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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can only score this movie on top of the scale. It is raw, Quinten Tarantino style, and goes beyond that. The characters are so over the top, and yet, absolutely believable. This is, due to the actors performances, the brilliant script that allows actors to talk to the camera at certain points (forget Ferris Bueller, this really works), and the dialog. The latter can only be described as "real life" conversation. To top everything of, there is humor. Humor that will have you doubting constantly if it is OK to laugh. But you will. Not only jokes, mostly situation humor. At the same time, Luk Wijns shows that he is not as messed up as the movie characters by confronting you with some of the downsides of criminality and internet porn. But don't worry, there is no accusation, you will have to figure that out for yourself.

    The story: a family that shares a circus performance dream, uses criminality and a total lack of values, to get ahead in the world. They win some but could loose some more.
  • Thank God the "Crimi Clowns" movie is again on par with the series' tremendously magnificent first season! Slightly over a year ago, I wrote an IMDb user-comment stating that "Crimi Clowns" is the coolest and most revolutionary Belgian TV-series ever made. Shortly after I submitted my review, the second season came on the air and after a couple of still very adequate episodes the quality level and entertainment value of the series seriously dropped down. The vast majority of the season 2 episodes are tedious, repetitive and really full of redundant and gratuitous filler footage! I was so disappointed that I didn't even finish the season and skipped the last three episodes. The movie is great again because it's actually a sort of "best of" summary/compilation of the second series. I once read that Luc Wyns made the movie because the second season wouldn't air on television in The Netherlands, so they got this instead. In other words, it's also completely pointless to watch the film in case you're new to the series and haven't seen the first season. For the fans, however, the film is good old-fashioned politically incorrect cult entertainment and stuffed with pitch-black humor, explicit sexual content and graphic violence. Highlights include clown Lou recovering from a failed suicide attempt and metamorphosing from a dim-witted Antwerp thug into a relentlessly deranged psychopath with a Dutch accent, grandma Tersago performing water-boarding torture techniques and the kebab-execution of a corrupt copper. In less than a year, "Crimi Clowns" went from being an underdog cult success to a massive national hype, ever since it became known that writer/director/lead actor Luc Wyns managed to sell the series to Hollywood! In the near future, there will be an American remake and – last I heard - a third Belgian season as well. I sincerely hope that it remains as much fun as this film.
  • I must be missing something I guess. The hype in Belgium about Crimi Clowns the series and the Hollywood remake that become possible is the talk of the day so I watched the movie itself to see what all the fuss is about.

    I saw parts of the series shot in POV which did add something to the experiment but the movie I have to say that it wasn't my thing at all. People bragging about the Belgians answer to Tarantino, I don't think so. There's a lot of situations that should be funny but I never laughed at all. I didn't see any real action going on, sure, they do smash faces but not in a way to turn your face away and I know the idea behind Crimi Clowns, it's better to shock people with not showing then showing. But really, what was there to see, a family being rough and brutal with their friends. Some parts of nudity that is also typical the director Luc Wyns. Just see Matroesjka's in stead.

    What I did like was the ending, shot well but overall, I guess it must be me...those clowns ain't funny.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5