, plenty of car chase and shooting, are we ever gonna get a great movie game EVER ?? please don't watch it, there plenty of good movie that one isn't, i'm not giving more than one the action scene almost made me puke with the shaky camera , it doesn't represent hit-man at all.
  • media-10416 February 2016
    A straight forward Action Movie

    I don't understand the low rating.. Honestly..

    A postmodern bulk action movie, with a rather cold (cool) edge. With a lot of stock actors (redshirts), tons of bullets, car chases and a straightforward story.. Would make a great TV Show. Good entertainment with agreeable acting. Rupert Friend is a believable fighting machine.. All in all a straightforward, no frill action with no higher aspiration..

    I did enjoy this compact gem..

    Therefor I give it a solid 8/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw the first Hit-man movie, I thought it was quite a ridiculous attempt at transforming a high success video game to big screen. And then this came around. I mean, god damn, I gave it 4 out of 10 for Rupert Friend alone, because I absolutely loved the guy in Homeland. This movie is an insult to the source material. I mean I REALLY wouldn't force the director, writer and/or main character actor to go through even one of the games, but why, why on earth wouldn't they at least have read the script? I mean, movie people do realize, that games have scripts as well, don't they? In short words, instead of making kind of a suspense thriller (genre to which hit-man games could be compared) about a genetically modified assassin made in an insane attempt at cloning people in an insane *pun intended* asylum in Romania, they made a mediocre, at best, action flick with so bad writing that even decent actors can't help it.

    Also, to the producers, next time you want a heavy cgi'd movie, make it's budget bigger OR try to minimize the CGI. Like, one of the two. Because this movie here is something that seems like it tried to rip off one of the newer James Bond flicks but it fell short like, well, a cheap rip-off.

    It was quite unnerving, seeing Friend play in this, I hope he at least made a decent coin out of it, because it's not gonna be a bright point in his resume.
  • I'll be honest, I didn't go into this movie expecting much. I'm not a big fan of the Hit-man franchise because I've always been a story-orientated player and the idea of playing a seemingly static character like 47 never appealed to me. Since seeing this movie, I've done some research and found out my initial opinion of the franchise was wrong and I should probably give the games a chance.

    Rupert Friend does an excellent job as Agent 47, capturing a man who is stoic and seemingly emotionless but also a liar. One of the cool elements of the movie is you can never tell if 47 is genuinely opening up to Katia (Hannah Price) about his feelings or whether he's just trying to manipulate her. Given he's contrasted, directly, against John Smith (Zachary Quinto) who does the exact same thing, it leaves the viewer with an interesting conundrum as to whether anything they're seeing from them is true. This is a cunning and cerebral 47 who knows exactly what he needs to do in order to get his target.

    The action scenes are, of course, the only reason anyone should go see this movie and they don't disappoint. They're silly, awesome, fun, and bloody. Agent 47 can do the John Woo guns akimbo thing with the best of them but he's also capable of taking down people with piano wire or shoving them into plane engines. None of them make a damn bit of sense in the real world but, honestly, who cares? This isn't the real world. This is the world where the Syndicate and ICA are dueling over a cloning project's future despite having cyborg super-soldiers at their beck and call.

    I'm not a believer that big, dumb action movies are automatically forgiven for being dumb. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a big, intelligent action movie for instance. However, I do think Hit-man is a big, silly action movie, which is something else entirely. It also benefits from a re-watch, yes I saw it twice, because 47's motivations are consistent throughout the movie but hidden from the viewer. I would very much be willing to watch another installment of this franchise with the same cast and hope it does well at the box office.
  • The video game based plot comes to the big screen for the second time in a reboot, the first one that came out in 2007, which was okay. I'll admit I never played the game.

