Holiday Grainger replaced Hillary Duff for the role of Bonnie.

Emilie Hirsch replaced Kevin Zegers for the role of Clyde

Amanda Seyfried was at one point rumored for the role of Bonnie after Hillary Duff left the project.

In the scene where Bonnie and Clyde come back for Buck: In the close-up of Clyde the camera reveals that the Ford Model A has a modern dash with a column shift overdrive automatic transmission; which would have replaced the original 3 speed manual which the car would have been originally equipped with.

Reunites Holly Hunter and William Hurt, who starred as lovers in "Broadcast News (1987)."

While talking to Frank Hamer in custody, Raymond Hamilton says that Barrow loves big block Fords and won't steal a car unless the car is powered by a V8. Throughout the miniseries, Barrow is usually seen driving a different Ford Model A that only had an I4 and is only seen once driving an actual Ford that came with a V8