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  • I'm not sure if I should rate it a 1 or 10. No cliché is left unturned in this Mobomentary. Falls into the "It's so bad, it's really good" category , with the potential to reach cult status.The movie contains a "who's who" of acting talent many of whom are rarely seen these days.Nick Mancuso provides many moments of legit quality acting which both elevates and draws a sharp contrast to the otherwise "over the top" or high school level acting otherwise provided.It truly is difficult at times to not imagine a number of the actors are simply friends or family members of Mr DeAngelo, who does everything in this film, but cater the cast and crew.....he may actually do that too.Margot Kidder brought a passion to the screen that screams a bright future in maniacal horror films, she was that good and twisted.Film could have benefited from less of Frank's greatest hits and more atmospheric music to create tension and drama , but my feeling is this was both a budget and ego decision.What more can be said about REAL GANGSTERS , I could watch it over and over, but probably not for the same entertainment experience Mr D had in mind, which is part of which propels this film into the stratosphere.
  • your friend in 8th grade that never uses swear words-one day the levee breaks and the next 72 hours all you hear is the word EFF. he uses it in place of commas and most other punctuation. he uses it in place of most vowels and consonants. it sounds wrong. his use of language has suddenly become a not-yet-broken-in hiking boot.

    the main character in this movie IS your friend from 8th grade. he now says EFF more than he did in 8th grade.

    nothing within this movie could be mistaken for engaging/compelling

    apart from that- remember how the Blair Witch Project took shaky-home-movie cinematography and made it all not horrible? or tried to? well buckle up for this roller coaster. because its the Blair witch film crew shooting a your local community theater's performance of GoodFellas

    by porn acting standards this thing is a masterpiece

    this piece of gum ran out of flavor in 2007 with the sopranos

    give it a rest, man
  • I finally watched real gangsters on Saturday night because it was on City TV. I heard so much about this movie so I really wanted to watch it. Very realistic, not too much violence but lots of swearing, and mature content, certainly not a movie you want to watch with your kids. I liked it a lot, and if you like gangster or mob films, you are going to like this film. The scenarios are real, the acting superb, I especially liked Nick Mancuso and Frank D'Angelo, they really portrayed fantastic characters. And it was great to see some actors that I have not seen in a long time like John Savage, Steven Bauer, Margot Kidder and Robert Loggia, all had wonderful roles. It's a simple story but it keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time. It's certainly a movie I'll watch again and again.
  • I watched Real Gangsters yesterday and really liked it. I must add that the reason for me watching this movie was D'Angelo new movie - Big Fat Stone that I have watched the night before...

    I liked this movie a lot, it wasn't the typical mob movie but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the plot and the intensity of the scenes. I loved the chemistry of the entire cast (much like Big Fat Stone) and I loved the music very very much.

    I would have liked the film to be longer and I wish it had a different ending but overall I enjoyed it very much.

