Perverted Stories (1995)

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1 August 2016 | lor_
Amateurish but sometimes amusing gross-out
Jim Powers has released dozens of oddball porn videos over the years, his trademark slogan being "We don't follow trends...we create them". That's only half true - as in this series of 3 dozen "Perverted Stories" videos (comprising nearly 150 separate vignettes) he does display originality but no one out there is stupid enough to copy him.

With Powers as our low-rent "comical" host (about as funny as a fourth-carbon copy Late Night Creature Feature TV host), the four screwball tales unfold with a few things in common: casts not chosen for their attractiveness but rather willing to do anything on camera; sleazy rather than erotic content; and a consistently amateurish approach to acting and performing that sycophants would call "experimental" but which is really just incompetent.

I enjoy these far-out sketches because they are unpredictable and so nonsensical as to avoid criticism. In a more professional setting they might seem beneath contempt but Powers has a way of being engaging with his silliness, perhaps because he avoids the pretentiousness so many pornographers display. At heart he is far closer to Mack Sennett than to creeps like Lars von Trier and Gaspar Noe, so that's won me over.

An obscure actress named Sweetie Pie (not exactly a household name even in my household) appears in two segments and sort of impressed me, at least with her energy. Opener entitled "Crazy Skulls" is a very odd sketch, almost surreal but thankfully just a case of improvisation over the top. Sweetie is trudging along in a desert-looking area (no doubt near Chatsworth) when a grave in the middle of the road is suddenly jumped upon by a nutty guy in a top hat (Rick Masters) screaming "Crazy skulls!" and waving around human skulls. He chases the naturally alarmed Sweetie who bumps into a tall and lean bumpkin (played by London/Paul Young), seeking his help.

The guy is even nuttier than "Skulls" and after much Abbott & Costello styled banter with Sweetie, humps the girl right there in the road. Skulls shows up and joins in for a threesome and d.p., natch. It's all nutsy and climaxes withe the guys comically applying d.p. technique to the skulls.

Sweetie returns in the finale "Lezbian Luv Muscle", in a threesome with Fallon and new blonde discovery Bailey. It consists of a lot of dildo action, gals changing places over and over, and a riding crop thrown in for good measure. This is hardly Powers' finest stuff.

"Laying an Egg, or Chicken Boy Gets Laid" is clearly low-brow starting with its title, and fulfills Powers' goal of making sure his porn is sloppy and icky. Essa Marie sort of kidnaps Chicken Boy (played by Warren Scott) and brings him from the coop indoors to a cheap set covered not too mysteriously with plastic. All the better to protect one from the slop to come, as she humps the guy (who keeps clucking like a chicken), and is rewarded not with a money shot but rather him suddenly cracking eggs and spilling their contents all over her breasts and belly.

Dave Hardman suddenly shows up as an irate farmer to reclaim his possession (the Chicken Boy) but first joins in for a threesome and another d.p., this time two dicks in one pussy. All's well down on the farm.

Most absurd effort here almost resembles Theater of the Absurd, titled, in possible homage to more theatrical stuff from TV's Golden Age, "The Price of Vegetables". Dave Hardman returns, bickering with wife Nikki Arizona about how the price of vegetables has gone up. They recall having taken home a young shop girl from the supermarket (in Jim Powers' world kidnapping is a desirable act), so they decide to manhandle her, in the person of blonde Candy Conners. BDSM lite ensues with sex included and Arizona donning a strap-on dildo to elicit yet another d.p. at Candy's expense. Segment climaxes with duo covering the girl with yucky food. Again, Powers telegraphs the conclusion by having the cheap, cheap set's walls adorned with black plastic, probably recycled garbage bags.

Awaiting rediscovery by a jaded public, this series is sitting on my shelf, definitely not for binge viewing but ready to be doled out on a carefully rationed basis, and undoubtedly containing some nuggets of strangeness amidst the usual junk.

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