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  • A great true story , narrated by the main character, a very funny history lesson,

    At one point , I flashed back to when my little brother got one of the first computers ...when there were about three people "online", it was just another techie at the library or local college,and they were just tying up everyone's phone lines.

    for me , it was well written and took right off, I didn't expect it to be as funny as it was , being a biography, but it was funnier than educational, and even when the jokes weren't flowing , the movie still flowed very nicely,

    I recommend iSteve, my opinion is that most people will enjoy it and get a chuckle

    I gave it a six out of ten, and I think i will eventually re-watch it so it gets a re-watcher stamp
  • ondrejrehacek17 April 2013
    Nice internet movie. Great satyr aimed at Steve Jobs life and Apple history. Yes its inaccurate but TAKE the fact that this is a comedy and if you are interested in computer history you will have nice laugh. Justin Long and Jorge Garcia delivers great and funny acting, And its nice comedy driven tribute to a Steve Jobs and history of Apple computers. This comes from a proud mac user and admirer of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. And at the END you will find out that this is not to make fun of Steve Jobs, but to make him a tribute that is worth laugh and im sure if Steve himself can see it, he would smile at it too. So at the end Funny Or Die and whole team around this movie made pretty decent job.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What I hate about movies these days are that they cannot live up to what they commercialized. Die Hard 5, Oblivion's plot, or Movie 43. This movie's poster is totally dumb and goofy, so is the movie.

    I got what I expected. Just things that are goofy as hell and off-the-top stupid. I had the best laughs in a long time with this movie. The fight scene was just completely stupid, with Bill and Steve T-Rex slapping at each other. The sex scene blew my mind, I did not expect it to happen, and when it did, it's not even sexy or anything, it's just so goofy and dumb it's hilarious.

    Overall, I got what I want from it, and it cost me nothing but time, so i rate it a 9/10.
  • grantss4 January 2017
    The life of technology guru and Apple founder, Steve Jobs, told as a comedy.

    I say "comedy" because that's what the synopsis describes it as, plus it is too farcical to be a drama. However, the movie is hardly funny. There are one or two good spoofs (the Robert Palmer one was pretty good) but these are few and far between and there is nothing hilarious. Mostly pretty stupid, relying on lame in-jokes.

    So unfunny I initially thought the synopsis was wrong and that this was meant to be a serious biopic. Then the plot development was so inaccurate and over-the-top that this theory went out the window.

    Ashton Kutcher will be relieved - now there's a worse Steve Jobs movie...
  • Apparently written in 3 days, and filmed in 5 this movie is so funny. So many memorable moments including the virtual Melinda gates sex scene. The acting is bang on, and the writing is great. Better then most box office comedies in the past few years. Hopefully there will be more and more of these low budget but awesomely written movies produced in the future, though Funny or Die's follow up 'Coffee Town' looks pretty lame. Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak is an endless source of laughs, I'm still laughing just thinking about the way they wrote the relationship between him and Jobs. Check it out, it is ridiculous but amazing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie is not the best movie ever, but it is a good parody of every other Steve Jobs biopic. I think all the factual inaccuracies are totally intentional as it was common for Jobs to take credit intentionally and not for a lot of the innovations present in Apple and non-Apple products. For example, he actually had the vision to save Pixar financially, but he didn't create the lamp short film that was the first Pixar short film, and in the movie it appears as if he was the brains behind the lamp flick in an eccentric way.

    The movie is very eccentric so its jokes are really convoluted and require a lot of previous knowledge of the real history of personal computing, computer animation movies, virtual reality, etc, etc.

    The story about the rivalry of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates being partially motivated by Melinda Gates is a total fabrication, so it is just a way to make the story stereotypical as a love triangle totally made up as Steve Jobs was successful romantically too and the differences between the two titans were of other sort being competitors for the graphic OS market.

    The virtual reality sex scene shown a typical virtual world of the 90's if you were into virtual worlds then showing perfect geometrical solids and primitive rendering techniques. So the movie is a little nostalgic in that.

    The Commodore's CEO plot to out Jobs of Apple is also totally made up and it is a collage of real facts twisted in really imaginative ways. John Sculley uses Jobs' 'weakness' for sodas to infiltrate Apple as a Pepsico Marketing guy. But at the end he reveals that he never worked for Pepsi and he was a con artist working for Commodore. But everybody knows that Sculley was CEO of Pepsi for real and Jobs lured him into Apple. Again a surrealist joke.

