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  • Jim Powers' turn of the century porn adventure Virgin Whore is a surprisingly effective fantasy that has excellent performances and vid photography, engrossing storyline and some truly strange elements not found elsewhere. It is well worth the hunt to discover a minor treasure.

    Gwen Summers, who did an excellent job in the Nothing to Hide sequels by James Avalon, is cast as an archaeologist's daughter whose life is transformed by an ancient amulet sent to her by her archaeologist dad from a dig he's working on in Bolivia. It belonged to an ancient priestess and has amazing aphrodisiacal powers, as the spirit of the priestess takes over control of Gwen's libido.

    Gwen is a workaholic office worker whose co-worker and roommate Briana Banks more than makes up for Gwen's absence of liaisons with the opposite sex. Banks' specialty d.p.'s and deep throat ability are well- exploited by Powers for her fans' benefit.

    Gwen's sexual adventures are not only in present time but she is also fantasy transported back to the priestess's ancient temple for orgiastic rites on nicely appointed sets, more reminiscent of an ancient Egypt than Bolivian tale.

    Feature veers into wild and over-the-top territory that I found to be both novel and lots of fun, all centered on the sex. Gwen's invasion by the spirit is staged while she's sleeping in tribute to the great '80s horror classic "The Entity". Summers thrashes around in the throes of ecstasy simulated a hump with an invisible entity -great fun and stimulating and actually staged soft-core. For a while Gwen has a conversation with her "talking vagina", a fun throwback to those "Pussy Talk" movies of the '70s.

    At the temple, there are four purple-skinned lesbians among the acolytes, and Powers has them spray over the course of two minutes, seen on all fours from the rear, what amount to Blue Showers all over white nightgowned-Gwen who is laid out on a slab as if a sacrifice to the gods. This wild sequence is not covered or explained in the BTS short subject on the DVD, but is evidently the result of the actresses being primed with blue liquid in an enema bag to shoot it out in fountains all over poor Gwen.

    This fantasy sequence is especially interesting in that it throws light on the subject of "squirting", virtually a cottage industry in modern porn. One suspects that the lion's share of such similar looking (but clear, not blue liquid) sprays is perhaps neither female "ejaculate" or urine but rather water previously pumped into the actress's vagina via enema bag. At least Powers uses this not to bamboozle his audience but to create a strange fantasy effect.

    French actress Oceane is tantalizing as the sacrifice in the film's prologue while Victoria Rose fills a similar function in the orgy that Gwen attends later in the temple. Of the 4 purple ladies, Summie has fabulous big breasts, even more impressive than those famous ones of Banks, while Alana Evans is featured pre-boob job, barely recognizable as the MILF of a decade later.

    One special element is the twist ending, quite satisfying and well thought out by Powers and in itself differentiating this porn film with how the plot would have been resolved in a mainstream fantasy movie.

    Summers, who vaguely resembles the far more popular recent superstar Jenna Haze, is worth rediscovering by today's oh so fickle fans, and VIrgin Whore is a great place to start.