Clyde Barrow: Alright, everybody get in the box!

Teller: [nervously] Uh... I'm claustrophobic.

Clyde Barrow: Well, I'm Baptist. Get in.

Bonnie Parker: [running from the police] Do you know where we're going?

Clyde Barrow: Not at the moment.

Bonnie Parker: All this for $46 in the till.

Clyde Barrow: $46.32, baby.

[last lines]

Clyde Barrow: Sometimes I like to think that Fever of Unexplained Origin, that I never came out of the other side, and the rest of my life - none of it ever happened. Especially that part where I got shot 37 times - giving my Bonnie Parker her big ending.

Bonnie Parker: Oh, goodness, PJ, I never introduced myself. I'm Bonnie Parker - a la, "Bonnie and Clyde."

Bonnie Parker: [Hamer is reading a sheet left in the typewrite] You've read the story of Jesse James. Of how he lived and died. If you're still in need of something to read, here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde. They call them cold-blooded killers. They say they are heartless and mean. But I say this with pride, that I once knew Clyde, when he was honest and upright and clean. But the laws fooled around, kept taking him down and locking him up in a cell. Till he said to me, "I'll never be free..."So I'll meet a few of them in hell."

[first lines]

Bonnie Parker: Clyde?

Clyde Barrow: I've always loved you, Bonnie. I've always loved you.

Clyde Barrow: [narrating] They say everyone's a product of their time and place. Well, Bonnie and my time was the Dirty Thirties, and our place in it was pretty close to rock bottom.

Bonnie Parker: And even if he dies, people are going to remember him. Clyde... Buck got to be a part of something. Something that's bigger than all of us. You know how many people get nothing but 60 years of nobody knowing they're alive, absolutely nothing?

Clyde Barrow: And that's all you care about, isn't it? People knowing who you are. Said you weren't a horrible person, Bonnie, but I was wrong. You don't care about Buck. You don't love me. No, I'm just a footnote in the story of you. Every time the blood was leaking out of some poor bastard, you figured just as much ink flowed to building up the legend of Bonnie Parker.

Bonnie Parker: [shoots the dying policeman a second time] See how his head bounced, Clyde? Just like a rubber ball.

Buck Barrow: [approach church wedding] Don't think we're dressed for the occasion. Let's go home.

Clyde Barrow: What we lack in tailoring, we'll make up for with charm. Come on.

Bonnie Parker: I'm almost 20. My husband left me, and I'm stuck here in Cement City with prospects none, Mama.

Clyde Barrow: [having just arrived at the speakeasy] You gonna be all right for a minute, Bonnie Parker?

Bonnie Parker: Sure. Where you going?

Clyde Barrow: Well, music's callin', I'm just answering the bell.

[walks up to the stage and begins playing a saxophone with the band]

Clyde Barrow: [narrating] Choices made. Roads gone down or turned away from. From my experience, tryin' to figure out why people do the things they do defies all logic.

Bank Officer: Look, we won't tell. Look, we won't call the cops or nothing.

Bonnie Parker: [shoots out a picture on the wall] Don't mess with Bonnie and Clyde!

P.J. Lane: You're going to rehire me to write about her. Her name's Bonnie Parker. She's got more personality than nine movie stars put together. She's romantically linked with a rebellious, disenfranchised son of Texas. And unless I'm wrong, the two of them are about to embark on a crime spree with lots of violence, glamor, and car chases. And it isn't just the man shooting the guns.

Jameson Lemmons: So you're saying there's sex, too.

Clyde Barrow: Look here. Just so you know, who's in the gang, what we do, what kind of guns we use, or if we go and join a damn monastery, it's all up to me. I make the decisions. All right?

Bonnie Parker: Fine. Just a thought. Sorry I had one.

Ray Hamilton: You smoke, Bonnie Parker?

Bonnie Parker: Nope. I was raised Christian.

Blanche Barrow: [blocking the door] What do you think you're doing? We're married.

Buck Barrow: Well... I'll write to you...

P.J. Lane: Mr. Hamer, you shot them down in cold blood? What do you say to the accusations you shot them down in cold blood? You think it was fair, Mr. Hamer, that you didn't give Bonnie and Clyde a warning, just executed them?

Frank Hamer: Ma'am, I'm afraid what we *all* gave Bonnie and Clyde was exactly what they wanted.