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  • I am very upset that they canceled this show- It has great characters and plot lines that make you want to find out what is going to happen. What makes it worse is that I didn't even know about this show until I found it on Netflix- CBS must have done a really poor job of promoting it for a summer show. I really wish another station would pick it up for at least one more season so that we can have some closure. It saddens me that shows get kicked to the curb solely based on ratings, when some people don't have the ability to sit and watch TV when it is airing and they have to record it or watch it on "On Demand". Please reconsider bringing Reckless back for all the loyal fans.
  • jakescm22 July 2014
    I was surprised to read these reviews. I really like this show and look forward to it each week. The story line is interesting and the casting is great! 'Reckless' has been good every week and is my favorite show of the summer. There are several story lines all of which are interesting and the relationship between the two main characters is developing. The female attorneys boyfriend is working undercover and is unable to tell her so she thinks he is bad news but he actually is a good guy. The trials are interesting cases each week. The relationships between all of the characters is shown and each week there has been a little surprise of some twist or something adding to the story line.
  • goldnjay2316 November 2014
    I definitely loved this show. From the scenes of Charleston to the characters. The story line was pretty good...actually somewhat better than some of the other shows that come on CBS, which is why I can't really see why out of all the shows they decided to cancel this one. I just got done watching the whole season 1 on Netflix and couldn't stop watching. The love story to it was great to see and the corruption and mystery to it all in the end totally kept me watching it. I read some of the posts on here and a lot of them were from people that only watched one or two episodes. Maybe if they had watched all the episodes it would peak more of your interest, but then again they might be those select few that do not like legal shows and enjoy debauchery TV shows like Under the Dome or Keeping up with the Kardashians. My only wish is that even though this show will no longer be on CBS that they at least make it a Netflix show!
  • What fun! The good old boys have a beautiful, sexy, gutsy and, above all smart lady lawyer spoiling their lazy, corrupt, and down right mean dumb fun. Anna Wood is perfect as the smart sexy and proud of it lawyer who comes down to Charleston from Chicago and proceeds to run circles round the local yokel cops and their corrupt superiors and cronies. They fight back, of course, revealing just how dumb and venal they are in the process. Shawn Hatosy just flat out owns the role of the main villain. He is the vivid embodiment of the worst sort arrogant,slimy, sexist, sociopathic thug that passes for a law enforcement officer in this charming and scenic but deeply flawed community. Cam Gigandet plays the intelligent, successful and well connected local attorney who whilst alternating between helping and opposing our heroine provides a stark contrast to Hatosy's mouth breather. The story lines are solid and engaging and surprisingly gritty at times given the shows genteel setting. The cast on the whole are terrific, right down to the bit parts. All seem to be enjoying themselves. Oh and sometimes it's really funny.
  • I have been completely impressed with Reckless. I originally only wanted to watch it because of Cam Gigandet but it has so much to offer. I really like the untraditional location and the dramatic scandalous characters. They are so multi-dimensional with really interesting story lines. As each episode progresses the plot develops and it continues to get more entertaining. It feels like there is so much material to explore as not only is it a legal drama it also has corruption budding romances and plenty more.

    Probably the one thing that isn't quite right is the fact that so far they only seem to have 1 defence attorney, 1 city attorney and 1 judge. It feels small town but maybe too small town. It's a little unrealistic. I'm sure they will build on from this though and it can only get better.
  • Can't understand these reviews! Really enjoyed all 5 episodes so far. The plots are unique to legal shows. I started out loving the wardrobe for both men and women then the plots drew us in. The actors are terrific as are the characters. We can't wait for the next episode. I wish other fans would post! The sexy undertones and overtones are great. The plots with the under cover character, the fire bomb, even the courtroom scenes are fun and not dredged up from old Law & Order episodes as so many others are. The beautiful sets and backgrounds are unique and beautiful. No New York - so tired of those. It seems more like ramped up real life than most shows. It's believable and a pleasure to watch.
  • Canceled BUT is it worth watching its one and only season? Short answer: No.

    It wasn't bad. Every episode made you wanna watch the next one but now that I know the conclusion I should probably be better not to bother with it.