    But Steve Jobs is sort of a cult figure so at the end who knows if the serious biopics of Steve Jobs are more real. I guess that's the point of the movie in my opinion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Funny Or Die releases what they call "the first biopic" of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.They pride themselves of "being the first" and presents an unlikely tribute to the Apple Chief wherein it presents lots of fun and laughter as Jobs provides an examination of the events of his life from his childhood until his return to Apple Computer more than a decade after he got fired from the company by John Sculley.

    The 80-minute film stars Justin Long as Steve Jobs who provides narration in the events of his life together with Jorge Garcia,James Urbaniak and Michaela Watkins.It presents many events of his life like his student days at Reed,his friendship with Steve Wozniak,the presentation of the first Apple computer at Homebrew Computer Club,his firing from Apple and many others.Aside from real events of Jobs' life,we also get to see unlikely events of his life such as his friendship with Bill Gates,his love affair with Melinda Gates,his partnership with Commodore Computer,his love for soda drinks and many others.

    Apparently,this film is a combination of both accuracy and inaccuracy to provide funny moments to the viewer.While people who probably saw this film would somehow dislike it due to the inaccurate events,one must realize that it intends to be a parody of the life of an tech icon who gave the world products that people love.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    iSteve is the first biographical film about the late Steve Jobs.It stars John Long in the title role together with Jorge Garcia,James Urbaniak and Michaela Watkins.Former SNL writer Ryan Perez wrote and directed it.

    This parody starts with Steve Jobs rehearsing for a talk and later decides to take an view of his life from childhood until he returns to Apple the second time around.It pokes fun on his days on the garage,his rivalry with Bill Gates,the development of the personal computer,how he got fired at Apple by John Sculley,his personal life and many more.It apparently was far from the true facts and details as we get to see a love triangle between Bill Gates,Melinda Gates and Steve Jobs;the hiring of John Sculley by Jobs as Apple CEO due to the latter's love for soda drinks;the sexual relationship between Steve and Melinda through virtual reality; and a lot more.This 75- minute film concludes with Jobs stating that he is narrating the events in heaven.

    According to Ryan Perez,this film was written in three days and shot in five days.It definitely had its moments.Also,Perez stated about iSteve,"We might not be the best, but we will be the first".Apparently,he forgot to say that it maybe the first parody on the life of Jobs wherein the events were laughed at.With the release of other Steve Jobs films such as "Pirates Of Silicon Valley","Jobs" and the up-and-coming "steve jobs",this remains the funniest.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't really know how these comments would constitute a spoiler, but I checked the box just to be sure.

    I don't understand why anyone would want to take the subject of a famous person about whose life and work much is known and make a movie that is full of false information. What is the point? Was it humor? The movie was not funny. It was embarrassing.

    They made Bill Gates look stupid. He didn't deserve that. They made Wozniak look stupid. He didn't deserve that. They made Jobs look like he got all his ideas from other people, usually while stoned. He didn't deserve that. They showed Steve's father yelling and acting mean and crazy. He didn't deserve that. They made that Dell guy look like an idiot. He didn't deserve that either.

    Anyone who knows the history knows that most everything in the movie was false. Anyone who doesn't know the history will be learning lies. Also, if you didn't know the history, then you wouldn't be able to make any sense of this movie, because there's no telling of a story. It's just random bits thrown together, most of which are completely made up. It seems to be based on people knowing a few bits and pieces but not knowing anything well, so that when they show, for example, Steve being ejected from Apple, people will say to themselves, "Oh, yeah." Maybe you have to be stoned to watch it, and then it's just an experience, rather than presuming to have any intellectual content.

    What was that about the commencement speech at Stanford, trying to make Steve look stupid there? This commencement speech was very inspiring. Listen to the Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech and judge for yourself.

    When Steve left Apple, he was not poor. He had tons of money, and with it he started a new company. As another viewer pointed out, John Sculley was indeed with Pepsico, and none of that stuff happened that way. (They did not meet at a urinal, and Sculley was not a spy.) I've never heard of Bill and Melinda being separated or of Steve having a thing for her. She wasn't even around in the early days. Read the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. There you will find the real information about Steve Jobs' life and career.

    By the way, I thought it was amusing that the actor from the I'm a Mac / I'm a PC commercials played Steve Jobs in the movie. (Those are some funny commercials.)

