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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Have watched all seasons and its still a good show but as with others getting tired of the Elizabeth antics and the almost split personality and insane pursuit of finding Reds 'secret' and love/hate relationship while still doing his bidding. Also pretty sure Red turns out to be her mum as everything else makes absolutely no sense with this 'secret' issue which I feel has gone on too long. I for one am more interested in the actual Black listers than the long winded 'secret' narrative that surely has long run its course after 5 seasons.
  • The Blacklist isn't the best TV show you've ever seen--it's not edgy or innovative with an original storyline or remarkable cinematography. It doesn't have distinctive, stylish features. Into its 3rd season, The Blacklist survives, it thrives despite its being no Breaking Bad, or Mr. Robot, or Fargo, or The Knick. How is this possible? Just what is its appeal?

    James Spader as Red Reddington is the answer and the sole reason this show is so watchable. He's not only the captain of the ship, he's the crew and the ship as well. In short, his performance is everything that makes this show great and I suspect he's somehow improved the template like performances of his supporting actors over time. The man is just a joy to watch and makes an improbable character--govt spy turned international criminal mastermind-- delightful and believable. Every actor on that show ought to thank Spader for allowing them the opportunity to make money on a show that would have been cancelled its first year--perhaps mid-season--if he were not on it. It's the darndest thing, the difference one actor can make.

    Still, I wish that the creators had chosen a different actress to play the part of Elizabeth Keen, the FBI profiler that Red Reddington is inexplicably fond of. Someone like Zoe Saldana would have been brilliant casting and added dimension to the mystery of the Keen-Reddington relationship. And perhaps better casting for that part would have inspired the writers to shape her role more credibly and sent the show into the stratosphere. While Megyn Kelly may be a solid actress, she does not yet have the chops to make something of the oddly inconsistent writing for her role. Too late to change this up now.

    I'm hardly the only fan who tunes in to enjoy Spader's performance, marveling at how the dreamy young actor with long blonde hair evolved into this very charming, balding older man who can act his *beep* off. I give him an Emmy for just Being There.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to love this show but I'm struggling this season. The writers have a long history of Liz flipping from 'I hate you Reddington' to 'I love you Reddington' multiple times within a season and possibly within an episode.

    This season however, she appears to have a split personality as her feelings change depending on who she's talking to. Will I keep watching, yes. Am I enjoying it, no. I'm just hoping there is some kind of payoff.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my second review on this series. I really do love the premise and I like the way Red is working to eventually make himself the world crime kingpin while actually doing some good on the way. So I like that part of the story arcs.

    BUT please STOP with these all season long subplots.

    This idiocy of the Rostova story arc is STUPID. Seriously STUPID. We know she will be found out. Probably killed or at the last imprisoned but more likely killed.

    WE know it because these are the main stars. What happened to a highly rated FBI agent working against these bad guys and Red KNOWING she will be working an angle and she never has her apt swept and this incredibly stupidity. OR suddenly this new neighbor shows up and the writing is just so bad and dumb for this arc.

    I cannot think of another word. So please stop with these subplots. They are boring and we know how they will ALWAYS turn out. You are not going to lose your top stars on the show. So just kill her off and get on with the various villains OKAY?

    To me this sort of time wasting will end up killing the show. It is boring and we know he will win and next season WHAT? Some other lame subplot? Just stop it okay.

