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  • For all of the people complaining about the historical accuracy please stop. You want exact history go watch a documentary or a read history book. This show is awesome has a little bit of everything. At first i wasn't into it until a few episodes went by and then i got hooked on it. Great characters and good story line. I like it just as much as the Tudors series. Romance, politics, drama, betrayal, and great characters. Hate to see it ending at season 4.
  • Reign is a show aimed at girls, there's no arguing about that. It's fiction, doesn't claim to be otherwise.

    Season 1 is very light and full of spiralling dresses, and love stories. So light you might loose interest at some point but somehow, I always wanted to give it one more episode. Just one more to convince me to drop it. But just like you stuck with Gossip Girl for Blair & Chuck, you stick with Reign for Marie & Francis. Marie is regal and steals the screen while Francis is honest, and endearing. I have to admit Francis grew in me, wasn't such a fan at first.

    Season 2 however, gets much more political (and we thank you for it). The plot twists are unpredictable (at least less predictable than the first season), you will feel thorn by the various love stories that are stretched by politics. You will find matches you're rooting for, and others you hate. Following Marie's ladies from their teenage crushes to their marriages, you will see what life has planned for them. While it still revolves very much around the love stories, the intrigue is not only accessory in this season, it is fully part of the story.

    Can't wait to see season 3!
  • Some parts of this are way too painful to watch. I began watching it because I love Mary, Queen of Scots, but soon found that the historical accuracy of this was blown way out of proportion. Clothing (especially the dresses) - WRONG. Food - WRONG. Dance style - WRONG. Names of Mary's friends - WRONG. It seemed like I had a permanent grimace on my face for the beginning of it.

    But then there's my affection for the characters. I love Francis and Mary's relationship (and Toby is such an adorable actor :), I love Bash, I love Catherine (though seeing Anne Shirley on screen put me into shock for a while...had to pause it for a moment...), and I love that strangely mysterious person that keeps giving people hints. I FEEL SO HORRIBLE FOR LETTING SUCH A HISTORICALLY INEPT SHOW SUCK ME IN, BUT I LOVE IT AT THE SAME TIME!

    tl;dr: Let's just say it's a fantasy show that just so happens to have the same names as historical figures.
  • If you want historical accuracy do not watch Reign. I repeat. DO NOT WATCH. At no point does this show ever try to be faithful to its settings or historical figures. Instead, it very clearly tries to put Gossip Girl in a 16th century setting. The lavish parties, prom-like dresses, troubled romances, catty behaviour, model actors/actresses - it's all very 90210- esque. However, I must admit it succeeds at doing just that. No matter how laughable the costumes were, I can't say I wasn't at least mildly entertained. It's quite nice to look at and some of the characters are interesting (if completely inaccurate). And with a supernatural twist, it's quite clear that the creators are simply using the characters and setting as a starting point to tell their own stories. I might keep watching, only to see something different from the CW.
  • macadam12225 October 2013
    I'll start by saying I'm Scottish with a reasonable knowledge of the times in the drama and this is bunkum BUT it is enjoyable bunkum with a very beautiful Mary and some of the best music I've heard on a TV show since the new Battlestar Galactica. Think 'The Borgia's' without Jeremy Iron's pope and you will be on the right lines when you imagine what 'Reign' is like. It's actually so pretty, and the music is so great, that I really want them to dump the historical narrative altogether and disappear off into a fantasy world where they can make up their own ending and create their own marriages and alliances as they go along. Adelaide Kane is a gorgeous Mary - in fact I keep forgetting it's supposed to be Mary Queen of Scots and getting confused with 'Snow White'. That girl was just born to wear red roses in her hair. Her young French prince is the ringer for the younger of the Borgia sons and is very easy on the eye - and talking about eyes, the 'bastard' brother to the French prince is another honey. And then we get on to the pagans in the woods, the conspiring Queen and the enemies all around. It's quite sumptuous. As I say, it's nonsense; it's absolutely not to be taken seriously, but I will carry on watching it because it is all just so darned enjoyable and glorious in it's wrongness. And the soundtrack is just breathtaking.
  • The CW's new show about the teen years of doomed royal Mary, Queen of Scots,played by Teen Wolf's Adelaide Kane. We see the power struggles and confused sexual longing of any teen drama writ large, transplanted onto a background of plotting and intrigue as she arrives in France in the 16th century.

    For those of us who are looking for an over-the-top costume drama by the people who brought you 90210, welcome to your new favorite show.