    It is a legal drama basically with romantic elements. The main protagonists are easy on the eyes and the plot seems interesting but as I said after you watch the series finale you would probably be disappointed.

    Still I don't understand who was "Reckless" in this. Anyway... If you had ask me before the finale I would say "check it out". The finale changes everything and makes the whole series unworthy...
  • Love the location and the premise, acting is really good, lots of potential here....but, the music played between scenes is outrageously LOUD! You have to turn it down each time it comes on in order to not blast out your eardrums, then back up again to hear the dialogue. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo irritating!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen this in other shows, but never this bad. Even commercials, which are notoriously loud, aren't even in the same ball park with Reckless. Then there is the matter of the Jamie's outfits. Her skirts are extremely tight and rather than adding sexiness to the character, they take away from it. She prances around the city and the courtroom in sprayed on skirts that keep you from really getting into the show because you are looking at her skirt. It is truly unprofessional, especially in the courtroom. In my opinion, anything that keeps the viewer from focusing on the plot, the characters, interactions, and the dialogue is not good. So to summarize...good show with lots of potential, horribly loud music and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too tight skirts on Jamie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saw the pilot for Reckless last night – major disappointment. The only real star of the show was Charleston itself. Beyond that the story was pretty predictable. Basically all the locals in Charleston are either corrupt snobs from the south of Broad or stupid, misogynistic rednecks, with the exception of the African Americans who are all in the projects of course… The Charleston Police Department is corrupt beyond measure, a bunch of gun toting rubes who drug and molest their fellow female officers and then have them fired when they speak out.

    Every show has a saviour though… and into the fray we have a hard hitting fresh faced female attorney from the poor side of Chicago ready to take on these backward inbred rednecks, corrupt anti-bellum local politicians and gun toting misogynist policemen all by herself; taking one chance after another in the vain hope that she can bring some civilization to this swampy outpost.

    Wow, now that is a fresh plot line. A brilliant and beautiful female attorney from north of the Mason-Dixon line who comes in to ram it home to the local rubes; teaching a few manners while ensuring justice is meted out fairly to her bedraggled and oppressed clientele. Why does it always have to be a female attorney from Chicago, NYC, Wash DC, Philadelphia or Boston? There aren't any great attorneys in Atlanta, Memphis, Columbia, Charlotte, Savannah, Mobile or Miami? Come on, something fresh for once… This story writes itself…

    Oh right, and another thing… When the other hero goes to visit his former father in law at his law office, he and his buddies are chowing down on a bunch of crawfish. At this point I realized the writers of this drivel really don't know the difference between New Orleans and Charleston. If these were really locals their lunch would have been shrimp or oysters or possibly a low country boil. You can get crayfish in Charleston but it's not the local favourite. I guess the writers really wanted to get that image of powerful men in five thousand dollar suits sucking on crayfish heads… I personally think a better image would have been those same men shucking oysters fresh from the river – that way they would have knives in their hands. Now that would be scene right?

    In any case, it's a tired genre. But I will probably continue to watch it as long as they keep showing great scenes from Charleston. I can ignore the drivel I think… or maybe I'll just mute the sound and listen to some beach music while I watch the scenery unfold. It is far better than using up IQ points trying to understand why Hollywood continues to think every city in the south is just another Big Easy
  • I am from Charleston and I say this show rocks.Charleston Police are not like this. They are wonderful group of men and women who put their life on the line for the people of Charleston.The New Orleans comment makes no sense, New Orleans is not the only city that sells Crawfish. Go to any restaurant in Charleston and they serve crawfish. The accent is not bad on most of the actors. In order to really catch the proper Charlestonian accent, you need to live there. I enjoy seeing my home town every week. The Battery and views of Church Street are beautiful. They are one of my favorite places to go. Hopefully Rechless keeps airing and show's more of Charleston. Thanks.
  • estatelawcanada8 August 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    The main character is a female lawyer as imagined by a horny 14-year-old boy. She is so skanky and unprofessional, it's insulting. When reviewing video of an alleged gang rape with the D.A., she actually asks him whether it turned him on. She wears skirts so tight she can't sit down, and sky-high stilettos that would break the ankles of any actual woman trying to work in them.

    The show seems to think that being sexy (or slutty, depending on your viewpoint) is a vital element of each and every character. It comes across as pretty ridiculous.