    Because I just fast forward through those parts anyway. I don't care about them and I would bet neither does the vast majority of viewers. Get rid of the character and get on with the show.
  • Once again I see people criticizing a good enjoyable show because it's not like reality and "Real governments and law enforcement organizations don't operate that way!!!!" Get a grip people! Batman isn't real either but he's fun to watch! The delineation of James Spader's Raymond Reddington is more important than any hang ups you could possibly have with the plot. I just can't see passing up such a good performance and character study because a fictional show isn't reality. It's not often a real good character comes along and I feel Spader has pulled this one off excellently in every respect. Don't cheat yourself people. It's a good show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Great show. but it's getting harder and harder to watch the whining from the Elizabeth Keen character. Idk if it's the acting or the writing but it is really getting cringeworthy. Reading through the comments I'm not alone in my thinking. Kill her off and get back to the blacklist in stead of the back and forth whining about secrets.
  • Bauer083 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I already wrote a review of The Blacklist, but after having watched half of season 6, I have to write an addendum; a warning if you will. Not only does Agent Keen's character become increasingly irksome and irratic, the worst part is that Megan Boone becomes a worse actress with each episode. I'm not sure how this is possible, as 5 seasons with the brilliant James Spader would have rubbed off positively on even the most incompetent amateur actor. But somehow Boone manages to become even less charismatic and even more boring. Begs the question why she even landed the part in the first place, as the height of her carreer should have been a walk-on on "The Bold & the Beautiful". I'm guessing it's a bit of wonderful nepotism at the hands of some related Hollywood boss. Bottom line: She is a horrific actress and makes sn otherwise entertaining show almost unwatchable.
  • Hi, I wanted to love this show because of Spader. It turns out that he is all the show has, and it just isn't enough when cliches, writing and the acting, by Megan Boone for example, was awful from the get go. I tried to watch the first episode a while ago and looked for better shows (and found some), and again now I watched the second episode, which was the same garbage writing, bs and contrived action, and bad acting. Someone else wrote Spader deserves better and I agree, he does! I totally don't get the high ratings on imdb.
  • James Spader is eminently watchable but why did they not kill off Elizabeth Keen when they had the opportunity, her character spoils my overall enjoyment of this show. Surely the writers could find a better way to keep Reddington's ID and motives a mystery.
  • What a terrible actress and spoils the story! Megan Boone just go. Terrible choice and stopped me watching at S5, twice!

    Good story, terrible "acting " Yes that's meant.
  • oneiljas22 February 2019
    Created my account just to come in and praise James Spader. I'm late to starting the show but binge watched it and love it. He definitely knows what he's doing and it's been a pleasure watching.
  • James Spader is superb in his roll as Raymond Reddington. I find all the characters in the show top rate and believable....except for Megan Boone and the character Elizabeth. This character is so sanctimonious and self centered it just grates against my nerves.This character does anything she "feels"is the best thing even if it's against protocol and puts the team in danger. Then berates Reddington, who is actually helping her, because he colors outside the lines.The fact that the show went from an interesting "get the really bad guys" show to all about "Lizzy" has gotten really very annoying and is starting to get old. There are 6 other characters to shed some focus on. I understand the background story between her and Reddington is important....I get that. But all the drama and, not to mention, all the dumb selfish things Elizabeth does is really starting to be a turn off. Whoever the writer is for this character needs to be fired. Also, what's up with Lizzy's miraculous healing powers? She can get punched in the face by a man and not only get up right away, but never has a scratch on her. She should have had black eyes for at least a couple of weeks. Everybody else on the show gets realistically (believably) injured and goes through the healing process. But not cast iron Lizzy. Come on guys, give it a rest. Please don't turn a great show of intrigue,espionage and edge of your seat stories into a soap opera with a bad leading actress. I TRULY want to continue watching this show. Needless to say, this is why I gave a 9 rating instead of a 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Raymond Reddington run the hole series, some good characters and a okay story. The thing ruining the show, is that a couple of the lead roles and FBI agents are very emotionally unstable and very unfit to be FBI agents. Elizabeth Keen is especially unstable, terrible as a profiler, childish, selfish and always act and talk (in her own interests) without ever thinking, and somebody always saves her, mostly Red ... again and again and again ... Is she 30 or 13. Liz "I promised myself I' was not gonna cry ... Boohoo". I can understand Ressler, he is sort of obligatory, "agent brake down", who would be fired. But Elizabeth Keen is just broken and bad writing, always drama never thinking, she keeps messing things up and makes others clean up after her.

    I would probably have given The Blacklist 8 stars. If it had not been for that soap opera character, that most series and movies for some sad reason, almost always have today.

    The best episodes is the ones when Liz is "dead" (like we would ever be that lucky) because her constant drama and misplaced anger is gone, and the characters actually act like adults and not a bunch of nanny's for her, maybe a little like a bunch of revengeful nanny's.