    Reign is like Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl,a mash up you never knew you wanted, but now might not be able to live without.

    the hour long episode was quite intriguing,as it takes you through different levels of feelings the,Juicy love triangle + epic costumes x political intrigue = one of the interesting new shows of the season!
  • MikeWright758 November 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you're going to make an historical series at least get it accurate. I've never seen so much rubbish. It soon devolves from a reasonably good start to a sexed up teen sojourn that has only the thinnest plot to do with Mary Queen of Scots. Typical American bastardised brainless fodder that they churn out to the dullards who rate it a ten. I'm not going point out the glaring mistakes, there's too many and it's all too tedious.

    Are there no decent scriptwriters anymore? Can't they bring in technical advisers? Or is it just that the target market is 12 to 15? It could have been a lush production, educational as well as dramatic, with great dialogue and beautiful costuming. But no...Mary and her court wear George at Asda, and there's not a whiff of Tudor to any of it but the set design. Oh, I take that back. Did they have white plastic stand alone baths in Tudor times? Accordingly to this yes.
  • I was intrigued and excited by the ads running up to the debut of this series. The first few minutes of the initial episode promised historical authenticity. It quickly veered into a disappointingly predictable teen soap opera.

    Mary Stuart's life, even if only while at the court of Henry II, is filled with enough sex, intrigue and blood to fill several seasons of a series. Catherine De Medici was her mother-in-law. Diane De Poitiers, the kings mistress was 20 years his senior! The war of the Reformation was literally being fought beneath her balcony at times, with heads rolling and bond fires blazing.

    Yet, the writers fail to mine the rich, actual story connected to Mary,Queen of Scots and prance into ridiculous plot lines, conversations, and clothing fit more for a 21st century adolescent drama than the story around a girl whose existence made several countries unstable for decades.

    The production values are high, and it's a delightful show visually. If the story had been made without any pretense of basis on historical characters it could have been sold as fantasy, and I'd have had no problem with it. I just couldn't get past the anachronisms week after week: the roles of women in that society; the clothing and hair styles, while beautiful today, that would have been grounds for being burned alive; "Diane is shopping in Paris";pagan blood rituals....

    It's frustrating to see such obviously high production capital put into such a poorly written show.
  • frenchcori18 June 2018
    The wardrobe design is dreadful. Not only inaccurate but downright ugly.

    This show is for preteens.
  • Having seen the beauty of THE TUDORS and the WHITE QUEEN ,and other similar historical dramas, I was looking forward to this account of Mary , Queen of Scots. I was disappointed within 5 minutes but sat through this drivel for the entire Pilot so I could give at least an objective critic. Let me say I enjoy a wee bit of creativity, and flexibility with historical "facts" but this is beyond that and has made a fairy tale story for the TV . If I was an American teenage girl I would probably love this ,but I am a middle aged English man who enjoys his history to be based on history and not some fantasy tale with overtones of some teen romance which seems to dominate TV these days , I was waiting for the vampire to appear. I was cringing the entire 45 minutes and this will be the last I see of this series. I really wanted to enjoy this , but the costumes and modern music just took all the enjoyment away and devalued such a fantastic story. They could of had Scottish music at the dance, even a modern take of Scottish , but instead ....
  • doctayl14 November 2013
    Reign feels like a well-funded high school production, which makes a sad sort of TV-land sense, since high school girls are obviously its intended audience. This oh-so-twee tale of the young Mary Queen of Scots got the country, France, and the century, the 16th, right. After that, you are on your own. Four or more times every episode, the sound track inexplicably blares out a pop tune. It's like having Barry Manilow suddenly pop up in the middle of "Game of Thrones." Ugh. The only thing missing to make the disaster complete: vampires. Maybe they can sneak one or two in during the pop songs. Many reviewers argue that Reign is historical fiction. They're half right. It's fiction. If they are going to do something this many parsecs from reality, why not use purely fictional characters, rather than drag history into an alley and beat it beyond recognition?
  • People complained incessantly about the "historical inaccuracy" of A Knight's Tale, too. No, they absolutely didn't play Queen at jousting matches in those days or dance to David Bowie, and the young princess probably wouldn't have worn see-through dresses and post-modern hats. Heath Ledger's character wouldn't have been able to pose as a knight. You guys, it's a FANTASY! It's historical FICTION. It's not a documentary!! I loved A Knight's Tale and I love this show so far. It moves a little slowly, but it's GORGEOUS and I love the modern take on the 1550's. I love the hair, and the makeup, and the music! I think all of the elements blend together well and I'm totally hooked. I'll be really interested to see where they take it, and I love the characters. I love the mix of old and new, and the mix of fact and fiction. All in all, I think it's stellar! Again: it's NOT A DOCUMENTARY, people. It's a TV show. And a very pretty one.
  • If you are a teenage girl who is interested in watching a grown up Disney Princess movie, then this show is for you.

