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  • Adequate jail movie that shows realism and truth without falling into the clichés of the genre . This realistic picture results to be an intense as well as sober drama that packs tension , straightforward events , a love story and violence . It deals with Antonio, (Chico García) a successful executive found guilty of financial crimes , has to go to prison for two years but doesn't want anyone to find out . As Antonio convinces everybody he goes to make a Master in Michigan , USA . Everything is under control , except he will spend 321 in prison . As Antonio spends a lot of time in prison and attempts to avoid a smear on his C.V . In prison he meets Sara (Virginia Demorata) , a gypsy mother , and falls in love for her . There Antonio is blackmailed by Carmona (Hector Medina) who wishes his teenager son behaves a good life to be out of prison . As Antonio trapped in a world that does not belong and forgotten his fateful fate , erupts into an explosion of self-defensive redemption showed on some touching ending scenes .

    Tense , realist and intriguing Spanish drama mostly located in prison . This powerful and well directed prison movie contains thought-provoking issues , thrills , jealousy , violence and a sensitive romance . The story contains a statement about inmate's mistreating , despair , and strong criticism about hard life in prison . Most part of the movie takes place into four walls of the jail involving a motley group of inmates as male as female ones . Interesting and brooding screenplay dealing with prison life and complex relationships among inmates . With a good but unknown cast , as Chico Garcia , Virginia DeMorata , Salva Reina , Hector Medina , Virginia Muñoz ; including sensational acting from support cast such as Cuca Escribano , Anibal Soto , Juanma Lara and Joaquín Núñez .

    Evocative and appropriate musical score by Fernando Velazquez who previously composed for successful terror/thriller films as ¨The orphanage¨ , ¨For the good of others¨ , ¨Julia's eyes¨ and ¨Devil¨ . Produced in low but adequate budget by Roberto Butragueño and Jose Carmona , being shot in Malaga . Atmospheric cinematography in realistic style by Alberto Centeno . The motion picture was well directed by Enrique Garcia . It achieved various nominations and prizes such as Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Nominated CEC Award Best Adapted Screenplay : Isa Sánchez Enrique García and Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2014 in which Won Silver Biznaga Best Supporting Actor : Salva Reina , Hector Medina and Audience Award : director Enrique García