[first lines]

Narrator: Everyone who loves board games knows that they're as numerous and diverse as life itself. Games of chance, ingenuity, strategy. Games that can be played alone, with a partner, or in a group. Some invented hundreds of years ago, and others only recently. But when board game enthusiasts are asked to choose an adventurous, fantastic, and thrilling game, The Life of Ivan Drago comes out on top.

Narrator: Where did the game come from? Was it the brain child of a great inventor? How it came to be is a great story. And one of the squares at the beginning, the one that shoes a ferris wheel, is a good place to start.

Anunciacion: [in the middle of the night] Psst. Psst. Ivan, don't be afraid, we're in the same class. I'm a boarder here too.

Ivan Drago: That's not true, only boys go to this school. Are you a ghost?

Anunciacion: No, silly. I know only boys were meant to go here. That's why I had to make myself invisible. I'm Anunciacion.

Ivan Drago: Principal Possum said that I was the only boarder.

Anunciacion: Well, that's what he thinks. I live here, too - inside the walls. I know this building better than anyone. Even Principle Possum.

Ivan Drago: What do your parents think of all this?

Anunciacion: The same thing that happen to you happened to me too.

Ivan Drago: What, hot air balloon accident?

Anunciacion: No, that's original. Car accident. Krebs saw your tattoo in class today. I could see how angry he was.

Ivan Drago: In class? But you weren't in class.

Anunciacion: Yes I was. Above the blackboard, behind the painting. I see everything that happens. Well, everything except the blackboard.