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  • I am amazed. This is outstanding stuff. It succeeds thoroughly in its attempt to recreate the style and the substance of the original series from the 1960s. The love and respect for the original is obvious.

    If you read the other reviews, you'll notice there seems to be a consensus: Star Trek Continues has outstanding production values. Productionwise, it is an absolutely wonderful, faithful recreation of the original series. It looks the same, it sounds the same, it feels the same. If you casually look at it without paying attention, you won't notice the difference: there is virtually none, apart from the main cast, obviously. A truly impressive achievement.

    The general consensus also seems to be that the acting is slightly lacking. I tend to agree. But then again, the acting in the original series was also, quite frequently, rather lacking. And the other reviews here will tell you that while some are happy with say, the new Kirk and Spock, but dislike the new Scotty and Sulu, others feel just the opposite. So maybe it isn't all that bad, after all.

    Like everyone else used to the original cast, I naturally felt the casting difference at first. But as everything else is so faithful to the model, it actually didn't take more than 15-20 minutes to accept this cast for what they are. Also, this is a first effort. As others have pointed out, none of the series quite hit the mark in the very first episode.

    I especially liked Kirk, once I got used to him. Of course Mignogna isn't Shatner, but nobody is. Likewise, there is only one Nimoy. But if you want your actors to be exactly like the original ones, you can only be disappointed. Considering how excellent everything else is, I could certainly get used to this cast. And unlike a few others, I don't mind the addition of the new crew member at all.

    What I feel should be emphasized, though, is the great script. It's a triumph of substance. The story is incredibly true to the original series. The theme, the pace, the dialogue, all of it rings true. This, combined with the amazing production values, means that if only we had the original cast here instead of the new actors, you wouldn't suspect that this was not an episode of the original series. That's how faithfully they've recreated Star Trek. Only in the very first scene ― an homage to future Star Trek series ― and in a particular exterior scene later do we sense that this is, after all, a 21st century production. And both cases, in my opinion, work rather well.

    The negative reviews here so far seem to fall into two categories. A few criticize the fact that these actors don't look and act exactly like the original cast. If you're that demanding, of course, nothing will ever be good enough.

    Other critics point out that this is just lame and old-fashioned: it looks and feels like something from the 1960s! Where is all the kewl stuff from the two latest films that modern technology makes possible? Well, I guess that is the point, isn't it?

    So if you think the new films are great and the original series sucks, you probably won't like this. And if you think that the new films suck and the original series is nothing less than the Holy of Holies, you will possibly find this recreation blasphemous and sacrilegious. How dare they! Nimoy was 1½ in. taller than this guy!

    But if you liked the original series for what it was, for better and for worse, and would like to see it recreated and continued in a thoroughly authentic and clearly respectful and loving fashion, chances are that you'll enjoy Star Trek Continues. Because I feel that it does just that: what its title says. In a time when precious little sci-fi deals with philosophical and ethical themes, and seems to be more concerned with fast pacing, constant action, and CGI effects, it's wonderful to see some refreshingly old-style focus on story, dialogue and characters, just like the original.

    The bottom line is that overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this impressive first effort, and hope much more is to come in the future. If they keep up the good work, I wouldn't actually mind calling this Season 4. It's that close to the original ― not just in style, but also, and more importantly, in substance.
  • What a treat for fans of the original series. Obviously the trekkies that joined us at the start of the last two movies will be scratching their heads, they have some back watching to do! At first it was very jarring to see the new actors, I thought they were terrible. But when I reached the end everything gelled, the "shock" of the new people had passed, and the feel of the episode was very genuine to watching the original series. Definitely watch to the end before reserving judgement as you will most likely come around.

    About the actors - I was very pleased by most of the actors, they fit really well together. I feel very much that they are emulating the old show to continue the mission without mocking or exaggerating. Anyone can do a passable Shatner impression so I'm glad we were spared this. I thought the Spock actor was very much playing Quinto but it still worked and there was a lot of humor in it, he held himself well. Grant Imahara as Sulu is awesome! I just know with him in the show there must be some interesting robots/technology in the future, plus it's safe in his nerdy hands. Scottys son was great also, although he did stray from Scottish into an Irish accent at times but hey, his fathers accent was just as put on back then.

