Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) make a joke about child actors not amounting to much. Bateman was a child actor famous for his role in Silver Spoons as well as in Valerie (1986).

A tilt-shift lens is used to give several wide aerial shots the miniaturized look of the Game of Life board game.

Prior to filming, the cast members had their own "game night" so they could get to know one another and prepare for the film. They played Clue and Joking Hazard.

Jason Bateman was originally set to direct the film, but John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein would only work on a rewrite of the script if they could also direct.

After Annie (Rachel McAdams) accidentally shoots Max (Jason Bateman), she attempts to perform minor surgery on him to remove the bullet using a pair of tweezers, much in the same way players remove parts from the body in the game Operation.

In addition to referencing Quentin Tarantino's films Pulp Fiction (1994) and Django Unchained (2012), the movie includes a scene filmed in a single take, a technique often used by Tarantino.

In the underground rich person fight club scene, Donald Anderton (Danny Huston) introduces a new fighter, Logan. Danny Huston also played Stryker in Xmen Origins: Wolverine, where he was responsible for giving Wolverine (Logan) his adamantium skeleton.

Ryan (Billy Magnussen) keeps referencing an underground fight club. During a guessing game, Max (Jason Bateman) has to get Annie (Rachel McAdams) and his friends to guess the actor Ed Norton. Edward Norton was one of the main stars of Fight Club (1999).

The real name of the actor who plays 'Not Denzel' is Malcolm X. Hughes. Denzel Washington played the lead role in Malcolm X (1992).

In keeping with the theme of games referenced in the film, there is a subtle reference to a classic 1970s board game. When the group first enter Donald Anderton's (Danny Huston) lavish home, the painting "Old Man with a Gold Chain" by Rembrandt can be seen hanging on the wall. This is one of the paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago which is featured in the board game Masterpiece.

Director John Francis Daley played Carter in the film. In Horrible Bosses (2011) he played a character also named Carter.

This was the second film Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams starred in together. The first was State of Play (2009).

Jesse Plemons and Billy Magnussen both appeared in the Black Mirror (2011) episode Black Mirror: USS Callister (2017).

The character of Gary Kingsbury, played by Jesse Plemons, was named after John Francis Daley's wife, Corinne Kingsbury.

The opening title sequence shows game pieces from many classic board games including Battleship. Battleship is later referenced as a game Max (Jason Bateman) and Brooks (Kyle Chandler) played as kids. Jesse Plemons who plays Gary had a role in the movie Battleship (2012).

The film contains references to Iron Man (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rachel McAdams had a role in Doctor Strange (2016), also from the MCU.

Kyle Chandler and Jesse Plemons both starred on the TV show Friday Night Lights (2006).

One of the filming locations was RiRa Irish Pub, 1010 Peachtree Street. NE, Atlanta, GA on April 4, 2017.

There is a scene where all the game players are face down on the street and Kyle Chandler (Brooks) confesses to Jason Bateman (Max) that he used to cheat at the game "Battleship". Jesse Plemons played the character Jimmy Ord in the 2012 film version of Battleship (2012) based on the game.

The film was promoted on February 12, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia by Micaela Dee and her fellow "Murder Mystery Dinner Theater" players.

In memory of stuntman John Bernecker, who died in July 2017, whilst filming The Walking Dead (2010) in Atlanta, Georgia, where the filming of [Game Night] took place. John Bernecker also performed stunts on the film Battleship (2012) which starred Jesse Plemons (Gary).

While playing Jenga at Gary's house, he makes a comment about not knowing "chemistry". Jesse Plemons, who plays Gary, also played Todd on Breaking Bad (2008). Todd relied on his knowledge of chemistry to make crystal meth.

Both Jesse Plemons and Kyle Chandler have starred in Grey's Anatomy (2005). Plemons played Jake Burton in season two, a patient with advanced craniodiaphyseal dysplasia. Chandler starred as Dylan Young, from the bomb squad in season two.

This was the second film Rachel McAdams and Michael Cyril Creighton appeared in together. The first was Spotlight (2015).

The Character Gary is likely named after the creator of the Role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons "Gary Gygax".

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At the beginning of the film, when Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are making out on the subway after the trivia night, a scrolling sign in the background reads: "Don't trust Gary."

Throughout the film, various children's games are played while trying to navigate the plot. "Simon Says" is played when Annie (Rachel McAdams) is holding the gun to the kidnappers in the bar. "Hot Potato" is played with the egg. "Charades" is played between Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie at the airport. Kevin (Lamorne Morris) and Michelle (Kylie Bunbury)'s argument, their escape from the locked room, and Annie removing the bullet from Max's arm, seem to be references to classic board games "Guess Who," "Jenga," and "Operation," respectively.

Post-credit scene: There is a scene after the credits finish that features Gary (Jesse Plemons)'s ex, Deb (Jessica Lee), and Not-Denzel (Malcolm X. Hughes).

Jeffrey Wright is uncredited as the actor portraying the FBI agent character.

In the credits, where Gary (Jesse Plemons)'s basement is shown with his whole plan mapped out, you can see that Ryan (Billy Magnussen), who is fairly dumb, actually went to Harvard University.

Various connections to the game "Monopoly" are found throughout the film including: Gary (Jesse Plemons)'s dog (piece), Brooks (Kyle Chandler)' car (piece), Brooks buying new property on Boardwalk (board spot), etc.

When the Bulgarian (Michael C. Hall) is revealed, there is a possible nod to Hall's previous and well known character, psychopath Dexter Morgan from Dexter (2006), in this scene. He takes Brooks (Kyle Chandler) captive and is asked by his accomplice if the other people should live. He responds by saying they've done nothing wrong and points to Brook's head and says playfully "Only THIS one!" in the same manner Dexter would often do to his victims before he murders them.

During the introduction sequence, when Jason Bateman (Max) and Rachel McAdams (Annie) are kissing on the subway, the LED sign that indicates the next station reads "Don't trust Gary".

When the two "kidnappers" from the murder mystery service show up to Brooks (Kyle Chandler)' house after he's already been taken, one of them is played by actor Steve Witting, perhaps best known for his recurring role as Burt on the 80s sitcom Valerie (1986), which also starred Jason Bateman as David Hogan. Burt was the Hogans' nerdy neighbor and close friend of David.

Just prior to getting kidnapped, Brooks (Kyle Chandler) says, "The game is afoot," a phrase most famously used by Sherlock Holmes. Rachel McAdams played Irene Adler opposite Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes (2009).

Body Count: 4

In the movie the character know as 'The Bulgarian' played by Michael C. Hall takes away Kyle Chandler (Kyle Chandler) (Brooks)' character and pokes him in the forehead with his index finger. Michael C. Hall starred in Dexter (2006) as a serial killer and would often do this to his victims before killing them.

Coincidentally, directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein had a scene in their previous film Vacation (2015) where the "four corners" state officers appear to be playing the board game Monopoly.

The climax of the film features three lead actors from TV shows: Arrested Development (2003) (Jason Bateman), Friday Night Lights (2006) (Kyle Chandler), and Dexter (2006) (Michael C. Hall), as well as a fourth, New Girl (2011) (Lamorne Morris).