    The plot seems nearly similar to Wanted(2008), action scenes are pretty well done, the film is shot in a film noir like style. Rupert Friend plays Hit-man Agent 47 as basically a human terminator, he does play it well I must say. Everybody else plays there parts pretty well. There are some surprises in some corners. But the film itself is enjoyable for it's action and nothing more. In a film like this you have to suspend a little dis believe, I never take it seriously, I liked it better then the last Hit-man movie.
  • Anyone who's ever harboured the dream of seeing Singapore feature prominently in a Hollywood movie will certainly be pleased with 'Hitman: Agent 47", which features iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina South in their full glory. A pivotal supporting character is seen admiring the orchids in the Gardens' Cloud Forest dome, before taking a stroll along the OCBC Skyway. The headquarters of a sinister group known as the Syndicate Organisation is situated right in the heart of Marina South, against the backdrop of the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Asia Square towers. And last but not least, there is even a full-scale shootout in broad daylight along downtown Robinson Road, which probably has never seen and will never see as many Comfort taxis at the same time.

    We're not sure what it took to convince the producers and filmmakers of this video game adaptation to bring part of the production here, but hey it is one of the few thrills in an otherwise loud and dumb action thriller. To be frank, we weren't expecting much from this reboot of the earlier EuropaCorp film starring Timothy Olyphant in the titular role of a chrome-domed, genetically engineered, emotionless contract killer from not so far back in 2007; after all, if there is one demographic that it would try to please, it is the video-gamers who adore stepping into the shoes of the cold-blooded assassin to kill off his enemies while wrecking maximum carnage in the process, which was probably in the one-line brief that Fox gave to veteran commercials director Aleksander Bach here.

    Hamstrung by a muddled script by Skip Woods (who also wrote the earlier 'Hitman' movie) and Michael Finch, Bach falls back on a breakneck pacing and flashy visuals to gloss over the film's obvious storytelling flaws. Yes, despite an intriguing first half-hour that teases the characters' motivations, the rest of the film is unfortunately as straight-forward as it gets in plotting the cat- and-mouse game between Katia (Hannah Ware) and a certain John Smith (Zachary Quinto) dispatched by Syndicate HQ. Katia is the crucial link to the Agent programme's lead scientist Dr. Litvenko (Ciaran Hinds), whom the Syndicate's head honcho Le Clerq (Thomas Kretschmann) needs to restart the programme. Another organisation however has sent Rupert Friend's Agent 47 to prevent Katia from falling into the hands of the Syndicate, though it isn't quite clear what they want from her.

    The less you think about the plot, the more you are likely to enjoy the visceral pleasures that the film offers. True to the spirit of its source material, the action here is brutal and pulsating, with heads blown off, bodies sucked into giant jet engines, limbs slashed and blood basically splattering everywhere (and for those who are wondering, much of the bloodletting takes place in interiors rather than exteriors, so don't get your hopes up about seeing all that happening along our streets). Bach choreographs and executes the action with gory flair, and fans of the IO Interactive game will be glad to know that he makes the effort to retain its aesthetics.

    Yet no matter how diverting the shootouts or fisticuffs may be, there is no hiding the fact that the characters are under-written. Though Friend makes for a surprisingly good Agent 47 – and we are not just talking about his looks – the actor best known for his supporting part in 'Homeland' is shortchanged by the script's reluctance to develop fully the theme of choice versus blind obedience. Ware makes a sufficiently harried female protagonist, but Quinto is utterly wasted in a role that doesn't quite know what to do with him after it is revealed that he is actually working for the Syndicate. Veterans Hinds and Kretschmann have even more limited roles, but their natural gravitas elevates their presence just ever so slightly.