    To sum up - I highly recommend you to watch this film, as far as I know it is available on Rogers on Demand so if you have no plans for tonight you may consider this movie
  • This is a terrific movie by a brilliantly gifted actor, writer and director, Frank D'Angelo. The acting is superb by all that do their parts. It does have its flaws, but not many. It is enthralling to watch, especially D'Angelo's acting - he's just a huge bad-ass in the extreme, but totally captivating to watch. However, the movie could have been so much better if there had been sharper plotting with twists and turns. There is one scene in the movie that is hugely influenced by Pulp Fiction (and a steal from Tarantino's writing) - you'll know it when you see it. This could have been one of the best gangster movies ever if it had shifted up gears another level. It's no Goodfellas or The Godfather, though it is most definitely worth watching for D'Angelo's acting alone. I'd say he's every bit as good as Joe Pesci in the acting stakes and every bit as psychopathic. Brilliant movie. Go see.
  • I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't a block buster motion picture but it was pretty terrific. The cast was extremely vast and each actor fit the character they portrayed perfectly. As a film Major I enjoyed the various nuances and not so subtle music that played in the background. The music was constant throughout the film but this is what makes a film different from most. The ending was good, a little confusing but again, this all makes for great moments and great films. Not every movie has to be cookie cutter in its endings, purposes and motivations. It's simply art. Art is interpersonal and subjective and each individual will have a different interpretation of this film and different appreciation for it, but the majority will be appreciation im sure.
  • crystalluv9116 July 2014
    Been meaning to catch this film on Rogers on Demand and finally got to do so last night. I've heard a lot of good things about this film and did some research on it after I watched it. This film was written and directed by Frank D'Angelo! I was surprised to read that someone with no film history or film experience pulled something like this off. It was pretty great and thoroughly entertaining. I liked the breakdown of stories intertwine the lead characters, the friendships and the animosity that played a large role in the feel of the film. Would have liked the film to be longer and tie off some loose ends for me but maybe thats what made this film so good. I liked the acting. I felt the characters were strong and realistic. Overall I thought this film was entertaining!!
  • I really appreciated the cinematography throughout this movie and enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. I cant help but think there may be a sequel to this film? From reading most of the reviews I sense that others aren't quite sure either;however I feel there is so much more to this story, so many questions, so many relationships coming together and many falling apart. I wished the film was longer and I wish it would have given more insight into what happened prior between some of the characters to help us understand why there was friction and lost friendships. All in all I thought this was a solid well made film. I will look out for more works by D'Angelo.
  • A Film Festival winner...I'm not surprised. I look forward to seeing all films from the festival and can appreciate the works of art for they are, small independent films like this one. Filled with a lot a great talent, a solid cast and an entertaining plot. What more could anyone ask? Watching this film I enjoyed the antics and the R rated language. Its a mob flick and again I would expect nothing less. This type of language is common in this genre of film and I believe it was necessary. It brought dramatics and anticipation. I liked the plot and loved the ending. I feel the ending was the best part of the film. It was captivating, thrilling and yet a little confusing leaving the audience to wonder and come up with their own conclusions. It's also enjoyable to discuss such films to hear of others opinions on the ending.
  • I don't believe in comparing movies. I believe in viewing a movie for pleasure and finding something in it that I enjoyed. So with all movies I found great pleasure in watching this movie. It was entertaining and funny at times. I enjoyed the cast. Loved seeing old faces who are under valued in my opinion. So much talent and a lot of heart within this film. I liked the strong value and importance of family like all classic Mob genre films. I didn't love the ending but I get it. We cant always guess or get the ending we deem desirable and so to a degree the ending fit. I would have liked to have seen more action, more glory type of thing but the film as a whole was quite good. Im all for Internation Film Festival winners and knew that it was something I should watch and I'm glad I did.
  • larrykeele788 April 2014
    Just bought this film off of itunes! Nice addition to my mod movie collection! I liked this movie. Wasn't the typical mob movie I tend to watch but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the intensity of the scenes and of the characters. Loved seeing Loggia back in action and having such a small yet power role. If you're tired of the cookie cutter movies that are out you will enjoy this film. I read it is a film festival winner and such films always catch my attention. I felt it was well written and great chemistry was seen throughout the entire movie. Wished for a different ending but thats just me. I like a conculsive ending rather than one that leaves the viewer to guess. All in all I enjoyed the film and look forward to what i hope is a sequel.
