Devereaux: There were lots of erotic books in the 17th and 18th centuries written by nuns. Most nuns joined the convent. Because their families sent them off. Because they had committed adultery.

Devereaux: They can all go fuck themselves!

Devereaux: Since childhood, I've been brainwashed. By my parents, my teachers.My teachers, my superiors at work.I'm lucky, I'm not a Christian.But I'd like to say this: When I die, I will kiss God's ass forever.I found my God.You.My first God? I didn't find it in a church, but in a classroom.It was idealism. What a magnificent God! To believe everything would be ok. I was in the temple that is university. First as a student, then as a professor. And I allowed myself to be wrapped in that hallowed light. Injustice? We had righted all the wrongs. World hunger? Everyone would eat until they were full. Poverty? A distant memory whose existence would be difficult even to imagine. Wealth would be spread around. To each according to his needs. That's right. It was only when I arrived at the World Bank that the enormity of the world's pathos, the infinite suffering inherent in human nature, revealed itself in all its horrible manifestations. Slowly. One day at a time. No. One minute at a time. I understood the futility of struggling against this insurmountable tsunami of troubles that we face. Things will not change. The hungry will die. The sick? They too will die. Poverty, It's good business. Wise men are comforted by their limitations. I'm overwhelmed by this revelation. No. I can't return to that blissful youth. No redemption for me.

Simone: What did the doctor say?

Devereaux: He said it was all my mother's fault.

Simone: Are you serious?

Devereaux: He said he was having lunch with his mother, and instead of asking her to pass the butter, he told her you fucking bitch, you ruined my life.

Devereaux: Another pedantic, narrow-minded and shortsighted sophist, whose only goal is to convince me to join the rest of herd. I won't fall in line. It pisses me off that one more time I couldn't say no to you. Do you know what you've done, over these years, little by little, bit by bit? You've succeeded in making me hate myself. You see? You've succeeded.

Devereaux: I'm not capable of being president. You know that. I don't want to. I don't owe anybody anything.

Devereaux: I don't trust the politics. I hate them. I am an individualist, I am an anarchist.

Devereaux: It's better make to people's cry. But you can laugh inside you.

Simone: You can't put your face with my father!

Devereaux: I don't have a feeling about my life. I feel nothing. I don't feel guilty. I don't give a shit about the people. No one can save anyone. No one wants to be saved.