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  • Watching and reviewing all of Nica Noelle's Sweet Sinner videos I try to look for differences or new motifs within her ongoing distinctive style. Volume 3 of this popular series is notable for its simplicity -which I found refreshing.

    The series started off gangbusters with Nica's take on Mike Nichols' THE GRADUATE, creating a very interesting story in its own right. Inari Vachs gives a strong performance in this followup, working from a basic soap opera outline.

    She's the plain, woman next door look heroine whose young daughter (Alyssa Branch) brings home her boyfriend Joey Brass to meet the family -namely mom and her boy friend Nick Manning.

    Vachs is chilly and almost insulting to the kid, a business management major at college with plans to start his own gourmet sandwich shop chain catering to movie theater patrons (in search of more sustenance than just pop corn and hot dogs). Inari ridicules his plans and even gives him unwanted constructive criticism regarding "visible tattoos" as a drawback to success. (I especially enjoyed this remark, since Vachs has the usual large but hidden tattoos of a modern porn star, but the proliferation of tats is almost symbolic of the downhill slide of the Adult (read: gonzo) industry.

    After dinner Nick and Inari go to bed, with Nick needling her a bit concerning her tough treatment of Alyssa's beau. The mature duo have a very strong sex scene which shows off their deep matching tans, and both work up a glistening sweat under the hot lights.

    Sex segment #2 pairs Alyssa and Joey and is disappointing, as it runs way too long and is one-note in content. Most interesting aspect is that Joey (who I thought resembled Dudley Moore in the initial Dustin Hoffman role of this Nica series, here reminds one of Pee Wee Herman (!) in both visage and facial expressions, which is hardly a recommendation (Pee Wee/Reubens' closest brush with porn was his well-publicized getting arrested for beating off in the audience at a Sandra Scream screening circa 1991.

    After a visit when Alyssa's not home, Joey strikes up a friendship with the MILF Inari, who takes a liking to the boy. One day they smooch, but Nick comes home at this point interrupting them, and after Joey's left he gives g.f. Inari an ultimatum, not willing to put up with such behavior.

    Distressed, Vachs phones her best friend Nica Noelle, the film's writer-director, who's had experience with May/December romances (besides making a living directing them on screen). The auteur warns her against pursuing such an affair, and after they hang up Nica humps her boyfriend Mr. Marcus for a concise and arousing mixed-combo session. In the Behind the Scenes short subject on the DVD, a breathless Nica reveals she's had a massive crush for the big fellow, and sort of indulged herself casting herself opposite him in this video.

    Film's finale, after a truly soap-opera style heart-to-heart discussion of their status by Inari visiting Joey, has the two souls uniting in bed, well-humped, and leaving us with the standard Nica open ending.

    Vachs has a mysterious quality, which I liked and goes well with her doesn't-look-like-a-porn -star face & physique. I'm looking forward to seeing her starring in the Kim Basinger role (quite a stretch) opposite Manuel Ferrara in Nica's takeoff 6 1/2 WEEKS (marked down from NINE 1/2 WEEKS).