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  • since all the good shows are canceled : young justice, transformers prime, etc: i was looking for a good show to watch and i found TMNT 2012:great, and i found this show:very good, i wasn't too excited about it; but its just so good, its overused, u know,,,,,,,,,,,,,the idea of superheroes, but this one seems original,it has good plot, one of the nicest CGI styles, great voice cast ESPECIALLY for max and good story telling,,,,oh yeah,,,,and superior action,,,, the hero has the personality of Spiderman and the powers of Generation Rex, all in all its a nice combination that will leave u itching for a new episode!!!! GIVE IT A TRY.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is so bad, I couldn't watch the first episode all of the way through because it's nothing but clichés. It first opens up with a Star Wars space battle rip-off where a group of astronauts are trying to relieve some artifact in low-Earth orbit. The show later shifts its focus on the main character, Max (and this is where the crap hits the fan). He's a cookie-cutter high school student who's a drifter because him and his mom are constantly move from town to town. The scene then switches to commercial for looks like the Transpacific Partnership, starring the corrupt businessman cliché, who also uses the villainous red keyboard hologram cliché. On his first day of his new high school, Max encounters one-dimensional bullies, a generic love interest, and an outcast best friend. When saving this new friend from the bullies, they begin to pick on him, causing him to flee. This chase scene causes him to develop powers that turn on and off at the most inconvenient times, but comes in handy when defeating the bullies. He later wakes up in an infirmary of a secret organization his uncle is a part of, who explains that his father created all of it, making him a legacy.

    That's all I remember from it before I deleted it from my Netflix queue. It's so uninspired that I wouldn't doubt the writers were either complete hacks, or were just lazy and decided to take ideas from other franchises.

    This show is also loosely based off of the original Max Steel from 2000, which I'm now interested in checking out to compare it to this. That was made before the reboot fad became a fad, and from what I read of the description, it sounds decently original. However, some people have said its a rip-off of Action Man, but I'll have to see that comparison for myself.
  • Robet games comes too reel life when definet bois attack Mars

    was not enouch supr sayan 3 and gohan shouldve inherited the famly fortnite

    though i did find halo from master chef really enthusing

    i rate this show one mastercheick out of twenty