    This movie was very stupid and a complete waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Movie iSteve! Its a parody , right? But parodies are suppose to be fun. Not even the lightning is enjoyable. Terrible action, makeup, dialogs. A completely inaccurate set of untruth dialog and scenes. It all goes wrong when fake Steve and Woz, are smashing Pentium II motherboards to build the PoC. It all goes to trash, at the virtual reality sex sex between Steve and Melinda Gates. So bad, so bad, so bad.... not funny at all! I really hope who ever watches it, understands it is not a documentary but is a great example of how to make terrible make up and wigs. And I am not done watching it yet, it already made want to review it right away. PS. Fake Steve just took acid before the Stanford speech!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This past week, August 16, 2013, the Steven Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher was released. I haven't seen it yet but it is supposed to be a serious look at the life of Jobs.

    This movie, cleverly titled "iSteve", came out first and is just the opposite. In fact in the closing credits it states plainly that although some of the names used were real people, that "literally everything that happened in this story was totally fake." And further, "Point is this story is fictional. Phoney baloney."

    If that had not been clear as the movie unfolded, a certain scene where Jobs is speaking in his trademark turtleneck shirt of his later life, against a totally black background, and his voice grinds to a halt. Then we see him bent over at the waist and a technician comes over, takes a circuit board out of Jobs' back and works on it to get Jobs back to life should have erased all doubt.

    Justin Long is iSteve, Steve Jobs, a force of nature in computing starting in the 1970s through virtually the present, although he died in 2011. iSteve gave us such things as the iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, things that we can hardly understand how we did without before them.

    As a comedy of fake events it takes great liberties with real people and real events and twisting them until they bear no resemblance to the truth. Jobs meeting the guru in India, getting the three LSD dots for when he needed inspiration. Bill Gates meeting his eventual wife in Jobs' garage, then riding off with her, sitting behind her on the bicycle. Jobs' inspiration for Pixar coming from his white desk lamp he almost sold when he needed money. And many more.

    Those looking for a serious movie will be disappointed and should not see this. But for those who enjoy the occasional diversion, in what resembles a 75-minute pseudo-SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit, this movie is a lot of fun. Fun just to see how you can take real events and real people and turn it into a twisted, funny story.

    SPOILERS: The movie is mostly flashback as Steve Jobs is practicing his talk. As the movie ends he says to us, "You guessed it, this room I am in is actually Heaven."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just pulled this movie out at random and thought it might be an interesting story about the ACTUAL life of Steve Jobs and the birth of home computing. To be frank, I don't know much about Steve Jobs, but apparently I know a hell of a lot more than the people who made this movie about Steve Jobs.

    The jokes are terrible enough that it isn't really even apparent in the beginning that this movie is even a parody. Eventually, you get to this scene where Woz and Jobs and Gates are banging on motherboards with hammers like 2-year-olds. not sure why.... But if the movie aims to appeal to computer nerds, maybe it should be somewhat authentic in its representation of them. They're banging on motherboards that wouldn't be invented for another 20 years (Pentiums with ZIF Sockets and Slot Processors). It is just crap. It's not even funny. If the filmmakers knew jack about computers, there would be an Altair in the scene somewhere.

    I kinda think that if you're going to parody something, you should parody something that's true. I don't think Bill and Melida gates met until maybe the late 90s? I don't know what I'm talking about, but I pretty much guarantee you she wasn't hanging out with them in the garage in the 70s.

    Also, D'arcy from the Smashing Pumpkins was never married to Billy Corgan and they never even dated. In the early days of the band, she dated James Iha. Also, Billy Corgan didn't start shaving his head until 1995 just after the release of the "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" single which was released in 1995... the music video for which features Billy Corgan with hair.

    Dumb Jokes, Dumb plot, not informative, not funny, not accurate, and unappealing to the demographic that would be most interested in watching a movie about Steve Jobs. I stopped watching about 2/3rds of the way through... I couldn't take it anymore... so I don't even know how it ends so I'll spare you any spoilers.
  • nm470128411 November 2014
    Why? Beside the fact that they thought of using as the main character Justin Long ("The Mac Guy" from the "Hi I'm a Mac..." commercials) and made you think "where do I know this guy from?" ;), they made the story so simple and impactful. They kept the core of the story and made it into a beautiful funny time line of "history of innovation" I don't want to give away too much, but we all know that Ashton Kutcher looks a lot more like Steve Jobs and he did a great job in "Jobs", but the flair Justin is bringing to this story, the awkward friendship with Woz (Jorge Garcia most popular for "Lost"), the funny rivalry with Bill Gates and the entire air of the film makes me say it: it's better than "Jobs". Period.