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  • No, I wasn't referring to stars Riley Reid and Dana Vespoli's chest measurements here, though at this point in her career Dana had not gone for her current surgically-enhanced frontage. It's the dullness of Jet Michaels' script and James Avalon's direction that makes this one of Sweet Sinner's lesser efforts.

    Uneasily closer to a Chantal Akerman approach to the dullness of daily life (see: "Jeanne Dielman", her magnum opus in this regard), we have Dana inevitably poaching on daughter Riley's boyfriend Rocco Reed in a feature lasting over 2-1/2 hours, minus any suspense or actual character development. Both ladies dally with other studs, Erik Everhard and Danny Mountain, repectively, before Dana finally gets Rocco in the sack, but beyond delivering the label's famous "Real Sex, Real Orgasms" it's a pointless exercise.

    All involved know better (and generally do better) when it comes to delivering a quality Couples Romance movie.