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  • Bodilis working for Dorcel frequently adapts (without attribution) that classic French novel "The Story of O", and here uses the format as a fine showcase for Claire Castel.

    CC is among the classiest performers ever to work for the Dorcel label, and I was especially impressed in this video with how she is able to carry herself and look fresh & unmussed no matter how rough or crude the sexual situation. Just watching her stride nude in a chateau or outside on the grounds is satisfying, let alone the requisite manhandling that her favorite director puts her through.

    The 2-hour feature is notable for its Old School approach: many concise sex scenes instead of the current penchant for just a few (usually 4 or 5) half-hour plus extravaganzas. She is put through her paces by a lovely blonde dominatrix dressed as if about to go riding on a fox hunt, and this latter lady (I was unable to single her out from the credits list) also has a sex scene in a stable wearing a very long strap-on dildo that seemingly was recycled in another Dorcel release: "F*ck VIP: Stars", judging from latter's trailer included here as well as my memory of having watched that one a few years back.
  • So young girls are abducted to a isolated country mansion and are sexually abused by perverts : As Dorcel wrote in the website for this movie : « Claire is initiated by Bodilis to discover more perversions in sexual acts. 1st lesson : submission (…) Taken by two men, by a perverse couple or to a bunch of lusty males ». So the deal is : I give you fine clothes, nice beds and you become my sex-toy ? And for sure, i say that you are ignorant so far and that my way is enlightenment ! It's funny that a king of porn is limited to bargain to have sex : that means he is surely not that sexy !

    • Do they really expect that we fantasize about those degradation ?

    • Do they really believe that we need hoods, chains, whips, collars to excite women ?

    • Do they think us as pigs ?

    Definitely not