    Of course, you'll probably should not expect a film like 'Hitman: Agent 47' to be moulded on an intricate plot or deep characters, and true enough, it isn't. Rather, it takes its action seriously, which is what its target demographic is likely to assess it on anyways – and in that regard, it succeeds as a fast-paced thrill ride all right, even though it is equally mind-numbing. That said, there is greater relish watching some of the action unfold in our very own backyard, no matter that the reasoning for re-locating the action from Berlin to Singapore midway through the film is tenuous at best, and the novelty in watching the sights we are familiar with within a big-budget Hollywood action thriller makes it slightly more enjoyable.
  • stosicpavle23 August 2015
    One thing that bugs me more than any other about this film is the choice of the lead actor. He looks more like poor man's Orlando Bloom, and less like Agent 47 from the video game. IMHO he doesn't look convincing enough to play this role. He looks too skinny to be an engineered human being, bred for one purpose, to be a killing machine (just shaving some actors head doesn't make him an Agent 47). Wouldn't all those years of physical training be visible on his physique? Maybe I'm wrong, and he was bred for stamina rather than strength. The action scenes are very well done with some genuine WOW moments, but the story feels too generic, and plagued with the same problems like the first attempt on turning this video game into a movie (they just had to have a woman as his sidekick again!!!). If you expect a good action flick, you will be satisfied, but if you are a video game fan, this just won't do it for you, as it didn't do it for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was honestly not expecting much from this movie, But after watching some of the trailers and looking at the photos a couple weeks out from the release. I was getting pretty keen to see it!

    One thing I can say is ignore the critics and actually go see it and form your own opinion, much like the first movie starring Timothy Olyphant this movie was Awesome and replicated the tone, brutality and intensity of the games. I also have no idea what people are expecting from a movie/ movies based on video games. And in this case Hit-man. The first movie came out in 2007, so no one can say this movie was rushed considering Zachary Quinto was announced/ attached to Pre-production ages ago haha.

    I'm not here to argue or bitch, but is anyone actually expecting a video game movie to win an Oscar? If so why? Video games are enjoyable But don't envy the director who has to take multiple elements from a game and translate that onto screen. However in this case, the New Hit-man is Incredible in it's own right. But feel free to trend in sharing someone else's opinion and not having your own :) Good life Good luck!

    I honesty give it an 8/10 because yes, abit more time spent on it would have been a benefit. But who actually goes to see a movie based on a video game expecting an Oscar winning movie? lol

    The writing - I thought was Awesome I thought everything was exactly how a Hit-man Game would be written.

    The acting - If neither Rupert Friend or Zachary Quinto win an Oscar I would be surprised. Notice I said actor winning an Oscar not the movie? Because the movie was Great! but it isn't perfect. Rupert Friend owned the role as 47 and Zachary Quinto killed it in his role.

    Is it the best video game movie? - I wouldn't go that far and I don't think anyone else would either. But it's up there in my opinion. It's in no way shape or form the worst video game movie. And it's already been released that Rupert has signed a multiple picture deal, so a sequel is at least coming. And I think it at least earned that!

    Conclusion - So do what you want, trend and follow an opinion and never form your own. Or go see it for yourself.
  • When it comes to movies based on popular videogames, a majority of them intend to fail and get the fanboys of the game source to rave and rant on what's wrong with it and question why it was made. In this scenario, Hit-man: Agent 47 does stand somewhere near there, but it does improve on its 2nd attempt to bring the 'silent assassin' on screen in the best way possible.

    The film follows an assassin known only as Agent 47 (played by a great and bald Rupert Friend) who seems to team up with a woman named Hanna (Hannah Ware) to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry. Together, they aim to take down the leader of Syndicate International, a terrorist group who is aiming to discover and create more deadly hit-man that process Hannah's unique ability and are more deadly than the assassin himself.

    What makes Agent 47 so redeemable is the fact that it tries to improve on its plot and following the game source material than what the 2007 adaptation did (not to mention that the casting of Timothy Olyphant is mixed for me), it may not have done its 100% faithfulness to be label how game-to-movies are made but it's better than what most people say. The plot itself stays simple and is a no brainer to follow what's happening, but I did feel that the movie itself ran smoothly and kept pace in strong hold but the 96 minute running time is still considered short for my tastes (hopefully in future there will be an extended cut of the film that could help bring the film longer).