    Production value - I feel like people are confused with the amazing productions we have today that it looks so low budget, but honestly it looks true to the original and I love it for that. There would not be a point to make the series without doing that. Having the same radio and com bleeps just takes you right back.

    General message - I was ready to laugh at this, thought it might be someones fan fic / wet dream where Kirk dies and Bob nobody becomes the captain. So I was prepared for the worst, and seeing the new actors was hard and I poked fun at slip ups, but I was completely won over by the end. It felt exactly like an episode of the original series, even with the new characters, and the attention to detail was amazing.

    So watch it, laugh at how weird it is seeing Grant as Sulu or Spock being far too Quinto, but do watch until the end, because if you are a fan of the original series this will definitely win a place in your heart. Of course it can never touch the original, but unfortunately many of those great actors have passed, so this is a great way to see how that original 5 year mission ends, in the way that the original team would have done it.

    And remember old fans! If you are remembering things with rosy goggles of perfect acting, rewatch Spocks Brain!
  • I always knew that there were fan films based on Star Trek but never took the time to watch any. After all, with the later series and movies as well as the other sci-fi universes, I thought that I was well fed. Besides, the original series was a thing of the past: before the movies, high definition and CGI. But while listening to Vic Mignogna as a guest on the Mission Log Podcast, I found his zeal for the original series refreshing in how it reminded me of my own love of the original series. So I decided to watch an episode and I am just amazed at what an excellent job that Mr. Mignogna and his crew have done. They have so fluently captured the essence of the original series from the details like costumes and set decoration to the story which for the most part always tried to be a reflection of what was happening today. The blend of situations inspired by scenes we remember from the original series and new characters and story lines are perfect in making you feel that there is absolutely no need for a reboot. The Enterprise and her crew are just fine the way we remember them from the original series. Live long, and keep 'em coming.
  • The "Season Four" opener is a perfect recreation of TOS, acting style, writing style,story elements, story theme, story pacing, sets, costumes, lighting, cinematography, SFX, everything is recreated perfectly.

    Unlike the reviewer who thought it could have been more "professionally" produced, I think he missed the point. STContinues is a recreation of TOS. It has the look and feel of TOS, and a very professionally done look and feel. The audience should look at ST Continues like the historical recreations seen at Old Colonial Williamsburg or the folks who perform Civil War reenactments. Star Trek Continues is a historical reenactment of a forty-seven year old television show.

    I wonder if the young and generally inexperienced cast studied not only TOS episodes, but other shows from the mid to late 1960s to learn the acting styles of that era? I wonder the same of the technical crew. Did they also study shows from the same era? Although their performances were uneven at times, it looks like they did indeed do their homework.

    The guy who plays Kirk is an okay actor, give him some more training and he'd be great. As Kirk, his performance is spotty, not "spot on." As a mimic of Shatner's Kirk, he's got most of the body language down perfectly. His acting style is in the range of the 1960s original show.....borderline overacting! The overacting is part of the recreation of TOS.

    The actor who plays Chekov looks like a young Walter Koenig. Physically he's the best match to an original cast member. Christopher Doohan who recreates his father's role as Scotty is okay. His Scottish accent is a bit forced, but with some dialect coaching he could easily perfect it. It's too bad he doesn't look much like his father, but at times I could see his father in some body language and at times I could catch glimpses of his father in his face.

    Bringing Michael Forrest back as an aged Apollo was brilliant. (Just like bringing Ricardo Montalban back for "The Wrath of Kahn") For an actor in his early eighties he's still quite sharp and looking at his IMDb resume he's stayed quite active over the years. He was by far the strongest actor on this episode, but he did not overpower the younger and less experienced cast. His Shakespeare and classical training made his Apollo a compelling character.

