Ann Henderson-Stires, who brings Robbie some unpleasant news, was a regular on the popular Australian TV series Sons and Daughters.

The actor playing Conner's younger brother is popular fashion blogger Peter Adrian Sudarso, played on Nickelodeon's Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Much of the filming was done in an actual wildlife preserve. There the actors and crew faced tepid heat, incessant insects - and no bathrooms.

A real gun and its exact replica were interchanged for the last act of the film.

Actors Minsoo Lee, from Korea, and Toru Uchikado, from Japan, each mix their native languages with English during the film.

Before shooting in the park bathroom, a black widow spider had to be expelled from one stall.

Although the film is set in present, it was meticulously designed to capture the essence of the films of the 70s - arguably the greatest decade of filmmaking. The film, focusing on how millennials face a day of crisis, fuses modern issues into its storyline.

Turner Risk features a highly diverse cast. During casting, the focus was on talent since the story was very demanding. It tells a unique story of young adults who are all ultimately connected and equally immersed in one day's tragic events.

Turner Risk is the first feature for nearly all of the young actors cast. Nick Fink, originally a contestant on American Idol, recently appeared in MTV's Sweet/Vicious, The Fosters, and Criminal Minds; Carlin James guest starred on American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Better Call Saul; Toru Uchikado was cast as a regular on the NBC reboot Heroes Reborn.