    The casting range here may or may not seem recognisable but the cast do put on their best performance roles, Rupert Friend (from TV's Homeland) suits better as Agent 47 than what Olyphant's take did. Agent 47 is pretty much an emotionless, ruthless and yet cunning like in the game and Friend sticks close to that with good results. Ware makes a good impression as the female lead, playing a character that is searching for not only her past but embracing the future ahead as she learns more about her 'unique' side. Zachary Quninto plays a decent role as well though other reviewers say that his role was wasted, I won't give away too much but he does give his best on-screen role that's not a waste.

    Pros: + Better plot than the previous film + Great performances from Friend, Ware and Quinto + Fun and well-set action pieces that are structured much well better than the first film

    Cons: - Short running time, I would have loved to seen the film go longer and see itself expand into something unique- CGI may be clearly noticeable in some of the action set pieces

    OVERALL: Hit-man: Agent 47 is a better but not yet best game to movie adaptation to surface in years, Arming itself with a great choice of casting, direction, plot and action, the film is a worthy watch on a lazy afternoon and it's a 'leave the brain at the door' so you can't take it to be full-on serious.
  • 5.8/10 from 28,215 users, I know it will be bad… but I cannot help it… I have to watch it~! I have grew up with the love for the original game. Unfortunately, some people like to take advantage of the fame of good games, and make bad films, pulling many original fans into a pitfall. I feel like a moth flying towards a fire… will I get burnt?

    6 minutes – terrible… not even one game had such ridiculous action going on… + 47 doesn't even remotely look like the original

    8 minutes – another scene looks like a copy of John Wick (2014) but it is much more cringe-worthy

    15 minutes – WTF is this s*** Aleksander Bach should be banned from the film industry… the guy has no clue…

    51 minutes – I have decided to watch this film despite of the negative ratings, in hope that I can say something good for a change… but I really cannot. It feels like a mixture of Terminator/Resident Evil/Matrix films, but only when you take everything what is bad from them

    1h 10minutes – the main character is quite likable, even when he doesn't have much in common with 47…

    If I would rate it solely, on how truthfully they have presented agent 47 from the games, the rating would be -4 /10… Terrible from the beginning to the very end, avoid like a poo.

    tgchan's rating: 4 /10
  • ricmetalster27 January 2016
    there's movies that are so bad, they become good. this is not one of them. terrible, watered down attempts at insightful intelligent thoughts is how i'd categorize this movie script's supposedly high points. it's story is less interesting as the story of how an un-smeared steaming dog turd in the middle on a busy street has maintained intact. acting reflects the story, uninteresting. as to respecting the character and it's origins, it's obvious the writers have no idea, or do not care. bottom line, i've spent more time interested in no-brainer eating competitions than in this movie. mediocre, at best.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not a video game fan and although I saw the first movie (loved it) I don't allow myself to be jaded or to drudge up preconceived notions about what a movie should or shouldn't be based on something else. Whether it's concept was based on a book, video game or another movie I try to watch it based on its own merits.

    I just saw this movie today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I checked the reviews and was stunned at so many negative reviews that I had to come online and give my own two cents. I for one prefer not to have things explained to me at the beginning of a movie. The plot and subplots worked well and things were revealed as the movie played out. Sure there was a plot twist at the end, but with action movies that's to be expected. I for one would like to see a second installment and the door is open for that, but if it's the last movie, I don't feel cheated. The writing was well done for this genre, could it have been better, yes, but basically it was about the special effects, combat and car chase scenes which were quite stunning.

    I won't give too much away, but this is a distinctive movie, not repetitive or replicative of the first movie or the video games. It stands on its own. It's fun to watch, filled with action, and a decent plot. It made for an entertaining afternoon. Do not listen to the critics, judge it for yourself, you might just like it.

    Bottom line is, go see this movie with fresh eyes. Shed off any preconceived notions of what you think this movie should be and leave them at the door, sit back and enjoy.
  • Hello

    This is my first review and i have no idea how it will be.