    I am totally, and favorably impressed by Star Trek Continues. I hope it does indeed continue.

    I give it a ten for the quality of the production and its incredible recreation of a 1960s television show, but have to knock off three stars for the uneven acting performances.
  • That is all. Watch it. Watch it again. Sleep, then watch it again the morning after. Any reservations you might have about the actors need another viewing to really understand the 'ethos' of ST:TOS :)

    It captures the writing, acting, cinematography of the original series. Some very minor rough edges but of no consequence...

    This should be considered canon for 'TOS' (The Original Series). CBS doesn't know what a treasure has fallen in its lap here and they should take advantage of it.

    They should back this series officially and continue the voyage. Yes, standard-def and all :)
  • The show does exactly what it set out to do -- recreate the look and feel of the original Star Trek. There are obviously those who will be unable to get past the different actors in the same roles (even more so than with the JJ Abrams films, because the films move in a completely different direction. And therein lies the strength and weakness of this production: the fans.

    For this fan, the show was a joy to watch. I don't want to see a parody of James Shatner and the original crew, but rather another take on the same characters. Some are more successful than others, but overall (and especially for a first episode) they did a great job. Heck, go back to the early Next Generation episodes and see how cardboard-thin some of the characters were and how stiff some of the acting ones. OK, so Riker was stiff throughout the season…but I digress.

    The more versions of Start Trek there are, the more splintered the fan base will be. Some purists loathe the new films with their blockbuster dependence on CGI, quick cuts and explosions. Some who were raised on Next Generation think everything else inferior. Personally I couldn't stand Voyager. So, watch the episode and decide for yourself.
  • OK, Im going to be honest. I grew up on TNG, and am not the biggest fan of TOS. Granted, I want to buy the full TV show and movie series.... cause ST is better than SW hands down, and always will be. Anyways, Now to my review.

    I think this episode, was actually very VERY true to the original series. The acting is much the same, the props were well done, and they did a great job. I couldn't think of giving them less than 10/10 just because they aren't the original actors... (DUUH) They did an EXCELLENT job.

    I watched the whole episode and enjoyed it very much... now I REALLY want to buy TOS....

    Great job, and keep up the great work!
  • An impressive work for a fan film. Duplicates the look of TOS, and an enjoyable story. On of the best fan films I have seen. I Like the fact that they brought back the original actor who played Apollo. The sets had that same cheesy look from the original series, the costumes, sets and spacesuits were dead on. They also used the original cues and soundtracks from TOS. Chris Doohan plays his father's role, as Scottie. Grant Imahara from myth-busters plays Sulu. It looks like a lot of time and effort was put into this film, and for no monetary gain. It would be nice if CBS brought this to regular TV again. There are few good SciFi shows on TV. Most shows billing themselves as scifi are actually Fantasy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some spoiler alerts. I began reading the initial review for Star Trek Continues and started to agree here and there then re-read the review. I suppose the reviewer must have more than a bit of Vic Mignogna envy.

    Let's cover points I do agree with. Mignogna does lack the firm, deep tone I would want from a Kirk character. It would be nice if he did some post production audio work. However, his characterization is spot on, especially in the follow up Mirror, Mirror episode Fairest of Them All. I can easily see Shatner acting with the same panicked frustration.

    All of the actors and actresses were fairly shot down with their acting abilities. Nemecek as McCoy could use improvement. Yes, a lack of southern drawl and a huge chunk of being an active role in the Kirk/Spock/McCoy pyramid. Unfortunately a good deal of what would have been his roles go to Ms. Specht as the Counselor. She could certainly be dropped and I would not be sad. However, I have seen worse acting.

    Scripts - yes, could be better. I was not a fan of Imahara as a crying Sulu in the first episode when his buddy was lost. Sorry, I can't picture Sulu crying like a little girl. Nor was I a fan of Lolani. The "Big Green Machine" of Lou Ferrigno would have made a great villain in later episodes. However, I am more than willing to give the group more than a 3 episode run before condemning their efforts. And you have forgotten that the series is being filmed in such a way that it looks as though it "continued" from the original.

