The set used for Plebs is in Bulgaria and is borrowed from Hollywood movie production companies who build sets for films. The cast work their schedules around the days off of the Hollywood actors.

In the scriptorium where they work, Marcus, Stylax and Aurelius all perform jobs which would nowadays be carried out by machinery. Marcus is the copier (photocopier), Stylax is the shredder and Aurelius is the waterman (water cooler).

The series takes place from 27 BC to 24 BC.

At least two actors in Plebs, David Bamber and Karl Johnson, also had prominent roles in the more dramatic treatment of the period: "Rome". Bamber who played Strabo the Weatherist in series 3 episode 8 was Cicero in "Rome", and Johnson who played the Judge in Series 2 # 7 was Cato in "Rome".

On Thursday, 23rd August 2018 at the Edinburgh Television Festival Paul Mortimer, head of digital channels at ITV, announced that the broadcaster has commissioned a fifth series of the sitcom for broadcast on ITV2 in 2019.

The upcoming fourth season sees a key casting difference and will see Jonathan Pointing replace Joel Fry's Stylax character as happy-go-lucky builder Jason. Keeping in check with previous seasons we will see a raft of cameo appearances including from Robert Lindsay ("Bounty Hunters"), Aisling Bea ("Hard Sun"), and Steve Oram ("The End of the F***ing World").

Series is mainly filmed in Bulgaria.

Many of the problems/dilemmas portrayed are modern problems despite being set in the Roman Period.

The series is co-written by Tom Basden who plays the role of Aurelius, whose job is to serve water to workers in the copy room of a grain company's offices.

Each episode starts with a blank screen with audio before any visual scenes start.