  • btorrens8827 February 2014
    As an avid viewer of Gangster/Mob movies I have come to appreciate various ideologies within such films. Each should display honour, family, love and loyalty and Real Gangsters did just that. I appreciate the stories within the main story and enjoyed the comic relief, that was natural as well as the acting. Was Real Gangsters my favourite mob movie of all time? No it wasn't but it was entertaining and had a great cast. The cast was a great mesh of talent and realness. As for Frank D'Angelo I think he was a great fit and did the part great justice. Robert Loggia held a small greatly purposeful role that added to the theme of family and loyalty, while Michael Pare and Robbie Mangiardi were candid and perfect counterparts to D'Angelo, with their comedic breaks and unbreakable bounds. I enjoyed this film very much.
  • Call me crazy but Im a sucker for Italians, great suits and lots of passion. This film was raw, emotional, heated and passionate. I liked the great chemistry between the cast and I enjoyed their realistic antics. I didn't absolutely love this film but I enjoyed it and I liked it. It's a festival winner and it's always pleasurable to me to view such films. Some of the smaller films are filled with great actors and great scripts. This film had both. The actors were natural, not over done and were very real. I liked the great sense of loyalty and family within this film and I think all gangster movies carry the same importance. I recognized various areas throughout Toronto in this film which you don't see everyday and being Canadian I loved that. I also enjoyed the music. It was a different type of film, maybe not for all tastes, and if one isn't a film junkie like myself one may not appreciate this film for all its great quirkiness and great theatrics.
  • paulocamino72931 March 2014
    I enjoyed this movie very much. It was exciting to watch this film as it was a Film Festival winner and being Italian myself I had a sense of pride while watching. It had key elements of a great mob flix and a lot of comedic breaks throughout. I read about the film prior to watching and it surprised me that this was D'Angelo's first role and first stab at screen writing. I recognized a lot of the actors and enjoyed their characters and their performance. This movie could have used a little more insight into the history that existed within each of the characters relationships or lack there of. Would have been interesting to have really understood why there was such hate for John Savage's Character by D'Angelo's character Jack. That emotionally heated relationship made for great entertainment I had just wished there was more insight into why. All in all this movie was entertaining, comedic, heartfelt and gritty.
  • Seeing a lot of mixed reviews for this film and I suppose we are all entitled to our opinions except it seems viewers either love it or hate it. I for one loved it. I thought it was filled with a great cast of talented actors and some of those being Canadian is always awesome in my book. I enjoyed the music, the fact I could spot Toronto in various scenes throughout the movie is also pretty cool to say the least. I didn't love the ending, in fact I was disappointed as I imagined something different but it was different in that it didn't really tie up any of the lose ends and left it to the reviewers to decide what happened. The story line itself was good, not the absolute best but when you bring it together with a great ensemble of talented actors it makes this Film festival film a must watch it my eyes.
  • simonef763 March 2014
    Recently watched Real Gangsters and was surprised at the amount of talent within this film. Im surprised to read some of the other reviews that bash this film. It's an Italian Film Festival winner and it is a Canadian Production that I for one can appreciate and be proud of. I enjoyed the cast, their humour, their natural approach to acting and I enjoyed that the film didn't end with the typical cookie cutter ending that anyone could guess. As a fellow Canadian I can appreciate the Canadian talent that oozed throughout the entire film, along side some pretty big names and new comers. Even if this film isn't your cup of tea, you can't deny that it was entertaining to watch and filled with a great cast.
  • New to this site - so I thought I would discuss Real Gangsters as I just watched it on Rogers On Demand last night. Well worth the watch. Nothing like watching a movie filled with some heavily talented Actors that were a true fit for their roles and the film in general. Being that I am a Toronto gal, there's nothing like having support for my fellow Canadians. The film had so many different stories happening that all seemed to come to light in the end but left us wanting more and questioning what we may think the conclusion really was and why! With this film its apparent that its more about the heavily saturated relationships than anything else. It's about loyalty first, family a close second and lastly trust.
  • What a great cast! Plain and simple this movie's cast consists of some pretty top notch talented Actors along with a New Comer Frank D'Angelo. This was Frank D'Angelo's first motion picture and the guy was a natural. I was impressed to say the least. While in the film there was a great sense of history among the characters that seemed to just continue throughout the film. Family and honour were also present which are key elements for any good Gangster movie. The film was gutsy, thrilling, dramatic and comedic. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the characters and appreciated their realness. The acting seemed effortless which is what makes for an entertaining film. I'll be looking out for more works from D'Angelo.