    Whining about Lenart being a blue-eyed Chekov reached hypocrisy at warp speed.When did Shatner's eyes turn blue like Chris Pine? All in all - I have seen worse. Mignogna and crew are doing a pretty good job. If you can do better, give us the URL so we can see, otherwise, give the guys and golden tribble for at least trying. I rather see their episodes than a JJ Trek production any time.
  • vicdmise-318-64467124 October 2013
    The cast and crew of "Star Trek Continues" have done a really great job of emulating the look and tenor of the original Star Trek series. Their objective is to complete the run of the original 5-year mission (hard to believe we only got 3 years of the original) and they're accomplishing just that.

    These are true fans and master craftsmen. The sets and costumes are flawless and the writing and acting styles compliment the original series perfectly. All of the cast mirror their more-famous counterparts well, including all of their famous acting nuances (yup, Shatner's phrasing and pauses are here, but not played for comic effect.) The only weak spot acting-wise was Grant Imahara of Mythbuster's fame as Sulu. Grant's certainly passable but not as strong as Takei (who wasn't brilliant, but better.)

    I think the first (and only complete) episode runs a little long for today's web-gen; 30-40 minutes would sit better, but this can sit proudly with the best of trek.
  • I decided to catch an episode of the fan-made series "Star Trek Continues," mainly because of guest star Lou Ferrigno, who starred in a movie I produced (Liberator). Frankly, I didn't have very high expectations; as most fan vehicles contain a sincerity-to-professionalism ratio of roughly 90 to 10.

    Man, was I wrong! They NAILED every technical detail. Sets, costumes, cinematography, & VFX are all so close to TOS that the differences are virtually negligible, even on my 60 inch TV.

    "Lolani" concerns the Orion slave trade, capturing the essence of TOS with heavily-laden metaphors. On a scriptwriting level, it falls somewhere between Season 3 episodes "Let That be Your Last Battlefield" (remember Frank Gorshin and his stark B&W makeup???) and "The Cloud Miners." Being that Miners dealt with capitalism and Battlefield dealt with race, for "Lolani" to compare favorably (both thematically and technically) this episode had a really high bar they had to climb.

    Lou is formidable (and once again, GREEN!) He would've fit right in as a regular villain in TOS, had he been the right age for the role in 1969. He only has a handful of dramatic scenes, and his fight is not particularly convincing – but that's mainly due to the outcome, not the staging (which reflects TOS to a tee).

    Vic Mignogna plays Kirk straight; minus Shatnerisms. He makes excellent dramatic choices that define classic Kirk. I just wish the register of his voice was lower.

    Spock & McCoy don't fare as well. Spock has a highly reduced role in this episode, which is fine because Todd Haberkorn really doesn't have the gravitas to pull it off, especially a mind-meld. As Bones, Larry Nemecek also has very little to do, and could have been crankier. Should another episode prove to be heavily dependent on the classic "trio interaction," I think it might get uncomfortable to watch them struggle....

    The rest of the acting is *meh.* Keeping in mind that the original supporting cast in TOS were not especially good actors to begin with, I guess I shouldn't be TOO disappointed. While these actors have a far way to go to, it's the OVERALL product I'm reviewing, so I'll give STC the benefit of the doubt and catch a few more. They can only get better!

    All in all, STSC is a high quality effort that I enjoyed FAR MORE than the last Trek feature film. Give it a shot!
  • sestrac8 November 2013
    I liked the Original Series. So I'm grateful that somebody bring this back to life. I watch it and for my surprise I love it. It have the Original patina but it brings it's own sparks. I am already a fan and can't wait for the next episode. Characters are also refreshing. Most of them are doing a better job than expected. Scotty's accent is great, Dr. McCoy is less annoying (thanks God), Sullu have some work to do, Chekov not bad but can do better, and Kirk, well sometimes I actually see Shatner in there, but I think Vic Mignogna's own personality bring a plus to the mighty captain James T. Kirk. Uhura is better than the original (IMHO) as for Mr. Spock I think nobody can get close to Leonard Nimoy so i think Todd Haberkorn is doing it's best possible. Overall I'm exited and waiting and waiting and waiting for the next episode. Why such a long wait guys? You can reach warp 6. Come on.

