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  • Love/Me/Do is the kind of film which demonstrates more than any blockbuster or A-List driven beast ever could that all you need for a good story, well told is a good story, well told. In other words, get Martin Stitt (Director). Take your bloated budget and move it to the side. Crumple your "IT" names and toss them in the trash. Shred your fancy locations and put them back in the recycling bin. Give Stitt a house, sunlight (kudos DP Robin Whenary) and two actors who clearly never learned they're not among the best in the world (Rebecca Calder and Jack Gordon) and sit back and enjoy the ride. It's the kind of ride money can't buy. When your heart's beating, your palms are sweating and your eyes are locked on the screen right up to the final credits, you'll see what I mean.