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  • Cosplay is one of porn's least interesting genres, playing second fiddle to the ongoing popularity, in both softcore and hardcover versions, of fetish/BDSM content. Brian Blade tries his hand here with boring results.

    The non-script is summed up in a couple of introductory cards telling us about an evil Lord Zuru who is attempting to obtain the Cirian Sphere that permits the Five Muses to unite and protect the Universe. That means we will get five repetitive vignettes of each muse humping away against Zuru's henchmen, hell-bent on obtaining their sphere.

    The ladies led by such beauties as Anikka Albrite and Alexis Monroe are sexy in their varied fetish-oriented costumes, but the fights and SPFX are meager. For the requisite lesbian scene we have an early performance by Eva Lovia, who even gets the old-fashioned "Miss Eva Lovia" screen credit that was once accorded to greats like Sharon Mitchell.

    A real screenplay might have propelled this into a satisfying picture, but instead Blade delivers costumed sex and little else.