    If on the other hand you are looking for some semblance of historical accuracy walk away before you throw something at your TV and break it. Yes the cast is gorgeous. However the women's costumes can't make up their mind which era, decade, or even century they are in. In the pilot I saw a mixture of dress styles ranging from Renaissance to Victorian and everything in between. The hair and make-up drove me nuts. I don't mind a little modernity added, but this took the cake. Their costume designer should be fired! Then I could focus on the nice romance love triangle story lines, and it may be enjoyable.

    This show would have been better off going for a fantasy story line in a make-believe time and world like Game of Thrones. Then they could do whatever they wanted. But if you are going to portray Mary Queen of Scots, then by God get it right.
  • kdevore-120 December 2013
    Really? I watched this hoping that it would be a class show. Instead, it's pure drivel. The characters are lifeless and I question its accuracy. Based upon others' reviews, other than the names, there is nothing historical about this show; not the wardrobe, not the music, and apparently according to what I've read, not even some of the intrigue.

    The music should be Renaissance for the period of Mary, Queen of Scots, but instead, I'm hearing music akin to Mumford & Son with the odd bodhran thrown in for a "Scots" feel (though the bodhran is really Irish in origin). And sometimes, it's just Emo British folk rock.

    The wardrobe department seems to have taken contemporary prom dresses and tries to pass them off as period attire. Seriously, sleeveless dresses in the 1500's? What happened to the high necks, tapestry clothing, bustles? The girls in their dresses look more like they are ready to go clubbing rather than rule countries or be ladies-in-waiting. The men look more like they're straight out of Robin Hood and Nottingham Forest rather than France. Wrong time period.

    I found the actors shallow, unsure as to what accent they are to be using, and have no presence or substance. It's more like watching wet cardboard than actors portraying real people.

    This was a great opportunity to help us Americans understand a very significant person of UK history, glean some insight into UK/France royal lineages, and see historical intrigues of our cousins across the pond. Opportunity blown. I saw the pilot episode. That was about all I could take. I gave it the full hour to be fair, but couldn't wait for this to be over. The producers either should have made this a true period TV show focusing on Mary, Queen of Scots, or if they were so keen on keeping the rambling lavishness and contemporary music, omit any correlation to real history and focus on making this a quasi-historic-esque fun-run. If this wasn't supposed to be based upon historical reference, I'd have enjoyed this much more. As is, it's asinine and insults my intelligence as well as anyone that cares about facts.
  • This show is not historically accurate at all. The costumes are modernized. The accents are painfully inaccurate. If you are looking for a show to learn about Mary, Queen of Scots, move along.

    But personally, this show is my new guilty pleasure. Would I gush to my friends about how good it is and how hot so-and-so is? No. Would I complain to other people how historically inaccurate it is, and that shows like this are the downfall of modern television? No. Would I lie in bed with a bag of popcorn at the end of a long day at work and enjoy it in private? Yes. And I do.

    The costumes, however inaccurate, are beautiful. The sets and scenery are stunning. The acting is so-so.

    I didn't have high expectations for the show to begin with, so I wasn't disappointed. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'm keeping my expectations low, but the first two episodes have me hooked.
  • I'm glad Megan Follows is in work but, for this piece of excrement, I sure hope it was well remunerated!

    Y'know, if you're only going to pay lip service to historical, documented fact (well, a couple of characters have the names of people who actually existed..), shouldn't you have to issue some sort of warning or disclaimer? - 'Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co- incidental..' Details that completely change the story - Mary's sickly Dauphin husband died when he was about 15, here he's played by a healthy looking chap in his 20s who looks like a knitwear model.. what am I saying, THEY ALL LOOK LIKE KNITWEAR MODELS. Mary seems not to have been raised in the French court from early childhood, but in a convent off the coast of.. somewhere--- Bad acting, bed-head hairdos, hilariously historically-implausible character names - especially those replacing the names of the Marys (Mary Beaton, Mary Seton, Mary Fleming, Mary Livingstone) who are now named Greer, Kenna, Lola and Aylee... Puh-leeeez!!! It's history channelled by, oh, Paris Hilton.. nah! let's be honest, history as enacted by the characters of Neighbours