    There have been at least a dozen shows about lawyers that had stronger characters, better writing, and didn't aim for the lowest possible view of the characters.

    I hated almost everything about this show.
  • tenlegdragon1 July 2014
    First off, it's just trying way too hard to be sexy. There are at least a thousand and one sexual innuendos per conversation between the two leads. A thousand and one lingering stares. A bunch of lazy, not-quite-double entendres... They are trying really hard to make you think this show is hot, but the more they try, the more obvious the failure is. For this to work, for the show to be sexy in any way, they'd have needed to get Gigandet from at least 5 years ago. He's still alright to look at, but he has a sort of "I've retired my youthful hotness and am now a divorced dad" vibe about him that make the whole thing a bit tragic, imo. This is not Gigandet from Never Back Down, which makes sense since he's a normal human being that ages...

    The female lead is basically Twilight's Bella fresh out of college at her first trainee job. Not an ounce of professionalism to be had there. Her purpose is solely to be the girl who catches Gigandet's attention. (And all along, in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, even with his divorced dad, k-fry-c vibe, Gigandet's love life ought not to be SOOOO UTTERLY PATHETIC that he has to make a play for the ditz girl who stares at him).

    The cases are laughably cliché and poorly conceived. Like they scraped up the reject subplots of reject Law and Order Episodes. I feel that even the CW, if pressed, could come up with better procedures for a legal procedural.

    Shawn Hatosy is in it, so yay that, but he's saddled with a ridiculous character who's unbearable to watch or listen to for more than 30 seconds. The character's writing, his dialogue, his actions, everything is irredeemable and completely lame and stereotypical in a old 70s novie, dirty cop way. And I'm saying this as someone with a healthy appreciation for Hatosy!

    AVOID THIS!!! The only thing I can think of to compare this to is Taxi Brooklyn. If Taxi Brooklyn works for you, then you will love this, but if you're a normal human being who lives on earth, avoid this. Not worth it. This is NOT the next Southland/ Suits/ Good Wife / Law and Order/ Franklyn and Bash.

    I'm not sure when it's okay or not to say the "R" word but I want to go ahead and say that this series is retarded. And not in the fun way like how Scandal and Vampire Diaries and Sleepy Hollow and True Blood are fun-retarded. I mean it in the way Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux were retarded. It feels like someone pulled the script for this out of a 12 year old's dustbin.

    And this is coming from someone who is a Gigandet and Hatosy enthusiast. I will watch most things those guys are in without complaint, but the show needs to be cancelled NOW! It's a horrid eyesore.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Reckless, Shot in Charleston, SC, could have been a top notch show if the writers had taken the time to portray the people (southerners living in Charleston) In a more realistic manner. First of all, The accent of one of the Attorneys seemed to be that of a man living in New Orleans. There were also people eating Crawfish in one of the scenes. (those are not a Charleston dish at all). It almost seems like the writers were thinking of New Orleans when they wrote the show. Perhaps Reckless would be better off shot in New Orleans, since it makes the Police in Charleston look bad. The Police in Charleston don't deserve that.
  • chefkokopelli29 June 2014
    I was greatly disappointed with the the premier of RECKLESS....the previews looked exciting; I felt that it was going to be one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately I have never been so disappointed -- I felt that watching it was a GREAT waste of my time. Because the show could not hold my attention I pulled out my laptop and browsed my social media sites during the second half. Besides not liking the storyline I did not like any of the characters.

    I will not watch this show again. I much prefer the old reruns of Criminal Minds......much better story lines and characters.

    Would not recommend this show to anyone.
  • I like most of what Catherine Hardwicke (director of the original Twilight) has done so I tuned in to this legal drama set in Charleston.

    It's got a few good things going for it. The location is attractive and different from what you usually get on TV. The two leads are watchable. Anna Wood reminds me of a young Juliette Lewis but a little more together looking. Cam Gigandet as a Southern lawyer is okay even though it is a departure from his previous bad boy roles.

