Melissa McCarthy's real-life daughters appear in the movie; Mellissa's older daughter Vivian Falcone plays 10-year old Michelle in 1980 and Melissa's youngest daughter Georgette plays a background extra.

Michelle Darnell is based on a character from an old Melissa McCarthy stand up comedy routine.

Both Melissa McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone and Kristen Bell's husband Dax Shepard have small cameos

Michelle gives the finger to a building with "Renault" emblazoned across the side. It is the Trump Tower in Chicago. Since the start of the Donald Trump campaign for president, it has become popular to take selfies giving the finger to the "Trump" name across the side.

Second film written by star Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone, along with Groundlings friend, Steve Mallory.

The songs playing in the opening montage when Michelle is repeatedly sent back to the orphanage not only relate to each year but also to Michelle wanting to be loved by her adoptive family.

The film was originally titled Michelle Darnell.

The third collaboration between Melissa McCarthy and Kathy Bates. They previously appeared together on Tammy (2014) and Mike & Molly (2010).

Each of the childhood clips show Michelle Darnell having dark brown/black hair, even though Michelle later claims that red is her natural hair colour.

Ben Falcone's real-life parents appear briefly in the fight scene, they're seen as neighbors slamming their door.

Michelle Darnell wears turtlenecks throughout the whole movie.

When Michelle is playing tennis is prison, she says come On dawn that's a nod to her character in Identity Thief who's character was named Dawn and went to prison.

A TV spot featured a cameo by WWE wrestler Dave Bautista as a Dandelions mentor who gets punched in the plums by Michelle.

Millie Bobby Brown auditioned unsuccessfully for a part of Melissa McCarthy as a young girl.

Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, and Annie Mumolo previously worked together on Bridesmaids (2011).

In one scene, Kathy Bates (who starred in Stephen King's movies, Misery (1990) and Dolores Claiborne (1995)), refers to Michelle Darnell as "Shawshank", which is a nod to another Stephen King movie, The Shawshank Redemption (1994).

Both Kathy Bates and Margo Martindale guest appeared on different episodes of the show Mike & Molly (2010) that starred Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, and Michael McDonald previously worked together on The Heat (2013).

Cecily Strong and Melissa McCarthy also appear in Ghostbusters (2016).

Kathy Bates, who plays Ida Marquette, also guest starred as Mike's mother's childhood friend, Kay McKinnon, in 2 episodes of Mike & Molly (2010), which starred Melissa McCarthy as Molly.