    P.S. No offense to The Original Series purists, but I think the acting is better on this one.
  • This isn't some green-screen, poorly-acted fanboy production, it's an extremely well done series that looks and feels like the 1960s series. The Ships and scenes in space look like the "remastered" CGI versions from several years ago, which look great in my opinion, and the sets and uniforms are exactly as they should be.

    I have read other reviews complaining about the acting, or complaining that "there's only one Captain Kirk and his name is William Shatner" and so on. Well, DUH. Unless you can invent time travel and convince the TV executives in the 60s to keep Trek on the air, this is the next best thing. I have watched all 11 episodes, and I plan on watching them again right after my next viewing of the Original Series and Animated Series.

    The cast and crew, writers and directors and everyone involved have done a phenomenal job with this project, and I hope they plan on doing more Trek in the future!
  • strafeb28 June 2018
    I enjoyed every second of it.

    After seeing all the episodes, and the WRAP, I felt something, something I haven't felt since "All Good Things".

    Star Trek is not about war and combat. Star Trek is about exploration, humanity and compasion. And this series captures the essence right to the bone.

    The acting is genuine. The sets, the props, it's like they have been teleported from the sixties.

    Much energy and love has been invested into this show, and you can feel it.

    Thank you so much for your dedication. You are a bringer of hope.
  • It's great to see the people who "get it". Now for those who don't "get it", ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR VULCAN MIND!!!! Many of the negative comments are from those who obviously are unaware that this is an amateur fan based creation. Hollywood HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! So don't feed us lines like the producers should give us what we want. Is it perfect-no, is it good-yes, is it fun- yes, is it like the original series-yes! The fact that professional actors from other sci-fi series took the time to be on this is simply amazing! Jamie Bamber and Erin Gray were fantastic in their cameo roles. Bringing back original guests stars from TOS was a smart move as well. I have now watched both Star Trek Continues and Phase 2. Both are enjoyable for the sheer fact that they are just fun to watch and step back into the sights and sounds or the original, right down to the perfect timing of the music. To the naysayers I will quote William Shatner, "Get a life!"
  • I grew up watching STTOS every weekday night in the 1970s and 1980s in re-runs on the local station. I finally got around to watching this web series this week and was amazed. The attention to detail was perfect. Not just the character portrayals, not just the sets or costumes, but even things like the lighting and the effects. Even where things got a bit cheesy, it was exactly the kind of cheesiness that TOS would have presented. I forgot that I was watching something that was produced in the 2010s.

    "Fan fiction" is BAD. Always BAD. If any fan fiction were good, then it would be in mainstream publication. (To the Deniers: finding one speck of diamond dust on a dungheap does not eliminate the stench.)

    Star Trek Continues is NOT "fan fiction". It is independent television production.

    Well done, Mr. Mignogna and crew!
  • NewZealandAmerican15 January 2019
    What a truly beautiful production! If you didn't know this was fan made, you would think it was professionally made by Hollywood. I enjoyed this show with fondness so much, I fell in love with each of the actors, they truly grew on me. This show has all of the wonderful traits of the Original Star Trek series just in higher resolution. What a top quality production! I wish we had more. Thank you so much to everyone involved in bringing this masterpiece Star Trek Continues into being! You will be missed but remembered by all Star Trek fans for future generations.
  • nephihaha29 November 2018
    I have seen many unofficial Star Trek tributes, and this is far and away the best in terms of acting, attention to detail and production values e.g. music. (The only other contender is the Axanar film, which I have only ever seen clips of and which has been withdrawn)

    The series takes two or three episodes to find its stride, but after that it is pretty excellent. It is let down a bit by the intrusion of contemporary political ideas in the later episodes (some might say SJW themes), which are handled ineptly, but otherwise highly watchable, and better than some of the later Star Trek franchises such as DS9 or Enterprise. Despite this, it often feels like watching the original series in a good way.

