Kimmel: Proof is not the key thing. It's doubt.

Walter Stackhouse: What's the difference between wishing someone dead and actually doing something about it?

Walter Stackhouse: I have this fantasy.That she's no longer there. I haven't done anything.I didn't set out to tell such stupid lies.I wanted to see if he looked like a man who murdered his wife.Wishing someone dead. It's fascinating.I haven't done anything wrong.We're all guilty of something. I'm a writer.I write stories.

Walter Stackhouse: Come on, come on, come on!

Clara Stackhouse: You are a sex maniac.

Walter Stackhouse: You used to love my mania. Come on, let's try to remember. Why don't we start by christening every room in this house?

Clara Stackhouse: Please, Walter. Not tonight. Can't you just go to sleep?

Walter Stackhouse: Ah, god. When is it going to fucking end, Clara? Why are you so unhappy?