    The weakness of the series is the legal cases each week are a bit insipid. And the ongoing sexual harassment case doesn't seem that interesting to be the continuing story for a whole season. The sultriness seems a bit forced with some silly dialog especially in the pilot. The chemistry should flow naturally. Hopefully the harassment thing resolves sooner and the weekly cases get more novel. Or I don't think viewers will want to tune it week after week. It's a shame since the show has potential.
  • Why in the world would you want to cancel a show this good??????????????????????????????????

    Please bring it back
  • Just found out Reckless season 2 was cancelled. Sad and disappointed to hear the news.I really enjoyed watching the show through the summer. I've always enjoyed legal shows with a bit of humour, a season carry thru storyline as well as the one of episode cases. This show had the love, the laughs and the heart of a good show.

    I really enjoyed this show and think if they had given it a fair show in the fall it's numbers would have been better. So many people who travel all summer have discovered this show and feel they missed out on a gem.

    CBS should have given it a fair chance.
  • I watched this on Netflix recently & I was researching the Author, when I saw that it was cancelled after one season. It makes sense in a way. While most of the Drones are watching dead people walk around and reality garbage - Why bother keeping a smart sexy T.V series like this???????

    I am a very proud American - But when I see that Duck Dynasty and the Kardashian's are what keep people entertained & A show like this doesn't get merit - How do you blame people for talking about Americans the way they do?

    Please - Continue getting dumber at your own pace. I hear there's a full marathon of chefs yelling at people and repo staged shows going on... I love watching people (Who are) Watching people lived staged lives... Congratulations - You are morons
  • In Charleston, lawyer Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) is suing the city for firing police officer Lee Anne Marcus (Georgina Haig). Her assistant is Vi Briggs (Kim Wayans). Her boyfriend Preston Cruz (Adam Rodriguez) gets dragged in when he shows up in a sex tape with Lee Anne and other officers. Her opposing lawyer Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet) is also her ex. Dec Fortnum (Gregory Harrison) is Roy's ex-father-in-law and the corrupt senior partner in his law firm. Terry McCandless (Shawn Hatosy) is a corrupt cop in the center of the sex scandal. Deputy Chief Knox (Michael Gladis) is the good cop trying to root out the bad.

    This is ridiculous as a show about the law. It is over-sexed. It is soapy. But there is something additive about how unhinged this show can get. It makes no sense that she has so many different difficult cases while she's working on a multi-million dollar suit. And she does all this with only one assistant. The hyper-sexual Lee Anne is annoying at first but she grows on me. She actually has a great progression. I marginally like this show. This is such a bad show that I'm surprise that I like it even that much.
  • Only half way through the first season, so far it has been great fun. The cast is a good one (two leads pair well) and the script and production values are considerably above average. For many of these kinds of dramas with the two sets of story-lines running through them.. usually the week to week scrip is the poorer of the two, and the long running character development plots are the stronger. The real good thing about Reckless is that they both on their own stand with merit.. that's unusual and very enjoyable for the audience. The only real disappointment about the show is that you have to wait week to week to view it.. when you really want to do a marathon and watch every episode back to back. And what's up with the name.. for such a well thought out series, they come up with that!!
  • I think this show is amazing!! I am from South Carolina and this show makes me feel right at home. Charleston is a great location for a storyline like this. I can not believe they canceled it. Please God let them pick this show back up. I am dying to see what would happen next. I loved all the twist and turns and the characters are very well developed. One minute you hate a character and then the next you like them and find them endearing and vice versa. Particularly with the character Terry. I find him to be a magnetic character on the show. For the love of God, please continue this show! You will certainly have a large audience following it.
  • sonrisaparatu7 September 2019
    I love the southern charm of this law show. The playful flirting between Jamie and Roy makes it fun to watch each episode. While it lacks depth in the story line (writing could have been better), it did have a decent plot twist. It's sad it only had one season. How dare you leave us all hanging?!! It's unfortunate we don't see more shows like it. Maybe somehow it gets picked up again. 😞🙏🏻
  • Love it!!! hope they will revive this show. I love anna wood
  • taxprojoe24 April 2019
    I was very upset there was only one season. Why do they do this to the public? I would love Netflix to pick it up and make several more seasons.
  • What a shame this didn't get another season or 2! Acting is great, storyline was also great!! Different cases every show along with the core stories... well done. Bring it back!!
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