    The casting is excellent, except for Bones. A better Bones was found part way through. The depictions of Kirk, Spock, Uhuru and Scotty are on point. A counsellor called McKennah is introduced, presumably to create a bridge to the Next Generation and the Counsellor Troi character In it. This is less successful, but I can just about put up with the character.

    The best episode is "Fairest of them All" which is a sequel to the "Mirror Mirror" episode in the original series, and I recommend starting with that.

    The entire series is available on YouTube, should you wish to watch it.
  • This show is really amazing. It is 100% true to the original series and even though it is made by amateurs and mostly unknown actors, it really feels like these could be missing episodes from the original.

    You can also tell this was a labor of love and the acting, story, pacing, dialog, sets, etc... all give you the same atmosphere that you get while watching the original. I saw a few reviews knocking some of the acting, but Shatner and crew were never the best actors either...these guys mimic that same acting so keep that in mind when you are watching this...its such a perfect match in even their mannerisms because they follow the original that closely.

    Some of people involved in the recent attempts to reboot ST could learn a lot from watching these episodes..this is how its is done! No butchery here or making something that ignores the rules of the ST universe and then just slapping a ST name on it.

    Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this! You made a real work of art that brought me back to the days I would sneak out bed so I could catch the late showing of TOS in the early 70's.
  • I simply could not believe that someone had finally gotten it right. I've waded thru a lot only to emerge after decades of wannabe shows and movies landing on this incredible extension of what was truly original. My deepest thanks.
  • On Twitter, I kept seeing little "Vignettes" from the episodes they had already made. Especially, Michael Forest from "To Morn for Adonis" (that's a pun) reprising his role. Then a green Orion Slave Girl played by Fiona Vroom. Then, I see the crew of the Enterprise wearing full accouterments from "Mirror Mirror".

    In those Vignettes, I saw the Bridge, the Hallways, the Transporter room, Sickbay all perfectly recreated. All original uniforms being worn, all original Tricorders, Phasers and Communicators (Thanks to the Wand company) being used.

    So then, I look up this crew who was bringing the original Star Trek back to life! And I watched the first episode, "Pilgrim or Eternity". And a rudimentary Holodeck, equipped with a Holo of Star Trek Artist Doug Drexler in "Paladin" outfit shoving a Colt 45 into "Kirk" (Vic Mignogna's) nose, in a set that looked a LOT like "Spectre of the Gun".

    So then I watched "Lolani", and along with Fiona Vroom, there was The Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) playing a HUGE Orion Slaver.

    So, that was it, I was hooked. Of course, I thought Todd Haberkorn looked like an Odd Spock, but he did in fact talk and act like Spock. And they did change Dr McCoys after Lolani, I don't know why Larry Nemecek dropped out of that role. But then again, I saw Chris Doohan playing the role his father played, and he looks SO much like his father.

    Marina Sirtis is the Ships Computer, like Luwaxana, like Daughter. I started seeing all kinds of familiar names from the cast and crew of Next Generation/DS9/Voyager/Enterprise in the credits.

    And the Music was perfect, the LIGHTING was perfect, the SOUNDS were perfect, the Props were perfect (Close-ups of the Phaser props show a slight difference from TOS Phasers, but not much). And I have a Wand Company Communicator, and those were being used (Hint: THEY WORK!).

    But my posterior was floored by the 3rd Episode "Fairest of them All", or, "What happened when Mirror Kirk, Scott, McCoy and Uhura returned to Mirror Enterprise?".

    Eventually I ran out of Episodes to watch, I was amazed that there were FIVE of these episodes (at the time). I left off at "Divided we Stand", which was a great Omega-Glory type of episode, which included BORG Nanites! And we met a Security Chief, "Drake", who had a Mechanical Arm.

