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  • FATHER FIGURE spawned a series of Sweet Sinner videos, mixing fake incest with the pairing of older guys and young but legal girls. Sex scenes run too long (adds up to 2 and a half hours) but it's otherwise effective.

    Unlike Nica's and Sweet Sinner's other series this one presents four separate vignettes with four separate casts. Tone is set by Evan Stone having his girl friend's step-daughter move into his mansion, eliciting her "I've always wanted a dad" reaction from very young-looking and oriental-looking London Keyes. Director Nica Noelle appears in a cameo as the step- mom.

    More straightforward mixed combo action has Mr. Marcus cast against type as a home tutor who develops feelings (not necessarily sexual but simply sympathetic) for his pupil Katie St. Ives. With a classical music score this is a change of pace segment.

    Closer to the genre is casting Ben English (with a "sordid past") ogling lovely Melanie Rios sunbathing, a hint of what's to come. Melanie, who's had an unusually diverse set of roles in various porn sub-genres, is very appealing and director Nica later showcased her talents in THE BABYSITTER 4.

    Best vignette features veteran Nick Manning paired with the delicious April O'Neil, whose large (for her size) feet are among the segment's dominant contrasts. This one has an interesting and functional plot line where Nick invites his daughter's friend April to spend the night to escape problems she's experiencing at home. She tiptoes into his room at night and gets into bed with him after waking from a bad dream. Though the porn genre means there's no suspense, the transition here from a kindly tone to hot & heavy sex is well-executed, and Nica scores a bullseye with the casting.