[first lines]

Hannah Lee Baker: The queen is quaint and quick conceit, which makes her walk which way she list. And roots spin up that lie in wait, to work her treason 'ere she wist. Her force is such against her foes, that whom she meets she over throws.


Hannah Lee Baker: How come you don't ever talk about daddy anymore?

Donny Baker: Hurts to talk.

Hannah Lee Baker: How do you forget?

Donny Baker: I told you, "Hillbilly crack". The point is, you don't forget. You just... move on.

Hannah Lee Baker: I want to move on.

Hannah Lee Baker: The pawns, poor pawns are silly swains, which seldom serve, except by hap. And yet those pawns can lay their trains, to catch a great man in a trap. So that I see sometimes a groom, may not be spared from his room.

Stripper: I sure wouldn't want to be on your shit list.

Frank Stinson: Eventually everyone ends up on my shit list.

Donny Baker: Girls your age, usually that's all they think about - boys.

Hannah Lee Baker: I'm not most girls.

Donny Baker: No, you're not. You surely are not.

[last lines]

Donny Baker: Red phosphorus, benzene, phosphine gas. Mix 'em together, you've got a real shit storm on your hands.

Hannah Lee Baker: [to Frank] So what now?

Frank Stinson: Now?

Hannah Lee Baker: There's only one way it can end. Win or draw, your choice.

Frank Stinson: Go home.

Donny Baker: One spark - boom. Boom.