  • Finally got to watch it. I loved this film, watched it twice on the weekend. This is not a sugar coated mob film. Need to accept it for what it is - an entertaining action flick with a sprinkle of realism. The film is very well shot, visually enticing with good acting. How can you go wrong with a seasoned cast like Robert Loggia, Steven Bauer, John Savage, Margot Kidder, Nick Mancuso and many more. Also surprisingly Frank D'Angelo for a first time film performance was particularly good in his role. Lots of intense scenes with drama and classic crime scenarios that I have not seen in other mob films. I really likes some of the scenes where they threw in a few lines of Italian dialogue, it really hit home with me being of Italian background. It's not a big budget film but it's an entertaining film. I recommend it.
  • I've heard so much about this movie and finally got to see it. I did not know what to expect, but the film is definitely worth a view if you're into mob movies. Frank D'Angelo and Nick Mancuso star as prominent mob figures who both do things in their own way. I like the juxtaposition of both characters, because you never know if one of them is going to knock the other off at some point. In fact I like the chemistry of the entire cast especially John Savage and Margot Kidder, they always bring their 'A' game. This movie is not a big budget movie but makes up for it in substance. I hope you enjoy the movie as it is now one of my favourite mob movies.
  • RickLiberato1712 January 2014
    I watched it on Rogers on demand with my girlfriend, for her the language was a bit too much, but for me I was right into it, because mob movies are one of my guilty pleasures. This movie felt real because I know guys that actually act and speak like some of the characters in the film. For the most part, the director pulls this one off pretty well, at least for what kind of movie he was trying to direct. I read some reviews (mostly women) who did not like the movie, we'll if you're expecting a love story forget it. Real Gangsters doesn't pretend to be something it's not, it's a mob film through and through with a lot drama, violence and good performances by a great cast. Enjoy it for what it is!
  • When I heard it was coming on Rogers on Demand I couldn't wait to see it mostly out of curiosity. It's a little hard to find on Rogers but I finally watched it yesterday. it's under the Movies category "Just In". It starts off with Frank D'Angelo's character introducing us to what is his life as a mobster and the scenario in which he got there. Right away you are captured in this drama by his words, the language and the way the scene is shot. It sucks you in and you feel like you are right in the story, and it continues from there just getting better and better, you're like a fly on the wall in a real mob family. Great cast, great drama. Every movie has it's critics but for me Real gangsters could be the next Sopranos, it's that good.
  • There's nothing like watching a movie filled with Canadian Actors. This movie had a bit of a twist and I actually enjoyed the ending. Left me questioning what happened. Will there be a part 2? I for one hope so. I've watched a lot of movies and a ton of Canadian movies and I liked this one a lot. I enjoyed seeing Michael Pare in this film as I remember watching Eddie and the Cruisers with my dad some years back. I liked the relationship between D'Angelo's character and Pare's. Seemed to be very real and I also liked the humorous outbursts by Mangiardi's character. I had wished that Loggia's character would have had greater parts. He's a brilliant actor and his character had a great underlining purpose/importance about it. It was a nice addition to this film and showed the real impulses of D'Angelo's character, through his love for Loggia's character. All in all, I enjoyed this.
  • I did not know what to expect reading the mixed reviews for this film. But Real Gangsters did not disappoint me and I think I've seen just about every mafia/mob movie ever made in my lifetime since my husband and I love mob movies. I'm not saying this movie is a Goodfellas or Godfather, but it definitely deserves the credit that it is deserves. This film takes a different angle, it's like a spending a day on the inside of the mafia. It's almost a reality movie. Great action with a fair amount of bloodshed, great sets and a good cast. I'm not sure exactly how accurate the story line in this movie is, but nevertheless, it pulls through to bring an overall excellent mob flick.
  • rdeluca0413 January 2014
    This is a good mafia movie with a good story, good acting and scenery. I have watched a lot of mafia movies in my time and I think this movie is underrated. The story is not unlike any other mafia movies, about robbing each other and killing everyone in the way. This is more about the lifestyle and the business side of the mafia. It shows you a whole new perspective on how the mob operates, it's like a real business with criminal activity. Very entertaining, great cast of characters, and funny at times especially Tony Rosato. Loved him from SCTV and SNL. I can see a series coming out of this movie. If you get a chance watch it,it's nothing like you've seen before.
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