    Re-watching the movie again,both actually,got me thinking that in the first part,Agent 47 was so bad a** and tough looking guy compared to the new one. That is actually why i gave 10 stars to the first and only 4 to the sequel.

    Now can someone tell/explain me why they changed the actor of Agent 47 ?

    Thanks Cheers
  • dustin-3100722 August 2015
    Went to this not knowing anything about the video game, previous films, etc.

    It was pretty decent. Nothing earth shattering or monumental, but competently done and a pretty decent action movie overall.

    I gave it 6 out of 10 as I felt it was slightly above average.

    There were a few scenes where the actors didn't quite maintain their characters, but the directing / editing covered it up pretty well.

    Pretty good action sequences and special effects. It is quite bloody and graphic with a lot of killing, so if that sort of thing bothers, then you might want to think twice.

    The plot and character development are average, but at least this film does have a plot and does attempt character development which is more than I can say for most films these days so . . .

    Overall, decent.
  • An assassin teams up with a woman to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry., really, that's it. Well, there are twists, and it doesn't do everything you think it might. But much like the IOI games, this has little plot, focusing instead on extensive backstory. And at least it isn't the overly complicated mess of the '07 film, which this handily beats in all respects, keeping a few elements from it.

    This has a surprising amount of character moments. Interactions and when they're alone. 47(Friend, detached from what he does feel, in control of the situation and not shy about it. He pulls off the baldness without it looking chemo and his face is "plain", not Hollywood, so he could disappear into a crowd. Or could, if he had hair), is entirely by himself. By necessity. And desire? Katia(Ware, keeping her distance, owning her anxiety and using what it to comes from to her advantage) may have been abandoned, and is driven to find out why, yet is a strong, independent woman. They compliment each other, rather than her being towed along. The others, I shouldn't give away. The genetic tampering allows bringing up the old determinism vs. free will debate, and the ethics of the practice itself. Is this too dumb to take those on? Otherwise, yes. And it owns it.

    The action is elegant, choreographed, often OTT and ridiculous. A stronger, faster and smarter human, trained from childhood to kill, creatively taking on dozens of literally faceless goons? That is exactly the direction to go with it! She has incredible memory, instincts, intuition and senses. He's in his red tie, black suit, white shirt, and uses his R93 Blaser sniper, his dual silver .45s, his knives, melee and tactics. And it is glorious. The first third of this feels like The Terminator, with our titular hero as the T800! This is stylish, slick and badass.

    There is a ton of bloody, violent and disturbing content, a little gore and strong language. I recommend this to anyone who wants to turn their brain off, and I mean, fully off, and enjoy themselves. Fan or not of the decade and a half old franchise? You'll grin through it either way. Doesn't matter whether you know the material, or not even like it. 8/10
  • thowin-984-91254228 November 2015
    This is the second installment of a hit-man movie. I guess we all hoped for something better this time, despite the trailers obviously showed the casting agency worked even worse this time.

    Once again we got fed with a simple, boring, pointless action movie. This might have been good enough for 3 points out of ten. Considering the franchise and all the story and character development that was done over the years, its a complete disappointment.

    Makes you wonder why they buy the rights to the franchise and make a movie. It should at least please the fan base, instead its a worthless piece of trash to anyone.

    But to be less of a fan-boy, even in its prime scenes its hardly mediocre. the storyline is pure bull and the actors can't be considered acting. All bad, Uwe Boll bad, maybe even worse.
  • Changi Airport must have the worst security system in the world ! To be able to smuggle guns and knives seems to be dead easy .. No one had a meal, or ran out of weapons or ammunition throughout this joke of a film. Passports and visas ? Nah, no need ... the director takes care of that. The father, at long last was a damp squid with a strange East German accent ! I fell asleep before the end knowing I wasn't going to miss ANYTHING ... Oh, and in case you didn't know, it seems that all the cars in Singapore are left-hand drive !
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