    Crap Crap Crap Crap and did I mention, Crap!! This show is a dog. The crap of a dog.
  • kmichaelpm18 October 2013
    All the ingredients were there. Decent costumes,decent sets,fair script and good quality camera work. However, the director simply could not decide which direction he wanted to go. Whether to make it a modern take on a historical theme or make it an authentic period drama. So, he decided to mix both. This obviously failed. It is a series which will appeal to teenage girls, due to the fact that the female cast (teenage girls) act like modern teenage girls, to such a degree that I was expecting to see an iPad appear and or see them texting. The incredibly irritating background music is present for most of the episode, and a lot of the time it is a competition between the dialogue and the music, meaning that some of the dialogue cannot be heard. It had great possibilities, under better direction, but sadly the opportunity was missed.
  • I was very keen to watch this as it has such a high score on IMDb.I gave it a try. I barely made it through the pilot. I wanted to like this, because I love period dramas. Unfortunately I couldn't get over the dyed hair of Mary's ladies. The dialog is stiff and so cliché. All the young actors look like they are from a teen magazine cover. And when the dresses appeared to be purchased from a prom dress shop, was to much to bare for me. If I didn't saw any authentic period dramas before like those from BBC for instance, I guess I would have been able to appreciate this movie. Maybe if you see this as a fairy tale, you can enjoy it. But I was looking for something meaningful.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched all episodes from the beginning and I absolutely LOVE this show! It is NOT Historically correct and I am thankful for that. If I wanted History I would watch the History Channel. I adore all the twists and turns. I fell in Love with Mary and Francis. Only thing I do not like is when Conde came in and with events that happened..stole Marys heart. I am keeping faith this will Not last!! We the Faithful are hoping the writers continue the love story that made us addicted. You will LOVE this Show. Trust me. Long Live Reign Long Live Frary!! Looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next. It is on season 2, so you need to catch up if you haven't already.
  • Silly teen girls fantasy story. It is just really bad...
  • farquarg20 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I read about the show on the TV guide and it sounded interesting. I'm a history buff and was looking forward to a drama surrounding some of the more interesting characters in history.

    Having watched the Tudors I guess I was expecting something along those lines. Instead I got a an hour of crap.

    The shows plot lines are quite obvious--the villain is Catherine De Medici. The key twists are going to center around a love triangle between Mary, Sebastian and Francis. There's going to be betrayal between Mary and her courtiers and so forth. The Nostradamus angle is interesting but completely unnecessary. I guess they wanted to add a supernatural aspect to this show.

    Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, Philip II of Spain are some of the most interesting figures in world history. The time is rife with religious struggles between Catholics and Protestants. The story of Mary vs. Elizabeth is wonderful and would have made a great show. Instead they want to make it 90210 set in the 16th century ( Francis II died at the age of 16 so there isn't really much plot there).

    The show is needlessly bad. The history is right there, these were real people. Craft a story around the most interesting aspects of Mary. It's as though they found the least compelling aspect of Mary's life and decided to make a show around it.
  • iamfredab13 May 2015
    This year season was absolutely fantastic. This is the BEST program by far. Already sad to see this season coming to end. The cast collectively have created such a wonderful program. The story line in every weekly show had enough drama, intrigue and suspense. The final scene clearly complemented the seasons turmoil by having Francis and Mary back together. However, the thought of King Francis dying saddens me already...but absolutely willing to wait and see. Now the future storyline with Catherine and Queen Elizabeth to attack Mary is devious and can't wait for the season to return...hoping it includes a miracle for King Francis to continue forever. Best, Best, Best show !!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    listen this series has turned out to be the most stupid and not understandable series that I have ever seen. Why would you put up so many unlucky couples, why put them up and break them up afterwords? why let Mary marry Francis than after that is done you show us that Francis is gonna die. Are you f kidding me? It doesn't even make sense. Make Bash watch while his "girlfriend that left him for 10 minutes ago" has sex with his f brother? Why? This series has gotten so f up that I got so mad and grossed out at. I know that series gotta have these romances and interesting stuff going on but you are doing it all wrong. I mean I'm done with it. Just wanted to let you know that you makers f it up. The actors are good tho
  • What a piece of really really bad horrible inaccurate piece of crap. There is nothing right here. Mary was never raised in a convent, she lived in the French court. They cant even get the color of her hair correct! The French royals were not her enemies, she was one of them. Francis was younger then her and sickly. Her ladies were ALL named Mary, whats this Lola, Greer business? Couldn't even get styles right. I don't think they wore high school prom dresses back then! Pretty modern looking interiors! WHAT is with the music? I guess trying to hide how bad this show is? Virginal girls would have never been allowed to watch a royal bedding. WHY do the French court all have English accents? I get this show is geared towards young girls. What a shame that so many are going to watch this and come away with the idea they watched history. Added comment, I see that this was filmed in Ireland. Well that explains the reason why the castle looks old and crumbling. Back in the 1500s they Weren't! Also they would look more French. Since it was in France!
  • Really wanted to like this one. But absolutely nothing good about this. Bad acting, bad costumes, bad script, other than characters' names, no connection to actual history. Watch the Borgias or Da Vinci's Deamons for a costume / historical drama with modern updates -- this is one hour I'll never get back!

    I will watch anything remotely classified as historical drama -- and am willing to accept deviations from real history for a good story line. In one scene, girls in modern ball gowns kick off shoes and dance like the 2000's. Why bother with historical setting if you're going to deviate from anything remotely historic? Better set story in modern time
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