    If James Spader is going to write another show, I suggest he does not write his horrible daughter in it, no matter how much she whines. I don't know if he has a daughter, but I can only assume the character is a big F you to her, like "this is how you act, you disgusting person". The rest of the show i not bad.
  • Almost through the second season and as far as cop shows go, this one is a great watch so far. Reddington is badass and I like the side hustle he's got going while the FBI is investigating cases. Liz Keen is the worst though. Watch the show and you'll understand why.
  • farawayplanet24 May 2019
    After the first episode I already knew I would love to see all series... but I cannot... I can't stand the horrible acting of Megan Boone. Catastrophe that ruined good screenplay... such a shame
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Can someone kill Elizabeth? She's the most annoying character. After betraying Red so many time, I really hope he shows her where she belongs.
  • Reddington and Dembe must have their dialogue written by completely different writers than everyone else on this show. Of the regular cast they are the only two characters that aren't painful to watch and listen to. Spin-off these two actors along with their storyline and dump everything and everyone, including the writers who are scripting this corny cliched drivel. Spader carries this show on his back.
  • Is this remotely realistic- No- so let's say we accept the premise, They do that twisty turny thing, where it's good, it's bad; he's dead, than alive. No one or nothing is what it seems. Supposed to keep you guessing, but is really bad story telling. So to keep interest it just keeps getting weirder. as for the characters, I seriously doubt we could run an FBI like this with these agents. I am not sure why this has a fairly high rating, maybe some from the beginning, where it seemed more inventive. Reddington (James) is a mastermind who is never shaken, always comes out ahead, even when betrayed. And seems to have a network better than the best gov't agency anywhere, ever.
  • They are so wide off the mark now. It literally makes zero sense. I painfully watched the last two episodes. I quit what used to be a very good show. So silly now.
  • The network T.V. case of the week constantly gets in the way of the interesting storytelling. I made it half-through season 2 and I could not get over constant plot holes, cringe acting, bad effects and the predictable nature of each episode. Every episode starts off with a new case, followed by Raymond Reddington telling the FBI what needs to be done. The case is solved and then the last five minutes of each episode leaves an interesting clue to keep you watching. The last five minutes in each episode contain the most interesting parts of the series but the answers are always muddled. The only thing I enjoyed is watching Reddington turn into full badass mode and show his true nature. This usually happens whenever Keen is in danger and Reddington saves the day by shooting everyone in the face. Other then that I never really cared for any of the characters and I got tired of the length of each season. Get to the good stuff already. Twenty-Two episodes each season and it's so monotonous half the time. I couldn't finish this. Agent Keen: Do you care about me. Reddington: Yes Reddington does something to piss Keen off. Agent Keen: Leave me alone! A few episodes later Reddington saves Keen. Agent Keen: You still care about me! Rinse and Repeat.
  • I would give this show higher ratings if it were not for that Lizzie lady who is the most annoying person in the whole show. She keeps betraying her own friends with her own stupidity. Why don't the writers of the show make her disappear like her husband? The show does not need her. I am sure it will survive without her. Without her, I would be happy to give higher and much higher rating. I enjoy the show, but that lady is a major turn off.
  • This show has become a parody of itself.

    Red has become an idiot, Liz has become some mastermind The FBI are so stupid they leave prisoners uncuffed in interrogation rooms, they have access panels inside the interrogation rooms that let you switch off the cameras, they have no guards anywhere so the prisoners can just walk out of the door, which is always unlocked.

    Reddington who was always 10 steps ahead is now 20 steps behind Liz who seems to know his whole organization which he spent 30 years building up better than he does.

    It's become stupid beyond belief.

    Reddington should have put a bullet in Keene along with her mother and saved us the bore fest this show has become.

    Im done with this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Liz should have been out long AGO poor acting, super unsympathetic and the script is really low and childish comic book like Shame for James Spader's super acting .. Hope you let Lizzy die soon
  • James Spader is an enigma of an actor. His voice and acting can carry any show. The supporting cast are great. The Blacklist has several likeable characters including Tom, Dembe, Cooper, Ressler and especially Aram Mujtabai but it suffers at its core because of its female protagonist

    The main problem is the female lead character, Elizabeth Keen. Megan Boone has done a good job of portraying the character but the writing behind the character is awful. Special Agent Keen was likeable until halfway through season 3. The character has massive daddy issues and zero integrity. She will constantly have a hot and cold relationship with Raymond but at the end of the day she will side with Raymond every time. She's quick to overlook every criminal offence Red has committed and is likely to commit in the future and she will readily justify it by saying the FBI needs him. She has even shown she's willing to commit crimes if she can get away with it. Her self righteousness has also spread out and infected the other characters over the later seasons. I had originally rated this show 8/10 but the score dropped down 2 points in the last two seasons.
  • Were all the good actresses busy when they auditioned for Liz in this series and had to take what they could get. Megan Boone is pitiful and very annoying, Spader is awesome and the rest of the cast is on par Without Boone I would go to 7 stars but having to put up with her every week it's a 1 star show for me, hope someone shoots her in the face soon , it would make for a much better show !!
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