Differences between the Wii and the Xbox 360 version include: Firearms are a completely redefined element of the game - not only do guns now have more ammunition to them, players now using an over-the-shoulder perspective with Frank with aiming, which is further aided through the use of the Wii Remote to aim where the gun is pointing. A few of the psychopaths from the original appear as zombies in the Wii version, while some of the survivors of the original are absent. The Wii version features zombified animals, including poodles and parrots. The mall's size is significantly smaller in the Wii version. Frank cannot jump in the Wii version, and the photography system is absent. Players can change the colour of the blood in the game. Both 72 Hour Mode and Overtime Mode are merged in the Wii Version, to form a single, story-driven mode of gameplay. Completing the main storyline on the Wii version, grants the player access to a range of minigames. There are fewer items scattered around the mall that can be used as weapons, while books are now acquired through a survivor named Cletus.