    Not just Drake, but I met McKennah, Smith (who was holding Gary Mitchell's hand at the Barrier of the Galaxy), and these became as beloved to me as Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov.

    It did not matter to me that I was not seeing Leonard Nimoy, Bill Shatner, George "It's OK to be" Takei. The SPIRIT of the characters they created was there. The chemistry was there, and, the Ship was there.

    For those of you who are just joining these voyages, watch the Featurette which shows the construction of the Engineering set. From a Huge, Empty Soundstage, to a perfect replica of the 1701's warp drive. The DILITHIUM Crystals even had that same shape (From "The Alternative factor").

    I feel that McKennah, Smith, Drake, and the other characters and actors that had recurring crew roles, had been there all the time.

    There are many things that hint toward things that would happen later in TNG and DS9.

    I just finished the final episode today, and in one scene, we see, on an Admirals desk, models of The Pheonix, NX-01, Kelvin, Discovery, and the 1701 as it appeared in TMP. And even that scene was a nod to a scene from "Into Darkness", the ships on Admiral Marcus' desk.

    I feel as close to the Actors and Crew who made this show as I do the whole franchise.

    This SHOULD be "Official Trek", CBS should buy this show and release it as part of the franchise. In my mind, it already is.

    Thank you, Vic, Todd, Thank you Kipleigh Brown for bringing "Smith" back, thank you Michele Specht for creating "McKennah", the original "Counselor Troi", not just the main characters but everyone who worked on this to make it a reality.

    I feel that Fan Productions like this should not be hindered by CBS, this one was not, but others were. Nobody is stealing Klingon by wanting to learn it, nobody who wants to help recreate something that we've loved for over 50 years should be discouraged, not sued. CBS may own the show now, but it does not really belong to them, it belongs to US.
  • Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I watched the first episode on YouTube but this really looks and feels like the original series. The sets, costumes, the story lines, even the effects are spot on. The acting, for some of the crew was a little wooden at first, but by the latest episode, the entire crew has evolved and improved significantly. It's really remarkable what these people have done with their passion and such a small budget, as opposed to some of the garbage that comes out of Hollywood these days. I would love to see this get mainstream exposure, a bigger budget, a release on Netflix or on an appropriate channel like the SciFi network or CometTV. In my opinion it's even better than the recent reboot films and I'm not lying when I say that there are times where I'll be watching this and I'll forget that it's not the real thing, especially the actor that plays Captain Kirk, he really has the mannerisms down to a science.
  • Everything feels rights, and honestly few minutes in and most would tend to forget it's not the same cast / show! Do you usually need prescription glasses to watch TV? Take them off if you were a fan of the original because apart from the faces, there's no telling this apart!

    Love it!
  • Star Trek Continues is made with meticulous attention to detail and great effort. There are episodes, for example "Lolani" that come with a hair breadth of TOS show quality. The FX are set to emulate those of TOS. Consequently, the FX may seem more slick in some of the other fan produced shows, but the story telling, characters and pacing are a perfect emulation of TOS. Even the on-board banter between the crew, the angle of the camera shots, lighting, all of those are perfectly recreated. The acting, while not quite at the level of professional experienced Hollywood actors, evolves to a surprising level of professionalism, rising well above the wooden acting in many other fan produced Trek films. Highly recommend seeing Star Trek Continues - it will leave you feeling like you just saw another canon episode of Star Trek TOS.
  • If you hadn't watched Star Trek TOS, you'd think you were watching Star Trek TOS. The sets, lighting, music, cinematography, all are top quality and broadcast ready. The Captain does a great job being Bill Shatner, and even looks exactly like him from some angles. The others in the cast are less like the originals, but hey, these are fans working for the fun of it, but with one exception. Chris Doohan is the son of Jimmy Doohan, who played Scotty in TOS, and looks and sounds just like his dad. The fact he was willing to do this, and original actors from TOS and Next Gen have parts show how attractive this is to the ST community. Roddenberry's son called this "The fourth season" of TOS. I concur.
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